The Best Tan Recliners

The color called Tan refers to a pale tone of brown, a yellowish, or golden brown shade that comes from the name Tannum, meaning Oak Bark, used when tanning leather.

Tan recliner feature

Because a Recliner is such a frequently used and significant part of every home, or office, it is vital to get a recliner in color and texture that suits the style of your background décor.

When it comes to color schemes you get both warm, and cool colors, warm colors are yellows, oranges, browns, and reds, whereas cool colors consist of greys, blues, white and green.

The wonderful aspect about the color tan is that it blends well with both cold and warm colors, and similarly looks appealing in any fabric or leather texture.

Why Choose the Color Tan

Tan is a neutral color that will enhance the appearance of any fabric or leather upholstery type, to create a piece that is rich and elegant in color, with an inviting and warm feel to it.

Tan is such a neutral color that you can mix and match it with almost any color that you desire. It will blend in well with your background colors and you can add some lovely accessories in any style and color.

For a classy look you can use black and white décor to accentuate your tan recliner or create a warm tone add red and yellows, and likewise, for cold tones add greens and blues.

Matching Your Tan Recliner with Your Home Decor

The idea is that your recliner blends in with the rest of your home décor, which means it is not camouflaged by the rest of the room, nor is it the center of attention.
Keep in mind that a fabric recliner absorbs light in a room and can darken a room, therefore a light tan color is more suited with this regard.

You can also choose the color of your recliner to match your floors, and blend into it effortlessly.
Always remember that a Recliner is a large and prominent piece of furniture, so use your tan recliner to balance out the room by accentuating it with pops of color and accent pillows or throws to accentuate it further.

Reviews: Best Available Tan Recliners


The RecPro Charles Collection Recliner in “Toffee” Tan, has a classic contemporary style and is the perfect size to fit into small areas such as an office, RV or Motor Home.

This is a double recliner or loveseat with sleek leather upholstery, that is durable and easy to clean.

  • A shade of tan called toffee, that is light and classy.
  • The Faux leather upholstery is very durable, and a breeze to maintain.
  • Between the double seats is a center console that has two convenient cup holders.
  • An easy to operate parachute style handle reclines the seat into different positions.
  • A sturdy modular frame for added stability.
  • The backrest is removable allowing clearance when you need to move it through narrow spaces.
  • Added space saving function with Zero Wall Reclining of 3 inches.


A more transitional styled tan recliner, the Lane furniture Stallion is tailored for style and comfort, with full body reclining capabilities.

  • Made specifically for larger individuals with a tall back and wider seat.
  • Can support up to 500lbs in weight.
  • Curved, comfortable rolled arms.
  • Heavily padded seat and back for deep seating.
  • The drop-in coil springs with the pocket coil seating guarantee excellent support that will endure.
  • All the high tension areas are reinforced.
  • Recline fully into a chair with the length of a king-sized mattress.


Simmons is a well-known name in furniture that you can trust for good quality and durability.
The Zig Zag Tan Rocker recliner is a comfortable and classically styled piece that will blend in with your home décor seamlessly.

  • The removable back allows for easy moving and positioning.
  • This is a very large scale rocking and reclining chair that has deep seats and is fully padded.
  • The Chenille cover is durable, easy to maintain and offers high overall performance.
  • A steel rocker base for superior strength and stability.
  • Available in Blue, Green and Wine colors.


The Devoko Electric Massaging Recliner in Tan is a charming, yet functional and luxurious piece that will offer you sublime relaxation and comfort.
A solid and comfortable chair with the exceptional addition of massaging, while you are reclined and all of this with the touch of a button.

  • A solid metal and wood frame for extra strength and durability.
  • The leather upholstery is plush and soft to the touch while remaining very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The recliner back is adjustable from 90 degrees, up to 180 degrees, and easy to control.
  • Relax your whole body with the comfortable cushioning and full recline position.
  • Comes with 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a free replacement for faulty or damaged parts within twelve months.
  • Exquisite Tan color that will complement any home décor beautifully.


A high-quality Norwegian style chair that comes with a matching Ottoman to further enhance its panache and excellence.
One of the most comfortable and supportive recliners in this stunning Tan color that I have come across so far, this one is not to be missed out on!

  • Consists of Selective hardwood with a walnut wood finish, and bent arm frames for stability and style.
  • A wrap around seat and back cushion with attached adjustable headrest for the ultimate in support and relaxation.
  • Features 360-degree swivel angle, and a convenient one-handed reclining operation.
  • A matching contoured and angled ottoman, t give your legs the rest they deserve.
  • Lovely and lush textured fabric upholstery to give a warm and inviting feeling to your home or theatre.
  • Guarantees excellent lumbar support.

Tan Recliners in a Nutshell

A tan recliner has a warm and engaging feeling to it, that always represents quality and elegance, with a touch of comfort and coziness.

Any good recliner should be reliable when it comes to stability, durable, comfortable, supportive and have easy to maintain upholstery. Added functions such as cup holders, massaging and swivel motions are an excellent bonus to these already resolute chairs.

Our selection features some of the best models from favorite brands, of which their furniture have stood the test of time and resulted in many a happy customer.

Index Table: Top Tan Recliners

1RecPro Charles Collection - Tan Colored Double Recliner
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Center Console
  • Cup Holders
  • Space Saving
2Lane Furniture Stallion - Wall Hugger Tan Recliner
  • Wide Seat
  • Tall Back
  • Full recline
  • Heavy Weight Capacity
Lane Furniture95
3Simmons Upholstery Zig Zag Tan - Rocker Recliner
  • Steel Base
  • Rocking Function
  • Deep seat
  • Removable Back
Simmons Upholstery90
4Devoko Electric - Tan Brown Massage recliner
  • Electrical
  • Massage Function
  • Solid Structure
  • Cushioned
5Mac Motion Teatro - Recliner and Ottoman in Tan
  • Memory Foam Padding
  • Textured Fabric Upholstery
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Swivel Function
  • Lumbar Support
Mac Motion97

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