Wingback Chair Recliner You Will Love

Ever thought about revamping your living room with a classy vintage appeal?

By simply purchasing a wingback chair recliner, the look and feel of your interior will be entirely upgraded!

Find out more about wingback recliners below, from what you need to know before purchase to their best features.

Wingback Chair Recliner

A Brief History of Wingback Chairs

A wingback chair refers to a chair that has “wings” on the back which box off the edges on either side of the user’s head and torso.

These chairs were originally designed in the 17th century as a means to protect the sitter from a draft or to trap heat more effectively from the fireplace.

Traditionally wingback chairs were used near fireplaces for this very reason. They became the most popular in the 18th century and have never gone out of fashion since.

Nowadays, many classic wingback chairs are used as ornaments.
However, in modernized versions, wingback chairs evolved into rockers and recliners.

There are a few different types of wingback chairs, including scroll wing, flat wing, bat wing and butterfly wing chairs.

The differences between these chairs revolve around the design of the winged backs they come with.
Wing chairs, wingbacks, easy chairs and grandfather chairs are other classic names for wingback chairs.

Wingback Recliner Buying Considerations

Before you go ahead and purchase your recliner, you may find these buying considerations useful.

  1. Space – Make sure you have enough space to fit the recliner where you want it. On average, a recliner will need 6 to 12 inches more space to recline back than it’s actual size.
  2. Recliner Type – The type of recliner you want depends on what you want it for. Rockers and gliders are perfect for nursery chairs or those who enjoy rocking back and forth. Swivel recliners can go into any space, and power recliners are fully adjustable. Make sure to select the right kind for your needs.
  3. Angle – Not all recliners go back to the same angle. If you want a recliner that can double as a guest bed, look for one that fully reclines. A 45-degree angle is ideal for those who are recovering from operations.
  4. Materials – The best recliner materials will maximize the lifespan of the recliner. Stainless steel and hardwoods make the best recliner bases and frames while bonded leathers and microfiber make the best upholstery. Ergonomically shaped foam and inner springs are the most comfortable forms of padding.

Features of a Good Wingback Chair

These features are some of the best when it comes to choosing your wingback recliner.

  • Tufted Back Rest – The more folds, ridges or tufts your back rest has, the better support it will provide for your back.
  • Hardwood Base – A hardwood base not only looks good but it lasts much longer than any other kind. Instill that antique feel into your home with a hardwood recliner.
  • Full Recline – The majority of wingback recliners do not recline all the way back. A fully reclining chair has more functions, is more comfortable and can double up as a guest bed in a pinch.
  • Hybrid Seating – Hybrid seating refers to a combination of foam and individually pocketed spring coils. Originally made for some of the best mattresses available, hybrid seating makes for the most comfortable recliners which also keep your posture perfect.
  • Swivel Function – Being able to swivel your recliner makes it easy to use in more than one place around the house. If you need a nursery recliner, being able to swivel can help you to calm down your infant quickly, along with rocking back and forth.

Reviews: The Best Wingback Chair Recliners

Below we have reviewed some of the best wingback recliner chairs, all of which are just one click away!

  • This magnanimous recliner chair will have you feeling as though the Queen herself could make an appearance in your living room!
  • The seat is wide, and the back is tall, making it ideal for those who need a big and tall wingback chair recliner.
  • An easy-to-use mechanism allows you just to push back while watching television or when you want to have a rest.
  • The seating uses both high-density foam and sinuous coils, making it exceptionally comfortable when coupled with the high tufted backrest.
  • Set on a sturdy hardwood base, this chair can hold up to 400 lbs.

  • Here is a prime example of a retro modern wingback recliner chair, complete with rolled arms, a high tufted back, scrolled wings and a funky purple color!
  • Ideal for those who have back problems that need firm back support, this chair will keep your posture perfect.
  • Push to recline all the way back and enjoy the tufted support while reading your favorite book.
  • This recliner chair is compact and will save space in your living room compared to other wingback chair recliners.
  • Complete your living room decor in a style that’s unique to you and wow all your friends and family.

