Must Have Covers for Leather Recliners

To preserve the life of your leather recliner, it’s important to acquire a cover for it. The below article details more reasons why owning a cover for a leather recliner is essential, recliner cover buying considerations along with some of their best features.

covers for leather recliner

4 Good Reasons to Own a Cover for a Leather Recliner

It’s an excellent idea to own a cover, particularly for a leather recliner. Here’s why:

  1. Scratches – Leather, especially lower grade leathers, are prone to scratching more easily than other recliner upholstery. If you have a cat or an animal that likes to scratch the furniture, a cover is vital to keeping your leather recliner in top notch condition.
  2. Stains – Some forms of leather, like white leather or soft suede leathers, are highly susceptible to staining. A cover will protect your recliner from staining and is normally easier to maintain.
  3. Comfort – If your leather recliner is lacking in terms of comfort, a padded cover for it can make all the difference.
  4. Warmth – Leather recliners are great in Summer as they stay cool, but in Winter, they may be too chill to touch until you’ve sat in them a while. This is where a soft fuzzy cover can be of great assistance, warming up very quickly and adding an extra layer of insulation.

Leather Recliner Cover Buying Considerations

Before going ahead with your purchase, consider these pointers:

  • Color – The color of your recliner cover makes a difference. Aside from aesthetics, lighter colors tend to stain worse than darker ones. A lighter recliner cover will also lighten up the room more than a darker cover, which will make the room seem smaller.
  • Size – The length and size of your recliner cover is an important consideration to factor in. Some recliner covers are not long enough to cover the recliner while it’s fully reclined, while others do not fully cover the arm rests. Compare the cover’s measurements to your recliner and choose carefully.
  • Texture – The texture of the recliner cover could be hard or soft, fuzzy or smooth, depending on what you’re looking for. A harder cover is usually easier to keep clean while a softer one feels more homely.

Features of a Good Leather Recliner Cover

The below leather recliner cover features will make your recliner more comfortable, functional and durable.

  • Reversible – A reversible cover allows you to change the look of your living room suite more often. Furthermore, it delays when you need to wash the cover as you can flip to the other side (although for heavy stains, you should wash it immediately).
  • Anti-Slip – If a cover doesn’t have a way to keep it in place, it will slip and slide around. That’s where an anti-slip cover comes in handy, remaining securely in place no matter what position you’re sitting in.
  • Waterproof – A waterproof cover means that you’ll never have to worry about staining it. Liquids will likely run off the cover though, so be careful when you do make a mess!
  • Machine Washable – Opt for a recliner cover that you can conveniently toss in the washing machine. Not all covers are like that, and some will demand you spot clean with a damp cloth.
  • Padded – A recliner cover that’s padded is extra comfortable and will provide better support for your back, legs and arms.

Reviews: Top Covers for Leather Recliners

Browse our best selection of covers for leather recliner chairs and click your pick!

  • This slip cover fits over your entire recliner from top to bottom, leaving only the feet (if any) exposed.
  • It works much like a bed sheet with a fitted rim, having a convenient elastic hem-line that prevents the cover from slipping and sliding.
  • Don’t bother with straps every time you need to wash the cover, just slide the entire thing off and throw in the wash.
  • Protect your leather recliner from stains, punctures and wear and tear or simply upgrade the look after years of use.
  • Comes with a side storage pocket that allows you to place your remote, gadgets or magazines when not in use.

  • This recliner cover is lined with a fabric that is guaranteed to keep it in place as well as a strap to make sure.
  • The top layer is made from a soft, smooth microsuede fabric, which will add a bit more warmth during the Winter time.
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain, this recliner cover is machine washable and can be hung to dry on the line.
  • The cover is water repellant, but not waterproof, which means that it protects against stains and spills but should still be cleaned immediately.
  • Is designed with extra length to ensure it covers the recliner even when fully reclined back.

  • This fuzzy cover for a leather recliner resembles a padded towel, with the exception of being entirely waterproof and stain resistant.
  • Soft to the touch, the top layer is snag resistant, making it safe for children and pets without harming anyone.
  • The bottom layer is made from 100% olefin, which is one of the fastest quick drying materials available on the market.
  • Padded for additional cushioning, make your leather recliner more comfortable and cozy all year round.
  • Protect your chair from coffee spills, pet stains and incontinence leaks without any difficulties!

  • This quilted recliner cover is made from a silky smooth material that feel comfortable and does not generate any static whatsoever.
  • On each side of the cover, there are pockets that each have three compartments, allowing you to store and sort anything you’d like to keep there.
  • The arm rests are fully covered, which is how the recliner holds itself perfectly in place without sliding about.
  • For further stability, the seat and arm rest covering tucks into the recliner chair, making sure that it doesn’t move when you recline.
  • The cover is stain resistant and almost completely waterproof, keeping your recliner in the best condition for as long as possible.

  • Make your recliner cozy with this wrinkle-proof cover that slips over the entire recliner, secured with an elastic hem at the bottom.
  • Stays exactly where you want it without moving about and can be adjusted to fit most recliner sizes.
  • There are multiple colors for you to choose from, allowing you to jazz up your living room in a different way anytime you like.
  • The cover is stain resistant and allows for easy machine washable maintenance without ruining it.
  • Features a side pocket, making it convenient to store your goods if your recliner does not already have one.

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