The Best Reclining Sofas

In order to create the ultimate lounge suite in your home, you need to know what constitute the best reclining sofas and their features.

Recliner sofas can be difficult to buy, especially if you have had no experience in this field before.

There are a few things you ought to know before you begin and the aim of this article is to take you through them, one at a time. For more information on the best recliner sofa features, materials and buying advice, read below.

Best Reclining Sofas

Benefits of Reclining Sofas Vs Ordinary Sofas

If it wasn’t immediately apparent, recliner sofas have the main advantage of being able to lean back at an angle, which is far more comfortable than an ordinary sofa.

The less obvious benefits of being able to recline back in your favorite sofa include pressure relief, improved blood flow, and better back support. Not to mention everyone will prefer to come over to your house for movie night or to watch the big game!

When we allow our bodies to relax fully, we decrease the levels of free radicals, and we give our bodies a chance to recuperate by resting.

Reclining holds us in place, alleviating pressure points and allowing us to watch television or read without straining our backs.

A recliner sofa can also double up as a bed if it reclines out far enough, making it easy to have guests or slumber parties for younger members of the family.

Precautions & Buying Considerations for Recliner Sofa

Here are some buying considerations that could be overlooked by the inexperienced recliner sofa customer.

  1. Space – Make sure the recliner does not recline back too far, especially if you have limited space or would like to save space!
  2. Right Size – Many recliner sofas look deceptive in the adverts. Make sure you have the dimensions and a good understanding of the size you need. There is nothing worse than being too tall or too short to recline back properly in your recliner! Other problems can arise later too, such as a backache and neck pains. Make sure the recliner is a size suitable for you and anyone using it or make sure it’s adjustable.
  3. Breathable Material – bonded leather is the best material that your recliner can be upholstered with because it’s easy to clean and lets your skin breathe. If your recliner is covered in a plastic fabric, make sure it’s breathable, or it will cause sweat and possible discomfort.
  4. Plastic Lever Mechanisms – a few recliner sofa connoisseurs have complained about plastic levers, stating that they can break if one is reckless. Make sure you treat your recliner sofa with care or go for an electric option if you are worried you would pull the lever off!

5 Best Features of a Good Recliner Sofa

  • Independently Motorized Head and Foot Rests – if the head and footrest are independently motorized, it means that you can adjust either of them separately and increase your comfort levels tenfold. Lie in the exact position you like!
  • Remote Control Options – electronically operated recliner sofas tend to have many options to choose from just at the push of a button, such as heating or precise adjustment.
  • Sturdy Bases – generally hardwood or stainless steel frames are the best for all recliner chairs.
  • Foam Padding – foam padding is the most comfortable when it comes down to modern furniture these days. Foam has a tendency for holding your shape comfortably while providing enough firmness to support your back properly.
  • Cup Holders – most recliners are made to be sat in for a long time, to watch a movie or read your favorite book. It logically follows that cup holders, hidden compartments or table attachments will enhance your recliner experience. Some recliner sofas allow for the middle seat to fold forward, revealing a hidden table or cup holders.

Reviews: The Best Reclining Sofas

Have a look at our selection of the top recliner sofa before you decide what suits you best.

  • This reclining sofa is covered in black bonded leather for ultimate comfort and ease of convenience when it comes down to cleaning.
  • Gently pull on the hassle-free lever mechanism and just glide back softly into the position you want.
  • The head and arm-rests are overstuffed with the best quality high-density foam, helping you to alleviate pressure off your back when you lean back!
  • Movie nights will never be the same with this couch in your lounge – comes with corner unit options to extend the recliner sofa out into a five-seater sectional.
  • This recliner sofa measures out to be 83 inches across, 37.5 inches deep and 38.5 inches high.

  • The Double Recline mechanism ensures that you glide back without any sudden movements or jerks – customers love the smoothness with which this recliner sofa leans back.
  • Upholstered in top quality bonded leather, the sofa will last for years and will not stain easily.
  • The arms are designed in a classic rolled style, giving the sofa an antique appeal.
  • Singular and loveseat options available to complete your lounge suite.
  • Save space with this recliner, as it only demands from 3 to 6 inches of wall space to recline into.
  • The dimensions of this recliner sofa measure at 90 inches across by 38.5 inches deep by 40 inches high.

