Fabric Recliners

Before you go out and purchase the best fabric recliners, there are a few pointers you ought to consider first. In this buyer’s guide, we will be covering buyer’s considerations, the best materials your recliner can be constructed from as well as reviewing the top features of the best fabric recliners.

Fabric Recliners

Fabric Recliner Buying Considerations

Here are some practical guidelines and useful considerations to take note of before going to buy a fabric recliner.

  1. Shape & Size – The shape and size of the recliner matters. If the recliner is too small or disproportioned for your body size, it can lead to future back problems. The height above the ground and the back rest are the most important factors to consider in this regard.
  2. Angle of Inclination – The angle the chair reclines back toward is called the angle of inclination. This is something to take care with, as not all recliners recline as far back as one would like and some of them recline fully flat, creating a makeshift bed.
  3. Function – Depending on what you want a recliner for, the function of the recliner will differ. You can get lift recliners that help you up, rocker recliners that rock like a rocking chair and so much more. Consider exactly what you want from your recliner before choosing the best recliner type for you.
  4. Wall Space – Many recliners need a lot of wall space to recline back. On average a recliner uses between 6 and 12 inches. Zero wall or space-saving recliners exist that recline fully forward, needing no wall space to recline at all. Some people do not mind and wish to place the recliner in the middle of the room. That also works.
  5. Warranty – A recliner’s warranty will give a clue as to how long the recliner will last, as will friendly peer reviews. On average, recliners last up to 5 years, but those made of sturdy materials can last lifetimes!

Best Materials Fabric Recliners Are Made From

As far as fabric recliners go, there are two types of materials that make fantastic upholstery:

  • Microfiber – Microfiber materials are soft and highly durable, made from a blend of synthetic fibers to achieve this effect. These fabrics are often treated to last longer, be stain resistant and hold color better than other fabrics.
  • Suede Leathers – Suede leathers are much softer than the usual leathers used in recliner chairs. These are leathers that are thin and have been softened up to hold a more velvet-like texture. Suede leather also refers to synthetic materials that aim to emulate leather, but with added benefits of breathability.

These two materials make for the best recliner frames:

  • Stainless Steel – This is a strong metal alloy that does not rust, making it best suited for moist climates. Stainless steel generally lasts years if used in thick applications inside the recliner.
  • Hardwood – Hardwood can last for generations and keeps a very sound shape in a recliner. Types of hardwood include pine, oak or mahogany.

Best Fabric Recliner Features

If you’ve ever wondered about what the best fabric recliner features are, have a look at the list below!

  • Power Reclining – A power recliner has the luxury of being able to electronically adjust the head rest and leg rest at the push of a button. Moreover, one can adjust each independently of the other. Create your desired position and stay relaxing for as long as you like!
  • Massage – Massage recliners allow for you to get cozy with the option of massaging your back! Powered by remote control, one need only click a button to ease the tension away.
  • Adequate Support – The best fabric recliners provide adequate lumbar and body support. Ribbed padding, memory foam, and multiple foams with spring layers help to increase the support a recliner gives.
  • USB Charging Port – Some recliners offer the ability to charge any USB device, having convenient ports in the side! Charge your smartphone, tablet or any other digital device while still being able to use it in your most comfortable chair!
  • Storage – A recliner that comes with storage, whether a cup holder, hidden compartment or side pocket, allows you to relax for longer without needing to get up. Store magazines, drinks, and snacks while relaxing for longer periods of time.

Reviews: Best Fabric Recliners

Here below are reviews of the best fabric recliners, from rocker armchairs to massaging power recliners. Click to take your pick!

  • This contemporary power recliner chair was made for both modern and traditional styled interiors.
  • The power reclining ability makes it convenient for those who need ultimate support and comfort, allowing you to choose your favorite position.
  • The padding was designed for optimal ergonomic support, with an extra plush head rest for the best results.
  • A hidden storage compartment lurks in the one arm rest – merely lift it to stash snacks, knitting, remotes, gadgets and more!
  • Electronically powered, the recliner comes fully equipped with a USB port, which can be used to charge your phone or tablet.

  • This glider recliner chair is ideal for any living room or nursery, allowing you to recline back by 45 degrees and rock too!
  • The glider motion allows for you to rock backward and forward along a straight track, soothing you or your child.
  • Covered in a soft microfiber upholstery and made on a stable hardwood base, the recliner will last for many years to come.
  • The brown color of this recliner chair can match most modern decor and furnishings, giving an earthy complement to the room.
  • The recline lever is manual and easy to operate with a gentle pull to get you back to your desired position.

  • This luxurious cream microfiber recliner chair is covered in a soft velvet-like fabric that will have you feeling as though you’re sinking in!
  • The back support of the recliner is superior, making full use of a bustle back to optimize on critical lumbar support.
  • The power recline feature allows you to recline at the touch of a button, lifting the leg rest separately from the head rest to find the best position.
  • As you lean back into this award-winning piece of furniture, you can also rock back and forth, as it doubles as a rocking chair too!
  • Made from the most comfortable high-density foam upon a sturdy steel base, you can’t go wrong with this fabric recliner chair.

  • This fabric recliner doubles as a rocking chair, as well as providing you with supreme heat and massage!
  • At the click of a button, you can recline back and indulge in an 8 point vibrate massage which will alleviate tension along the spine and buttocks.
  • Inclusive with a USB charge port, charge up all your smart devices without needing to move out of your comfort zone.
  • The recliner is padded with plush foam for comfort and upholstered in soft, fuzzy microfiber for easy maintenance and a great feel.
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs, making it ideal for those who have a heartier constitution than average!

  • This quaint power recliner will save space in a modern studio apartment, looking great and feeling very cozy.
  • One button powers the whole recliner, allowing you to adjust the head and leg rests independently of one another.
  • The thick body cushions will give you cuddles every time to you lean back into them, giving you a medium to soft back support.
  • Built from a stainless steel mechanism, this recliner is durable and will last you for a decent length of time.
  • Upholstered in plush fabric to enhance the soft, cuddly support that the recliner gives you.

Comparison Table: The Best Fabric Recliners

1Everette Power Recliner Chair - Power Motion Recliner With Charger
  • USB Recharger
  • Hidden Storage Space
2Great Deal Furniture Fabric Glider - Fully Padded Fabric Glider Recliner
  • Hardwood Base
  • Ergonomic Padding
Great Deal Furniture96
3Ashley Furniture Design Fabric Rocker - Velvety Fabric Rocker Recliner Armchair
  • Power Reclining
  • Lumbar Support
Ashley Furniture Design97
4Relaxzen Heated Fabric Recliner - Fabric Recliner With Heat & Massage
  • 8 Point Massage
  • USB Charger
5Serta Power Recliner - Fabric Power Recliner With Soft Support
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Power Recline

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