The Best Massage Recliners

The best massage recliners in the world can almost perfectly emulate a masseuse’s touch and provide you with muscle pain relief.

Purchasing one could be the solution to all your muscle aches and back pain problems! Let’s take a look at how it all works and what to look for in the best massage recliners.

Best Massage Recliner

3 Main Causes of Neck, Hip, Joint & Back Pains

  1. Posture – poor posture can result in pain all over your muscular-skeletal system. When a part of the spine is out, the rest of the spine, hips, shoulders, and neck all move to try to accommodate that part. This misalignment can create pain and later lead to back disorders, like lumbar osteoporosis or herniated discs.
  2. Circulation – if one lacks good blood flow, fluids in the body and waste products cannot be processed efficiently. Blocks in blood flow lead to increased pain, especially in the hips or an area that gets swollen often. Standing all day or working in an office environment, with minimal exercise, tends to promote blood pooling in the feet, causing similar pain.
  3. Injury – Sports or work related injuries are also known to cause aches, stiffness, and pains in the body. Excess fluids and inflammation gather to create a nasty effect that can last a few days to weeks, depending on the severity and where the injury is.

Massage Recliner to Alleviates Back Muscle Pains

Massage Recliners provide your entire body with full support, cradling the spine, neck, head, hips, and feet. These massage chairs take all pressure off your bones and muscles while massaging your muscles for further pain and stress relief.

For those of us who have poor circulation, a massage can stimulate blood flow. Not only that but the angle that the chair reclines to can also help to drain fluids and alleviate pain in the joints. Swelling or inflammation can also reduce after a very gentle massage or simply just from reclining.

Pregnant mothers may experience pain in their bodies due to carrying the extra weight of the baby, where a massage recliner can take the strain off. After birth, the intensive care given to the child demands constant attention and also usually takes a substantial toll on the mother. A recliner can provide excellent pressure point relief.

Features Found in a Good Massage Recliner

Kneading Massage is a critical feature that you need to have in a massage recliner. Otherwise, it can’t be considered one! Rollers inside the massage recliner work across your back at less or more substantial intensities to alleviate muscle tension.

Built-in Heating works incredibly well inside a massage recliner, much like hot rocks in Spas add immense value to a massage. Melt away any lactic acid build-up and soothe your pain at the same time.

Automatic Programs to choose from is also a good indication of a quality massage recliner. These give you more to choose from to suit your specific needs, allowing you to make a choice between more rigorous or more gentle massages.

Music Synchronization is a very new feature in the top models of massage recliners and highly innovative! Technology can now synchronize the beats in your music to synchronize with the chair, pressing your body and back in time with the tempo. It’s recommended to play calming music for a more calming effect.

Reviews: The Best Massage Recliners

Here are some of the best rated massage recliner chairs currently available on the market:

  • This superior massage chair is one of the best massage chairs on the market.
  • Indulge in a heated massage with the help of an L-track roller system and air massage technology to remove all tension from your muscles.
  • This massage recliner uses sophisticated smart body scan technology.
  • It has many automated modes to select, such as yoga mode and Chiro Therapy mode to help alleviate body pain and pressure.
  • Recline fully back and receive the relaxing benefits of this massage recliners zero gravity positions, of which there are three you can select.
  • FDA Certified – this massage chair is compliant with the FDA as a medical device.
  • Benefit from improved blood flow, no migraines, fewer back pains and fewer aches in the joints.

  • This electric massage recliner has four fantastic automatic massage programs you can choose from: Recovery, Extend, Relax and Refresh Programs.
  • 20 airbags of the latest air massage technology are installed across the entire massage recliner to ensure maximum pressure relief.
  • This product is ideal for neck pain relief, back pain relief and foot pain relief, alleviating stress and working all of these areas.
  • The rollers emulate a masseuse’s hands with a kneaded massage technique, gently dissipating any acidic build up in your muscles and improving your circulation.
  • At the push of a button, recline back at leisure and even heat up the chair for further relaxation indulgence.