  • This gorgeous black recliner sofa will make a most comfortable and stylish addition to any lounge suite or den.
  • Simply pull the lever out and lean back until you have found the perfect angle to rest at!
  • The seats contain pocketed coil springs for extra comfort and support while being plushly stuffed with high-density foam for back support.
  • The texture of the bonded leather that covers this sofa is of a smooth, cool quality, allowing you to indulge in comfortable reclining without getting over hot.
  • Transition smoothly into your favorite angle for watching movies at or reading a book!

  • If you spend most of your time in front of the television, then this is probably the perfect sofa for you!
  • Fully stuffed and possibly a bit overstuffed, this reclining loveseat is full of high-density foam for proper back support and ultimate comfort.
  • The seating has additional coil springs which makes them feel as though you are reclining in bed.
  • Pull the lever to recline back into your plush recliner sofa and enjoy!

  • This reclining sofa is for the serious buyer who loves gadgets and gismos!
  • Included with this sofa are hidden compartments, LED lights and power headrests which are operated by a touch screen console.
  • Pull the middle seat over to create a coffee table with cup holders and more!
  • Select your options with the touch of a button on the screen and decide precisely at what angle you want to recline to.
  • Never fumble in the dark while reading your favorite book again, just switch on the LED lights embedded in the couch.
  • You can even charge your phone in this recliner sofa, using the USB port near the touch console.
  • Watch your favorite shows in luxury with this supreme recliner sofa!

  • This recliner sofa can recline nearly all the way back and can dual as a futon at a push.
  • Upholstered in superior quality top grain leather, keeping this sofa clean is a walk through the park!
  • The neck and back portions are overly stuffed to give proper lumbar support and to ensure that you are comfortable while you watch your favorite show.
  • Simply pull out the lever mechanism for a smooth glide back into a comfortable position!
  • The leg rests support underneath your legs fully, helping you to relax completely and take the pressure off your entire body.

  • This sectional unit is really well designed for a family lounge setup, having two recliners and four seats in between.
  • Massaging function for soothing relaxation.
  • Covered in luxuriously soft leather for superior comfort.
  • Thickly padded backrests and armrests ensure that you can sit comfortably while watching the game or reading in your favorite seat.
  • Consists of two separate loveseats that slot into one another and is plushly stuffed for your leisure.

  • This cosy loveseat is covered in premium bonded leather for maximum comfort while you watch your favourite television show.
  • Recline all the way back if you like or hug the wall with this recliner sofa, depending on when you decide to stop leaning back.
  • The smooth lever mechanism is easy to use and will last a long time.
  • This recliner loveseats base is manufactured from stainless steel which is rust-resistant and will last longer.
  • All the padded sections in this recliner are stuffed with foam that will provide proper neck, head, back and full leg support.

  • If you are looking for a recliner sofa armchair, here is a great suggestion for you!
  • Equipped with heated massage, just click a button and vibrate your back, buttocks, neck and even your legs.
  • Choose between five different massage modes and adjust the temperature on the remote control.
  • This chair is covered in PU leather for easy maintenance and has several storage pockets for your convenience.
  • On either side of your arms, this recliner chair comes inclusive with drink holders.
  • Recline back and also take advantage of this chairs 360-degree swivel function.


The CnMov reclining Sofa has a plush and comfortable design with full reclining function and a large single seat.

  • A sturdy and hard-wearing frame.
  • Upholstered in luxury antiskid materials with overstuffed pillows and padding.
  • Powerlifting function, as well as smooth and easy recline.
  • Large and thick armrests for comfort and class.


Another superb and comfortable single sofa recliner is the ACME Fullerton.

  • Features durable and easy to clean bonded leather upholstery.
  • There is a decorative double stitching design and detail.
  • The seats can fully recline into comfortable p[ositions.
  • The seat is oversized and overstuffed for cozy comfort.
  • You can choose between a motion sofa or recliner option in this model.


The LB electrical Lifting sofa is a single design sofa with Lifting and reclining functions.

  • Fully and easily remote-controlled lifting function.
  • Reclines smoothly and quietly with a retractable footrest.
  • Infinite reclining positions.
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy design that can hold up to 380lbs in weight.
  • Thick padding and cooling gel-infused foam.

