Expensive Recliners VS Cheap Recliners

Nothing compares to the comfort and relaxation that the right recliner can provide, and any good recliner should last you at least ten years with regular use. Regrettably, finding a recliner that fits your body and requirements without breaking your budget, is not always the easiest task, although there is hope if you know how and where to look.

Expenisve VS Cheap recliner - featured

Recliners were first introduced in the 1920’s, but since then they keep on improving in quality and functionality day by day, hence prices also become more affordable. The price of a recliner is an argument worth considering, and the collective perception is that a higher price tag equals better quality, luckily this is not commonly the case with regard to all recliners.

I would recommend that you take note of the manufacturer, rather than judging by a price tag. Many popular, and well sought after manufacturers, have high-quality recliners with a more affordable price. Ordinarily, when you skimp on the price, you get fewer features, but still a great quality, and comfortable piece of furniture.

Choosing the Right Type of Recliner

A recliner can be used by any shape or size of an individual for maximum comfort and support, the trick is finding a recliner that perfectly suits your body type and personal requirements.
There are, however, a few basic necessities to keep an eye out for, when it comes to a worth-while quality recliner.

  • The number one purpose of a recliner is to provide comfort and support, so make sure that the recliner you choose offers good back, shoulder and neck support and is comfortable for YOU to sit and recline in.
  • The better, and under general consent, more expensive the recliner, the more the features. So consider which features you really need, such as swiveling, gliding, heating, massaging, full reclining, etc… leave out the rest!
  • Any recliner that is any good must be, DURABLE. So make sure to check the frame, upholstery and other materials used to manufacture the recliner to ensure durability.

Type of Recliner

Another important aspect that will affect the price tag of your recliner is the “Type of Recliner”. Recliners such as Zero Gravity, infinite position, and orthopedic recliners tend to be a bit more on the expensive side, whereas a normal two position recliner, swiveling, gliding, or sofa recliner, should be in the lower price range.

Then there is also the upholstery type, which can influence the price of a recliner. Genuine and Faux leather is under customary circumstances, the most sought-after, ranging from the most expensive top grain genuine leather, to a middle grade and lower grade, genuine leather that is relatively more affordable. Faux leather such as PVC Vinyl and polyurethane are substantially cheaper synthetic leathers, although the durability will depend on the quality of the faux leather material and manufacturing process used to make the leather.

Cheap vs expensive Recliners - Fabric and Leather

Similarly, fabric upholstery comes in natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, and satin which are more expensive luxury materials, whereas your synthetic materials such as microfiber, rayon, and polyester, or polyester blends are less expensive but still good quality. Microfiber is not only a very durable synthetic material but also easy to clean and maintain, similarly polyester is easy on maintenance and just as durable.

What to Look for in the Best Quality Recliner

Always keep in the back of your mind that a recliner is a long-term investment on a piece of furniture that you will be using more than any other piece of furniture that you own!

Here are a few characteristics to look out for that mark a good quality, value for money recliner;

  • Make sure that the base of the recliner is strong and sturdy, and should be made from hardwood or steel.
  • The foam used to support the shape of the recliner can be of either high-end memory foam or a high-density synthetic foam that offers good support.
  • The upholstery needs to be of a good natural or synthetic material, whether leather, or fabric, that is neatly, and sturdily stitched, as well as, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Accessories and features on the recliner should work properly and be easy to operate, regarding that the more features, the higher the price may be.
  • Similarly take into consideration that the size of the recliner is suited to your body type, and height, and henceforth, that you can relax comfortably in it.
  • Lastly, make sure to TEST before you INVEST!. Test the recliner thoroughly before purchasing, sit on it, recline, slump, lay down and use all the features!

Some Popular Brands to Consider

Here are a few of the most well known and highly sought after brands that of many different types of recliners, reclining and gaming chairs, I have included their price ranges;

A Few Good Affordable Brands to Consider

  • Best Choice products ($80-$200)
  • Homall – gaming Chairs – ($80-$200)
  • Simmons ($100 – $500)
  • Best Massage – ($100-$400)
  • Dorel Living – ($100-$500)
  • ACME Furniture – ($100-$500)
  • Flash furniture – ($250-$1500)
  • Devoko – ($80-$300)
  • Pulaski – ($140-$1100)
  • GDF Studio – ($150 – $500)
  • Great Deal Furniture – ($170 – $600)
  • Diviano Roma Furniture – ($200-$600)
  • Ashley Furniture – ($300-$800)
  • La-Z_Boy – ($750 – $1000)

A Few Top of The Range Expensive Brands

Cheap Vs Expensive Recliners - Massage feature

Ashley signature design – ($600-$2000)
Catnapper – ($600-$1100)
Cozzie – ($1200-$5000)
Human Touch – ($1700-$8000)

In Conclusion

A recliner is a long-term investment in something that you will be spending a substantial amount of time on, therefore it is something that you should contemplate indulging a bit on.

The main purpose of any recliner is to provide you with lasting comfort and support, for your personal needs, and specific body type. Henceforth, this is precisely what you need to look for in a recliner, while still regarding your budget. For affordable good inexpensive recliners, visit our page.

The best way to know whether a recliner is a good quality purchase is to read through reviews on the internet or to ask friends and family who have recliners. Getting the opinion of other customers will give you a solid idea of the performance and quality of any piece.

Regrettably, it does not matter how you approach the matter, recliners are expensive, while some are very expensive because they are a luxury and functional item built to be durable and supportive.

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