  • This recliner massage chairs is one of the most sophisticated models on the market.
  • It has four automatic massage modes to choose from: shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling or spinal vibrating.
  • Set the timer and indulge in a 5-30 minute rejuvenating full body massage.
  • The entire massage chair mechanism is silent and will not stir you when moving positions.
  • Tap a button and choose to heat up your whole body for maximum comfort.
  • Select 1 out of 3 zero gravity positions and experience all tension melt away as this massage chair kneads your tissues.
  • This massage chair can alleviate all pressure in the feet with balls specially located underneath them.
  • Rollers behind the spine ensure your back gets the right massage treatment it needs.
  • The footrest and positioning of this recliner are both fully adjustable – decide how you want to sit in it every time.

  • Receive a heated massage anytime in this massage recliner chair, which has 35 airbags placed around the hips, shoulders, neck, back, feet and legs!
  • Cancel out the force of gravity on your body and recline in zero gravity mode for maximum relaxation.
  • Choose between two unique automatic massage programs.
  • Incorporating air massage technology, zero gravity, heating and vibrations, this massager can soothe all muscles, alleviate stress and reduce headaches.
  • The back, neck, hip, leg and foot panels are all designed with orthopedic considerations in mind, being Posturepedic to the entire body
  • Comes protected with a 3year warranty.

  • This heated electric massage recliner is very plush with a sturdy arm chair backing and covered in a PU leather for a luxurious feel.
  • The rocker massage chair can recline almost fully back and allows you to rock in it.
  • It can rotate around full circle, swiveling 360 degrees.
  • Comes with drink holders on either side and convenient compartments to store goods inside.
  • Choose from 5 different automated vibrating massage modes with one button click, all of which aim to take pressure off pressure points.
  • Fully adjustable head rest and foot rest, for the most comfort tailored to your needs.

  • This massage recliner seat works using motor vibrators, placed strategically at 10 pressure points to diminish pressure.
  • Far more cost effective than purchasing a massage recliner arm-chair, this can help somebody who has a very limited budget who needs a massage after work.
  • This recliner is a remote-controlled massage chair and has four massage programs as well as three different massage speeds.
  • Enjoy heat in the lower back lumbar region for further comfort and possible lumbar pain relief.
  • This seat insert is portable and can be used in your car, your office chair, your sofa, armchair or even sitting upright in bed.


One of the top models and brand names that you will find in Massaging recliner Chairs is the Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent.

  • Features the unique Arm airbag mechanism and calf rollers.
  • Heating and massaging functions.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Sturdy frame and durable high-quality leather upholstery.


The Ootori offers you full massage functions and zero gravity reclining positions.

  • Neck, Back, leg, Shoulder and Foot Shiatsu Massager in one.
  • Lumbar heating.
  • Comfortable and massaging foot rollers for your feet.
  • Plush cushioning and quality leather upholstery.
  • Zero Gravity recline positions.


From real relax we have the massager and Rocking Chair with an S-Track Zero Gravity full body massage feature.

  • Zero Gravity design for ultimate recline.
  • Fifty airbags to cover your full body, for a soothing massage.
  • Six preset programs with a Rocking Function.
  • S-Track robot massage hands that move from your waist to your neck.
  • Comes with a Blue Tooth music player and Hi-Fi Speakers.
  • Heating and virbration functioning.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Massage Recliners

1Kahuna Massage Chair Superior Therapeutic - Orthopedic Zero G Heated Massage Recliner Capsule
  • Chiropractor Therapy Mode
  • Wall-Hugging Recliner
Kahuna Massage Chair98
2Best Massage Full Body Shiatsu Recliner - Electric Heated Massage Recliner Chair
  • Shiatsu Massage Results
  • FDA Approved
Best Massage97
3Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Therapeutic - Top Rated Massage Recliner Chair
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapies
  • Built-in Heating
Ideal Massage96
4Real Relax Electric Full Body Massager - Heated Swivel Rocker Body Massage Recliner
  • Zero Gravity
  • Gratis VR Headset
Real Relax95
5HOMCOM PU Swivel Massager - Heated Leather Rocker Massage Recliner
  • 360 degree rotation
  • 5 Automatic Massages
6Five Star Vibration Massage Seat - Best Massage Recliner Seat Insert
  • 10 motor pressure relief
  • Portable Seat Insert
Five Star90
7Osaki OS-3D Pro Inteliigent - Professional Massage Chair
  • Airbags
  • Rollers
  • Heating
8Ootori Full Body - Massaging Recliner
  • Zero Gravity
  • Heating
  • Foot Rollers
  • Shiatsu
9Real Relax Robotic - Full Body Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Rocking
  • Audio Playback
Real Relax97

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