The Best Accent Reclining Chair

Want to highlight a room or area in your home with some color or decorative detail. Why not use a recliner as an accent piece to draw attention to the area and to pull your whole color scheme together in a visually pleasing style.

The Accent Chair

The accent chair was “a thing” yes, historically an accent or occasional chair was only meant for use now and then so they could be upholstered in more expensive and delicate fabric that is more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Accent chairs were used purely as an aesthetic piece to add visual interest to space.

Today however we use accent chairs for both their artistically pleasing interest in creating properties as well as for functional purposes. The upholstery of your accent recliner is what creates the highlight of the entire piece and can be used in a color that acmes and emphasizes a room or space.

The patterns and colors of the upholstery all work together to speak a certain style and elegance to the room. Though attractive, an accent chair needs to be functional in turn, and placed in an area where it can be used occasionally.

What is an Accent Piece and How do You Use It

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In short, an accent piece is a piece of furniture or decoration used to draw interest to an area or space, as well as the main piece bringing together the flow and feel of the entire area.

The term accent which basically means to stress or emphasize is used in this regard because you want a piece of furniture to stand out and complement the rooms décor.

Using a Recliner as an Accent Piece

A recliner, let’s face it, is a large and imposing piece of furniture, so a large area or space such as a master bedroom, living room, or patio is the ideal area to place such a piece.

Choosing your recliner in a color that emphasizes the are and stand out is key, hence you need to take into account the style of the recliner, and match it to your home décor.

For example, a clean and sleek design recliner with a bold color will suit a modern styled home, whereas a tufted wingback recliner with antique details and decorations will suit a more vintage style home.

Think of it this way, you Accent recliner is the star of the show which is the overall feel and style of your home, or a certain room, and how it is perceived on first glance by others.

Choosing Your Accent Recliner

When you have finally decided on the color and aesthetic details of the recliner that you want, it is time to likewise consider functional features;

  • Reclining positions.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • Manual or electrical powered reclining mechanism.
  • Power features such as massage, heating, vibrating, lighting, and a USB port.
  • Other features such as a cup holder, storage pockets and a tray.
  • Upholstery fabric or leather options.
  • The size and shape.

Reviews: The Best Accent Reclining Chairs


Add a splash of color to your home with Macedonia, Mid-Century Modern styled recliner. Small is stature with clean and straightforward lines and curves, ideal for the modern contemporary styled home, with an artistic twist.

  • A Mid-Century Modern styled small sized recliner, ideal for an apartment or small spaces.
  • Features clean lines and smooth finishing with a slightly tufted back and extra padded cushioning for comfort.
  • Fabric upholstery is available in a large range of bright color options with Birch Wood legs and frame in a dark espresso finish.
  • Full recline positions and an adjustable footrest for your comfort and convenience.
  • The ideal accent piece for any modern or artistic styled home.


I am a huge paisley print fan, and following the latest trends, it seems that the paisley print is making a BIG comeback. The Domesis Push Back Recliner is a comfortable and medium-sized recliner, upholstered in a stunning paisley print fabric material, finished off with gorgeous and decorative brass Nailheads. The ideal piece for a more vintage styled home.

  • If you do not like the paisley print, but still like the style of this recliner, there are some other lovely more neutral solid color options available for your perusal.
  • Features rounded arms with hand-tacked antique bronze Nailheads, with solid wood finished legs in a dark brown finish.
  • The multi-colored paisley fabric upholstery is soft and durable and will blend in well with dark or light rich and antiqued background colors.
  • The seat is wrapped in pocket coils for a soft and comfortable feel, with a strong and durable frame.
  • Full recline and an easy to kick out footrest.


I think this piece would do marvelously on a patio or porch as an accent piece rocking chair for the modern contemporary home.

The Songmics relax features smooth finished elegant and curved wood framing and armrests and a fabric covered padded back and seat with a cushion to rest your head on.

