The Best Wall Hugger Recliner

Wall Hugger Recliners are designed to take up the least space between the chair and the wall when fully reclined. It makes them perfect for people living in apartments. The common variants, such as the Small Wall Hugger Recliners and Zero Wall Recliners, also take up less floor space. So, you do not need to live in a big house to lounge conveniently.
If you don’t have enough space for a standard model, this article is for you. We will help you find the best wall hugger recliner that suits your needs best.

Best Rated Wall Hugger Recliners To Buy in 2022:

RecPro Charles Collection Two Set Wall Hugger Recliner
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Handle is very easy to operate
  • The faux leather upholstery ensures no fuss cleaning
Esright Power Lift
  • Breathable high-density sponge
  • Best choice for seniors
  • Easy to operate
Ashley Signature Design Cork Zero Wall recliner
  • Good lumbar support
  • Affordable
  • Cushions are filled with high resiliency foam

Nevertheless, it can sometimes be quite challenging when it comes to compromising comfort, style, and relaxation, with space available. But then again, thanks to the Wall Hugger design we have today, you can absolutely have both space and comfort at your hand.

Wall Hugger Recliner Adjustable

Tips on Choosing the Best Wall Hugger Recliner

What is the best wall hugger recliner? Choosing a good wall hugger recliner is close to the same as choosing any other recliner, the only difference is to take note of the space it occupies when fully reclined.

There are a variety of wall hugger recliners available each with its own unique style and features, each also taking up a different amount of space.

By what I have seen so far, you can look at a 6 inches or less than 3 inches of space, from the wall to the fully reclined back of the chair.

Regardless, here are a few features to look for in the best wall hugger recliner;

  • Durable and comfortable upholstery that is easy to maintain and matches your home or office décor.
  • Soft and supportive padding on the seat, backrest, armrests, and footrest.
  • Make sure that it is the correct size and shape for your individual body shape and size.
  • Look for a quality brand that is well constructed, sturdy and, the finer details well-polished off. For a good quality recliner always opt for a mid-range to a high-end product when it comes to price, although there are some cheaper and good quality alternatives.
  • Measure the space before deciding on a recliner, make sure that you have enough space available and compare this with the size of the fully reclined recliner, as well as the wall space.

Types of Wall Hugger Recliners

Here are some of our top choices when it comes to good quality and comfortable Wall Hugger recliners. We will group them for you according to their types.

Two Set Wall Hugger Recliner

If you have little space available, an are looking for a comfortable reclining seat set for your home or flat, this is the perfect two set. The RecPro 30, Charles collection is a sleek and durable design, in a toffee color faux leather.

  • Covered in durable and easy to maintain Faux Leather, manufactured from high-quality polyurethane.
  • The seat, headrest, and back are abundantly cushioned, for further comfort and support.
  • The recliner handle is very easy to operate and ensures smooth reclining.
  • If you are worried about moving this recliner, you can remove the backrest allowing easy passage through small space.
  • The faux leather upholstery ensures no fuss cleaning and maintenance.
  • Can be fully reclined, needing only 3 inches of clearance from the wall.
  • This chair likewise has a weight capacity of up to 88lbs.

Remote Controlled Wall Hugger Recliner

The Esright Power Lift Recliner is an excellent choice for watching television, sleeping in or simply just relaxing for long periods of time.
Easy to operate with the additional function of lifting, for those individuals who struggle to get up from their seats, moreover the best choice for seniors.

  • Electric lift chair that is easy to operate and very convenient, when you struggle to get up from your chair.
  • Covered in high quality, durable PU leather and filled with a high-density sponge that is comfortable, breathable and odor resistant.
  • Remote controlled reclining function for two position reclining.
  • Adjustable lift feature that can amend to any position, and adaptable footrest.
  • This model comes in a rich, deep brown color that is perfect for a home with warm tones.

Zero Wall recliner

The Ashley Signature design offers a wide variety of durable, comfortable and stylish recliners, that guarantee endurance and support.
The Cork Zero Wall model has the bonus feature of taking up very little space, and likewise, is crafted with the finest high-quality materials.

  • You can choose the upholstery option from a variety of colored plush fabric, genuine, or faux leather.
  • The corners of the frames are blocked for a more polished appearance.
  • A metal enforced seat and footrest for reliable stability that will stand the test of time.
  • Trimmings and tufting are neatly nailed and finished off.
  • Available in a standard or oversized, more roomy selection.
  • The back is bustled to offer good lumbar support.
  • Cushions are filled with high resiliency foam for more comfort, and robust endurance.
  • The Zero Wall design requires the least space between the wall and the chair back when fully reclined.

Wall Hugging Recliner Chair

Sleek, simple, and beautiful in a variety of settings! This comfortable wall hugger recliner comes in your choice of two pleasing colors to complement existing furnishings.

