Recliners with Built in USB Ports

With so many devices in use today, our phones, Ipads, Ipods, Tablets, Laptops, fans, and many other electrical gadgets powered with a USB cable or charger, one of the greatest inventions in a recliner I would say, is the USB Port.

Now you can charge any USB compatible device in the comfort of your favorite chair, even while using the device!

USB Port recliner Feature

Advantages of Having a USB Port Built Into Your Recliner

Well, here I would say, that again, the functions and purposes of a USB port in your favorite recliner is endless.

From changing your phone to being able to check your blood pressure in the comfort of your living room. Then there is also the highly efficient storage area in the armrest or side of most recliners that come with a USB port, where you can safely hide all your required devices.

For people who struggle with mobility, this is a great advantage to be able to have all their important electronics easily at hand, as well as being able to keep them fully charged, particularly in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, plainly, it is just extremely convenient and useful, one of those things that will make your life simpler and easier!

Choosing a USB Port Feature Recliner

USB Ports

First of all, when it comes to the USB port itself, always make sure that it is compatible with all the devices that you are going to be using on it, there are likewise adapters and extensions that you can purchase separately to fit your device to the USB port on your recliner.

None the less do not also forget to consider other important features of the recliner. Make sure that your recliner is sturdy, reliable, of good quality, and try to stick to popular brands with good reviews.

The type of recliner and its functions will all depend largely on your purpose for it, which in most cases is just to relax, so make sure the recline functions and leg rest functions are to your liking and check for other small features that you may have in mind.

Your main option in a recliner with a USB port will be a Powered recliner which requires electricity to operate, fortunately, power recliners come with so many exceptional features;

Power Recliner Features to Choose From

  • Zero Gravity recliner.
  • Vibrating, and massaging function.
  • Heating Functions.
  • Ambient Base Lights and, cup holder lights particularly in a home theater recliner.
  • Cup holders.
  • Snack or laptop tray and tables.
  • Side storage pockets.
  • Armrests that have storage or cooler functions.
  • Cooling cup holders.
  • Swivel, glide, rotation or rocking functions.
  • Adjustable head and leg rest.
  • Speakers.

Reviews: The Best Recliners with USB Ports

Here are some superb options in Luxury Recliners with a USB port;


The Relaxzen from the first view has such a comfortable and plush image, and rightfully so, it is made for comfort and relaxation, complete with heating and massaging functions.

  • Available in four neutral color options, including a Camo print option, as well as massage or non-massage selections.
  • It is upholstered in a luxurious and easy to clean microfiber fabric, with high-density plush foam filling in the back, seat, and armrests.
  • There are 8 powerful motors for massage targeting 4 zones, with five intensity levels and nine modes, including mild lumbar heating.
  • A dual USB port for you to charge all your devices, while you are relaxing and having a soft and soothing massage.
  • An easy to reach remote inside the built inside storage pockets.


A bit tight on space, well this heavy duty, comfortable and plush recliner with additional USB Port, is all that you need, ideal with Wall-saver technology to save you on much needed space.

  • An electrically powered recliner with footrest and recline functions at the push of a button.
  • The Cloud fabric upholstery gives a fresh design that is heavy duty, easy to maintain and comes in an attractive Taupe color.
  • Generous padding with individually wrapped coil seating tailor-made to be soft and comfortable.
  • Smooth lines with expert seaming for a clean appeal, and superior durability.
  • The USB charging port is integrated into the switch for easy and convenient charging.


The Everette Power Motion was created specifically with seniors and individuals who struggle with mobility, in mind, offering a large range of powered adjustment settings for superior comfort and support.

  • Power Motion assists adjustable settings, with full recline and footrest for superior comfort and relaxation.
  • A strong and sturdy build with super strength plastic legs, and highly durable and tough upholstery.
  • The built in USB port allows you to charge all your devices while you are kicked back, relaxing in your chair.
  • Side arm storage pockets, simply lift the arm and hide away your remotes, keys, and other small gadgets for safe keeping.
  • Two very handy cup holders in the armrests, to keep your drinks and snacks in.
  • Available in brown leather upholstery, or navy blue, or slate colored fabric upholstery.


For the taller or slightly larger individual, or basically anyone just seeking a large, plush and cozy comfortable recliner, this is the one. The Serta Big and Tall has extra height and width, along with luxurious memory foam padding and a highly soothing massage function.

  • Features wide and deep soft and supportive body pillows and seat with memory foam filling.
  • This seat can support up to 350 lbs in weight and has a wider and taller size.
  • There is an in-arm storage compartment with a Cup holder and handy USB charging port.
  • Features a kick out recline mechanism that is easy to operate and offers comfortable and supportive recline positions.
  • Covered in durable leather with a rich chocolate brown color.


Don’t you just want to sink into this one, lie back and take a long relaxing nap?
The Dylan from generic just has that superbly inviting feel to it, with lavish memory foam seating and large overstuffed design.

  • Features a plush and comfortable memory foam filled seat topper.
  • It is upholstered in durable and soft 100% polyester fiber fabric that is likewise very easy to clean.
  • The rest of the chair is filled to the brim with lush and durable polyester.
  • A power recline option for easy and adjustable reclining into your favourite position.
  • Comes with a handy USB charging port for all your electronic devices.


Catnapper is a name not to be missed when it comes to superior technology comfort recliners. The Owens model can recline into a completely flat position, and is filled with comfortable gel and supportive coil for luxurious relaxation and those much needed “catnaps”.

  • A remote-controlled power recliner that comes with a separate remote for the fully adjustable reclining and headrest features.
  • Filled with comfort coil and Gel for luxurious comfort and support.
  • The Catnapper Owen can recline fully into a flat position for comfortable sleeping.
  • Comes fully equipped with a USB Port for charging your electronic devices.

In Conclusion

As you can see having a USB port in your recliner has endless benefits for everyone. These are some excellent brand recliners that offer a few highly sought after models with the addition of a USB port, along with many other superb features.

Index Table: The Best Recliners with USB Ports

1Relaxzen 60-701011M - Rocker Recliner with USB Port
  • Massage
  • Rocking
  • Heating
  • USB Port
2Lifestyle Power - USB Port Recliner
  • Wall-saving
  • Heavy Duty
  • USB Port
3Everette Power Motion - Luxury Recliner with USB Port
  • USB Port
  • Side Arm Storage
  • Adjustable
4Serta Big and Tall - Massage Recliner with USB Port
  • Memory Foam
  • Massage
  • Tall
  • Wide
  • USB Port
5Generic Dylan - Power recliner with USB Port
  • Memory Foam
  • USB Port
6Catnapper Owen - Flat Recline;USB Port;Comfort Gel;Remote Control
  • Gel Fill
  • USB Port
  • Full Recline

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