  • A very versatile, and space saving chair with foam padding, birch wood frame, and armrests, as well as Lynette fabric upholstery in a slate grey color.
  • The unique shape allows you to get up from the chair with ease.
  • There are five includes positions for the footrest alone, as well as different headrest adjustability options.
  • A stable and durable inner metal frame covered in a light colored Birchwood for strength and stability.
  • Features a recline and rocking function in a simple and comfortable structure.
  • This chair would likewise work ideally in a nursery as a rocking chair for mom and baby.


I love this design for its simplistic and minimalist elegance, with a touch of modern sophistication, in a size that will fit any space you have available.

The Great Deal Furniture Chris Recliner looks just like a smart club chair with slightly tufted back but is, in fact, a comfortable and highly functional recliner.

  • Comes with fabric upholstery in a range of vibrant, rich and neutral color options.
  • A well cushioned back and the seat will full push-back recline functionality.
  • The seat is lightly tufted at the back, pairing elegance and comfort with very little effort.
  • 100% pure and durable polyester upholstery with Birch wood legs in a deep red finish.


This piece remains one of the most upper-class and stylish, luxury recliner pieces to me, ideal for a large area in your room or living room. The Divano Roma in its graceful and luxury velvety finish can double up to a highly functional futon bed.

  • Available in a few neutral, as well as some striking and bold colors, for the adventurous and eccentric at heart, this piece speaks volumes in face and passion.
  • It is upholstered in hand-picked tufted velvet fabric with striking Nailhead trimmings on a hardwood frame with dark wooden legs and armrests.
  • A mid century modern chaise lounge chair that can recline for comfort, and includes an additional pillow in the same fabric.
  • This recliner can likewise convert into a futon bed for entertaining guests or family.
  • Filled with plush high-density foam for superior comfort and a luxury appearance.


The Canmov Traditional is an accent piece for a slightly larger or conventional sized living room, with classic features and an overstuffed design. I have chosen this golden nut brown color, though there are some color options that you can peruse in the leather upholstery.

  • Lush overstuffed and padded backrest, seat and arms for luxury comfort and a classic recliner Lounge appeal.
  • Decorated with metal accent Nailheads and slightly winged back.
  • Available in both a stationary or a swivel rocker option.
  • Features a heavy-duty steel reinforced backrest and frame for better stability and strength.
  • It is fully upholstered with a rich and durable, breathable bonded leather.
  • Filled to the brim with high density foam for further comfort and relaxation.
  • Full recline and a supportive legrest.

Working Your Accent recliner Into Your Home

The most important aspect to consider before purchasing any recliner is the space that you have available in your home to accommodate a fully reclined recliner.

After that, there are so many styles and fabric options to choose from to suit your own personal style. Use items in the room where you are going to place your recliner and pull some designs and colors from them, then try to match your recliner to these.

Trying to match your recliner with background décor is the worst mistake when looking for an accent piece as this just fades it into the room. I would suggest a bright or bold color, or even a patterned design, the matches with some of your other furniture, paintings or ornaments in your home.

If you have a recliner in a neutral color you can always accent it with a few decorative and patterned scatter cushions or a colorful throw. It is much easier to work with a neutral color, particularly if you are someone who likes to change their style up a bit every now and again.

Index Table: Top-Rated Accent Reclining Chairs

1GDF Studio Macedonia - Tufted Back Accent Recliner
  • Tufted Back
  • Color Options
GDF Studio98
2Domesis Push Back - Accent Piece Recliner
  • Color Options
  • Pocket Coils
  • Nailhead Trim
3Songmics Relax - Reclining Accent Rocking Chair
  • Recline
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Rocking
  • Wood Finish
4Great Deal Furniture Chris - Fabric Accent Recliner
  • Push Back
  • Cushioned
  • Tufted Back
Great Deal Furniture98
5Divano Roma Chaise - Accent Recliner and Futon Bed
  • Velvet Upholstery
  • Full recline
  • Futon Bed Function
  • Foam Cushioned
Divano Roma98
6Canmov Traditional - Breathable Bonded Leather Recliner Chair
  • Heavy Duty
  • Overstuffed

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