  • You can relax fully reclined and lying flat, just 2-1/2 to 3 feet from the wall.
  • Velvety soft, easy-to-clean fabric upholstery with smooth, thick padding to cradle you comfortably, whether you’re lounging or rocking.
  • Durable plywood frame and sturdy metal swivel base lend stability to this well-designed recliner.
  • Two reclining positions let you find perfect ease while watching TV or napping.

Microfiber Recliner”

If you are looking for sophisticated style, as well as luxurious comfort, then the Eshion Microfiber recliner is the answer. Upholstered in soft indulgent, Microfiber in the color of your choice, with a contemporary design to match your décor.

  • A plush and ergonomically designed recliner that contours to the shape of your body, for the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Microfiber is an extremely durable, and low maintenance material that is still soft to the touch.
  • The full ottoman offers leg support, so you can completely stretch out your legs.
  • A side lever, smoothly, and effortlessly adjust your recline position.
  • Takes up very little wall space when fully reclined so it is impeccable for small spaces.
  • Available in a variety of colors that are appropriate to blend in well with any home décor style.

Hugger Recliner chair

Your search for a modern recliner might be over! The Homall recliner offers sleek club-style features and a wall-hugging design.

  • Choose from black, brown, or beige colors to accentuate your home’s interior.
  • High-quality PU leather upholstery feels fantastic and is easy to clean.
  • Wide, curved arm rests lend added support, so you can fully relax.
  • Retractable footrest
  • Smaller size, with a minimalistic footprint. Requires very little floor space – the ideal solution for apartments and smaller homes. Rated for 275 pounds.
  • Want to create a TV lounge? Place two or more of these wall hugging recliners side-by-side for a fantastic alternative to a traditional sofa.

Power Lift Recliner

Comfort-oriented details make this one of the best wall hugger recliners we’ve found. Plush, overstuffed upholstery lets you ease your way into deep relaxation, while independently wrapped pocket coils provide ample support and prevent sagging.

  • This wall hugger works well even in the tightest spaces: You need only four inches of clearance to fully recline or lift.
  • Durable bonded leather PU upholstery in versatile dark brown offers a combination of comfort and easy upkeep.
  • Wired remote makes it easy to operate the lift function with a press of the button.
  • Swivels 360 degrees, so you can find the best viewing angle possible or enjoy conversing with others.
  • Side pocket holds reading materials, electronics, and more.

Wall Hugger Theatre Seat Recliner

The Recpro Charles is a double, loveseat recliner that has Wall Hugging capabilities to save space.

  • Ideal for use in small homes, apartments and even in an RV.
  • Space-saving Zero wall design.
  • PU Leather upholstery that is easy to maintain.
  • Durable and sturdy frame with full recline capabilities.

Lift Chair

A comfortable heating and massaging recliner with lifting functions, that will take up little to no wall space.

  • Ultra plush and comfortable padding and upholstery.
  • Heating and Massaging functions for comfort and relaxation.
  • Powerlifting chair to aid with standing up out of your chair.
  • Space saving and wall hugging design.

Remote Controlled, Space Saving Wall Hugger Recliner

Purchase singly or get a matched pair! The RecPro Charles Collection Zero Wall wall hugger recliner is perfect for you home and ideal for traveling in your RV, as well.
This beautiful, modern recliner comes in two pleasing colors to suit your home’s theme and best of all, it offers outstanding comfort in every position.

  • Sturdy metal base and frame offers outstanding support.
  • Only 3 inches of space needed for full reclining; you can place this space-saving zero wall hugger recliner almost anywhere.
  • Soft yet durable RecPro fabric upholstery offers cozy comfort when it’s time to relax.

In Conclusion

A Wall hugger recliner is always an outstanding choice if you are short on space, it also does not compromise on stylishness, excellence or luxury.

The selections that we have made are some of the finest quality recliners, from well-known brands that take up the least wall space.

We are constantly working on better quality and comfort for our clients.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall hugger recliner?

Wall Huggers are recliners specially designed to fit into places where little space is available. When reclined, the chairs still do not take up much space. Wall Huggers are also quite affordable and cozy like other standard models.

What is a zero wall recliner?

Zero Wall Recliners take up as little space as possible between the fully reclined chair and the wall. With the Zero wall design, all you need is just a few inches of space from the wall. It is ideal for use in offices where you require space for unrestricted movement and other equipment.

Does a wall hugger recliner need much space?

Wall Hugger Recliners are space-saving recliners. They usually need 3-6 inches of space between the back of the fully reclined chair and the wall. So they do not require much space but just a little to allow users to recline and relax perfectly while still enjoying a high level of comfort.

What are the benefits of small wall hugger recliners?

Small Wall Hugger Recliners are perfect fits for smaller spaces such as boathouses, RVs, and small or tight apartments. With these types of recliners, you get to enjoy much comfort and relaxation without having to sacrifice much of your space.

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