Comparison Table: Top-Rated Reclining Sofas

1Homelegance Leather Recliner Sofa - Easy Recline Bonded Leather Sofa
  • Overstuffed High Density Foam
  • Gentle Pull Back
2Homelegance Double Recliner Sofa - Traditional Antique Lounge Recliner Sofa
  • Double Recline Mechanism
  • Bonded Leather
3Coaster Home Furnishings Smooth Recline Sofa - Smooth Transition Recliner Couch
  • Pocket Coil Spring Seating
  • Smooth Black Bonded Leather
Coaster Home Furnishings96
4NHI Express Grey - Plush Couch Potato Recliner Sofa for One
  • Over-Stuffed
  • Cup Holders
NHI Express97
5Coaster Home Furnishings Power Sofa Recliner - Sporty Motorized Recliner Sofa
  • Power Headrests
  • Touch Controls
Coaster Home Furnishings97
6Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Sofa - Smooth Gliding Leather Recliner Sofa
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Doubles as a Futon
Coaster Home Furnishings92
7Best Massage Sectional Recliner Sofa - Reclining Sofa Set
  • Massage
  • Sofa Set
Best Massage97
8Homelegance Recliner Loveseat Sofa - Bonded Leather Reclining Loveseat
  • Back Support
  • Stainless Steel Frame
9Best Choice Products Recliner Sofa Chair - Heated Massage Recliner Chair
  • PU Leather
  • Pressure Point Relief
Best Choice Products95
10Canmov Powerlift - Oversized Sofa Recliner
  • Powerlift
  • Heavy Duty
  • Anti-Skid
11ACME Fullerton - Bonded Leather Sofa Recliner
  • Oversized
  • Plush
  • Overstuffed
12July Fox LB - Sofa recliner and Lifting Chair
  • Power Lift
  • Remote Controlled
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Durable
  • Sofa Design
July Fox96

Different Types of Recliner Sofas

There are a few types of recliner sofas that you can choose from, and they are quite different from the recliner sofa chairs we also have available on this site. You may prefer to look at some of those if you would like more functionality, as a recliner couch will not swivel or rotate and usually will never recline into zero gravity position or give you a full-time massage. However, recliner sofas are the best option to complete a family setup or to make the best lounge /entertainment area.

The different types of recliner sofas are listed below:

  1. Reclining Sectional Sofas – These are sofas that bend with the corner of a room, forming a half square shape and usually accommodating five or more people. A reclining sectional is a good choice for a large family or a movie night fanatic!
  2. Classic Reclining Sofas – these are typically three seats across and usually only the end two seats can recline.
  3. Recliner Loveseat – this is a two-seater sofa which was originally designed as a chair in the Victorian era for ladies to sit in with colossal dress pieces. Nowadays it’s used commonly in the homes of many. A recliner loveseat can make all the difference for you and your partner to recline while watching a movie or just to relax in together.

The Best Recliner Sofas Construction and Materials

The best recliner sofas are made from either hardwood or stainless steel bases. These materials will ensure durability and stability, having the least problems with breaking, rusting or sliding on the carpet. The most preferred upholstery for recliner sofas these days is either micro suede fabric or bonded leather. Microsuede acts like a towel, being very soft to the touch and ultra-absorbent on a micro-scale. Bonded leather stays cool and will last you up to two decades if wiped down and kept clean consistently.

Regarding recliner sofa stuffing, you will want to look for sofa stuffed with shredded foam or memory foam. Both of these allow for your body to form a contour in the chair to support an ultimate posture (although memory foam is superior in this regard). Some recliner sofas also have springs in the seating – for this, you will want to make sure they are individually wrapped springs, or you may have a problem a couple of years down the line.

Best Recliner Sofa Essentials and Features

Here are some essential recliner couch qualities that you should know about before making your final purchase decision:

  • Heated Seating – lounge suites have become more advanced than they were, offering heated seating with the push of a button.
  • Vibrating Massage – some recliner sofas come with the added option of remote-controlled vibration massage.
  • Space Saving Lounge Suites – reclining sofas have managed to save space in lounges in response to modern demands. Usually, they can sometimes need up to 12 inches to recline back, but a space-saving recliner is designed to recline 6 to 8 inches back.
  • Overstuffed for Back Support – recliner chairs and sofas have become more orthopedically intelligent, providing superior lumbar support. Make sure the recliner is the right size for you and that it has tailored back pads to ensure optimal support and comfort.

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