Best Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa

The reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa is one of the best solutions for your living room or even a study and den.

This Recliner is an elongated sofa type chair that can be used to sit or lie down on, with the functionality of a Recliner.

A superb choice for larger spaces, creating a piece of interest and decorative furniture, as well as something highly functional, and comfortable.

What is the Chaise Lounge Sofa and it’s Origins

Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa - Chaise Lounge Origin

The Chaise Lounge Sofa is basically an upholstered sofa in the shape of a lounge chair, with an elongated shape that is there to offer support for your legs.

A Chaise Lounge or “Chaise Longue” is a Modern French term referring to a long reclining chair, almost similar to a deck chair. This type of chair is traditionally associated with the chair used by Psychotherapists when performing Psychoanalysis or psychotherapy and is still the generalization today.

In Egypt, the Chaise Lounge Reclining Sofa is used as a day bed for taking afternoon naps on, of which the earliest pieces were made from palm sticks lashed together with cord, and upholstered with rawhide. The Ancient Greeks likewise used this piece of furniture as the main item for lounging on, particularly while entertaining guests and having parties. Then we come to the Romans who used the Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa as a chair to relax on in the daytime, and a bed to sleep on at night. For the Victorians the Chaise Lounge was particularly popular and sought after for expecting wives, although as other forms of birth control information and devices came into play, the Chaise Lounge lost its appeal in this particular regard.

As you can see The Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa, in any which form was and is still used by many different countries and cultures for different purposes. The reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa has become a very popular piece of furniture today among all cultures and countries, not just for its aesthetic and decorative appeal, but similarly for its versatile functionality as a comfortable seat, or bed to sleep on.

Pros and Cons of the Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa

The Chaise Lounge Sofa with reclining Functionality can be a superb addition to any home, but here are some advantages and disadvantages of this specific piece of furniture that you should consider;


The Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa is an excellent option if you have some space to spare and are looking for something original, decorative and practical. This Sofa Type gives a much better use to space than having a few separate chairs or sofas.

Given the shape of this type of Recliner you can easily take advantage of those corner areas in your home that is not always as easy to solve when it comes to furnishing.
The Chaise Lounge Sofa with Reclining Function can be used as a decorative piece, a Comfortable seat, or even as a bed to sleep on, whichever way you choose. So in the end if there is one thing about this piece of furniture, it is that it’s extremely VERSATILE


Although Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofas come in different shapes and sizes, in general, they are not the ideal for small spaces and apartments. In the end, you may need quite a bit of space for this piece of furniture, so it is most definitely not for crowded areas.

Some Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofas, although made to function as a bed, are not very comfortable, so I will not recommend that you invest in one of these as a permanent sleeping solution.

Lastly, because of its size, this piece of furniture is very difficult to relocate and move around, so I would suggest, obtaining such an investment when you have a home that you are expecting to stay in for a while, and decide on a space to place it where it can stay.

Features of a Good Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa

reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa - features and charactaristics
  • Strudy and durable, quality construction with a steel or wooden frame.
  • Easy and adjustable recline positions.
  • Durable and comfortable upholstery such as fabric, velvet or leather.
  • Plush cushioning that is comfortable to sit on and lie down on.
  • Decorative details, such as tufted design, Nail-head trim or button details.
  • The right color option for your home décor choice.

Reviews: The Best Available Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofas


The Divano Roma is a gorgeous Mid-Century Modern Styled Sofa that can fully recline into a flat position, doubling up as a sofa bed — exquisitely crafted with velvet tufted fabric upholstery and Nail-head button details, for a gorgeous and timeless piece.

  • Stunning tufted velvet, soft upholstery with nail-head trim detail, available in black, purple, grey and blue color options.
  • A hardwood frame with wooden arms and legs for a classic style and durable quality.
  • Filled with high-density foam for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Fully reclines into a futon for a guest to sleep on.
  • Not too large, so that it will fit well in a small home or apartment, similarly.


Another stunning and elegant, timeless, mid-century modern piece, with velvet upholstery and nailhead trim. The Sofamania Modern is available in a few color options to choose from, and can fully recline to double up as a futon sleeper.

  • Gorgeous velvet upholstery with nail-head trim and wooden legs.
  • Filled with the best quality high-density foam for a plush appearance and cushioned comfort.
  • Ideal for small spaces and living areas, and doubles up into a single bed.
  • Available in black, blue, light grey and red upholstery color options for the perfect fit for your home style and décor.


Looking for something light and comfortable to use outdoors or by the poolside, well look no further. The Toucan Outdoor Deluxe Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair is cool and comfortable, perfect for outdoor use.

  • The sturdy and highly durable Aluminium frame offers excellent support for weight up to 270 lbs.
  • Very easy to clean textile fabric that is both breathable and UV resistant.An ergonomically padded sling seat for maximum comfort and muscle tension relief.
  • Can adjust into several reclining positions for your comfort, and easy transportation and storage.
  • The multi purpose design can serve as an outdoor chair or a flat cot for camping, the beach, and patio.


For a larger space, the Divano Roma Sofa is a full-sized L Shape Sectional Couch with a reclining backrest, Chaise, and full recline Futon sofa. A gorgeous and highly versatile piece with a stunning Mid-Century Modern Style and lovely Nail-head trim.

  • A Mid-Century Modern style sectional sofa, featuring exquisite nail-head trim details available in, Champagne, Black Blue, Purple, Rose Red and Teal color options to suit any home décor and background perfectly.
  • Full recline Capabilities, all seats recline individually, with a detached reversible Chaise.
  • The seats and backrest are filled with High-density Foam, for a plush and luxurious feel.
  • Can recline fully into a very versatile futon bed.


Something stylish and elegant, in button-tufted detail leather, ideal for the office or a small area, and even the bedroom. This spectacular piece offers full recline and a stylish and comfortable place to relax on.

  • Available in rich brown color, leather upholstery with tufted button trimmings.
  • Wooden legs and frame that is sturdy and durable.
  • The Upholstery consists of a Cotton, Polyester, Polyurethane and PVC mix.
  • Cushioned comfort with plush filling.
  • Easy to clean design.


I simply love the versatility and design of this stunning patio range, you can choose a full set for your patio along with your reclining Chaise lounger.

  • Sturdy design with a steel frame and all-weather polyethylene wicker, in a rich espresso brown color.
  • Comfortable and adjustable with the contoured design and reclining seat positions.
  • Soft and plush cushions filled with 4 inches of thick and lofty sponge.
  • You have the option to add chairs, ottoman or even a loveseat to create a full set, or you can go for the Chaise lounge set, for a full set for your patio area.

In The End

As you can see these are some absolutely magnificent designs in both outdoor and indoor Chaise Lounge Sofas with reclining features. I have included different styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your home, all of which are fine quality and well-trusted brands.

Index Table: The Best Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofas

1Divano Roma Modern - Fabric Chaise Lounge Sofa with Reclining Function
  • Nail-head Trim
  • Full Recline
Divano Roma97
2Sofamania Modern - Full Recline Chaise Lounge Sofa
  • Full Recline
  • Nail-head Trim
3Toucan Outdoor Deluxe - Outdoor Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair
  • Sturdy, UV Resistant, Breathable
Toucan Outdoor96
4Divano Roma L-Shape - Sofa with Recline Backrest, Chaise and Lounge
  • Full recline
  • Versatile
Divano Roma96
5BLXCOMUS Indoor - Leather Reclining Chaise Lounge Sofa
  • Leather
  • Tufted Button Detail
  • Reclining Function
6Patiorama Outdoor - Patio Chaise Lounge Sofa with Reclining Function
  • Sturdy
  • Different Options

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