  • This compact recliner chair is ideal for petite or smaller sized individuals that are seeking a wingback chair recliner that works.
  • The tufted back and modern arms create a futuristic blend between the old and the new – a sure way to class up the lounge.
  • Can recline back into two positions, a 45-degree angle as well as all the way back, making it perfect for those who are in recovery.
  • The base of the recliner is made from birchwood, which is durable, stable and resilient to wear and tear.
  • A thickly padded seat coupled with a convenient push-back reclining mechanism will get you feeling relaxed in no time!

  • This glider recliner will make the best vintage addition to any nursery or breast feeding mother’s home.
  • The sleek modern edges and the soft tufted button winged back to create a perfect chair for both mother and baby.
  • The padding is a combo of soft foam and silent pocketed springs for ultimate comfort and relaxation.
  • The chair is a glider too, meaning that you can rock back and forth to soothe both yourself and your child!
  • The swivel motion will most certainly come in handy for positioning the chair and once again, to settle the baby.

  • This Angel Line recliner chair will have you feeling like you are an angel while seated in its smooth upholstery and curved arms.
  • Instead of pushing back to recline, a convenient pull-out lever allows you to choose exactly what position you’d like to recline back toward.
  • Being compact, the chair will fit inside any room or apartment that you want to place it into and is perfect for smaller individuals.
  • Also a perfect nursery chair, you can glide and swivel with your newborn while breastfeeding or burping them.
  • The stylish grey linen with white piping makes the chair look retro with a vintage modern appeal.


A stunning vintage styled Tufted Wingback recliner with nailhead trim and brown microfiber upholstery from Christopher Knight.

  • Features exquisite Hand Crafted detailing and nailhead trimmings.
  • Tufted wingback in a vintage classic style.
  • Upholstered in microfiber that is smooth and durable.
  • Full recline and durable frame.
  • Birchwood finish and legs.


The Barca Lounger has a classic design and is an easy to operate push back recliner with leather upholstery.

  • Durable and easy to clean leather upholstery and thick padding.
  • Easy Push Back Recline mechanism, and retractable footrest.
  • Traditional Wingback style.
  • Plywood frame that is durable and neatly finished off.


The Ravenna Home is a stylish and elegant leather recliner with a wingback design and smooth and sleek feel.

  • A durable and sturdy hardwood frame.
  • generously padded with foam for comfort.
  • Traditional Wingback style, and leather upholstery that is durable and easy to maintain.
  • Full recline and retractable footrest for more convenient comfort.

Index Table: Top Rated Wingback Chair Recliners

1Brylane Home Queen Anne Wingback - Tufted Queen Anne Style Wingback Recliner
  • Up to 400 lbs
  • Hybrid Seating
Brylane Home97
2Great Deal Furniture Tufted Wing Chair - Opulent Tufted Wingback Chair Recliner
  • Excellent Support
  • Space Saving
Great Deal Furniture98
3Great Deal Furniture Petite Wingback Chair - Compact Wingback Chair Recliner for Petite People
  • 45 Degree Recline
  • Dual Positions
Great Deal Furniture97
4Baby Relax Mikayla Wingback Glider - Comfortable Nursery Wingback Glider Chair
  • Hybrid Seating
  • Swivel Glider
Baby Relax98
5Angel Line Scrolled Wing Chair - Comfortable Scrolled Wing Fabric Chair Recliner
  • Smooth Upholstery
  • Space Saving
Angel Line97
6Chrostopher Knight Home - Tufted Wingback Recliner
  • Tufted
  • Nailhead Trim
  • Hand Crafted
Chrostopher Knight98
7BarcaLounger Push Back - Wingback Recliner
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Push Back Recline
8Ravenna Home - Leather Push Back Recliner
  • Generous Padding
  • Hardwood Frame

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