Best Bedroom Recliner

For those of you looking for the ideal recliner to match your bedroom, look no further! This buyer’s guide is here to help you acquire the best bedroom recliner to suit your needs. Read further to find out more about recliner chair buying considerations, benefits and the best recliner chair features of 2018.

Best Bedroom Recliner

Who Benefits from Having a Recliner in the Bedroom?

Many people do! It is rather surprising to want to place a recliner in the bedroom when a lounge or study might make more sense. Not everyone has the luxury of having space in their homes. Bedroom recliners are useful in that they allow you to relax while taking up minimal space. This being said, the rest of the benefits of bedroom recliners are all concentrated around relaxing as much as possible.

Patients with chronic pain or chronic fatigue or post-operative conditions will need a recliner chair to help them rest at ease. Recliners can help keep your stress levels down, which in most cases will improve circulation and our immune systems. For the elderly, a bedroom recliner could be the sole most useful item in the whole house if it comes with a lift or ejection function to help them to stand back up. If your apartment is a single room or you need a reclining bed (and cannot afford it), a bedroom recliner is a solution for you.

Bedroom Recliner Buying Considerations

Consider asking these simple questions before embarking on the journey to finding the right recliner chair for your bedroom. There are many varieties of recliners available that would suit your bedroom, depending on what you need it for.

  1. How Big is Your Bedroom? This seems like an obvious assessment to make before purchasing a recliner for the bedroom, but it is still a common misjudgment people make. Measure the area/s you would like your recliner to possibly live in and make sure you leave enough space for it to recline fully! The dimensions of the recliner are usually specified in the product description.
  2. What Do You Need the Recliner For? The function of the recliner will determine the type of recliner you need. A senior citizen will not need a zero gravity recliner chair to simply watch television, just as much as a young person will likely not need help standing up after reclining. A nursing mom will probably need a recliner rocker armchair, and patients will need recliners that provide full orthotic under the knee, back and head support.
  3. What Size Are You? If the chair is too high or too low, it can cause you to receive leg problems over time. Many recliner chairs also are specially padded to provide proper back support, but if you are too small or large for the chair, the support will be mismatched and may cause back pain.

Best Bedroom Recliner Chair Features

Here we shall have a look at some of the best recliner chair features available currently:

  • Massage – Electronic massage recliner chairs range from cheap vibrating massage recliners to expensive near-robotic roller massage recliner chairs. Either of them will alleviate pressure points and can be a real treat at the end of a long, hard day!
  • Remote Control – Instead of reclining back with a lever or a pull-out handle, recliners have become more sophisticated. You can recline now with the push of a button and often heat the chair up or adjust the angle also that easily.
  • Zero Gravity – Just as the name implies, the recliner assumes a position where you feel as though you are weightless! Zero gravity recliners need the most wall space out of any recliners, however, reclining all the way back until your knees are above your head and in line with your heart. These recliners are excellent at alleviating pressure and stress off of the body, reducing the force of gravity to 0.
  • High Density Foam Padding – High density foam or memory foam tend to make the best padding for recliner chairs. These materials offer the best lumbar support and are used to make medical-grade orthotics all the time.
  • Lift Function – this is a function that has been a lifesaver for many who battle to stand up after sitting down in a recliner chair. Not necessarily reserved for the elderly, but also incredibly useful if you suffer from arthritis, severe obesity, fatigue, cancer and any other fatigue-related chronic lifestyle diseases.

Reviews: Best Bedroom Recliners

Here below is our selection of the best recliners for all different possible uses in the bedroom.

  • This recliner chair is immaculate, comfortable and comes with a sturdy lifetime warranty!
  • Instead of a lever, this chair works using Lafer’s patented easy touch mechanism – just slide your fingers over the dial on the side of the chair to recline.
  • The base is made of a very solid steel and will last you decades.
  • The recliner is upholstered with the best quality top grain leather that you can find available on the market today.
  • The ergonomic design and high-density stuffing make this chair ideal for those seeking the best back support.
  • The chair measures to 40 inches high, 29 inches wide and has a depth of 31.5 to 67 inches (depending if reclined or not).

  • This is a very neat recliner armchair to have in the bedroom, as it includes everything you could possibly want before entering the space age.
  • A remote control operates an 8 point pressure relief vibrate massage with a few programs to select from.
  • Lean back, pulling out the basic recline lever and decide if you would like to heat your back-side or not!
  • This armchair does more than just recline – it can also rotate 360 degrees in the room, and it can rock.
  • Ideal for nursing moms to feed their babies or for those who usually enjoy watching TV in bed.
  • Padded plushly, this recliner will support your back and weight, as well as having an adjustable back-rest for your height.
  • Storage compartments and cup holders adorn either side of the recliner for your convenience while relaxing.

  • This is a very good recliner armchair to buy for an old age home condo or for a person who struggles to stand up from sitting.
  • Choose from up to five vibration massage modes to reduce the pressure on your body.
  • Covered in a smooth PU leather and easy to keep clean.
  • The heating function of this recliner heats the lower back region too, keeping you nice and toasty if you desire.
  • Select the timer to run for 15, 30 or 60 minutes at a time and allow yourself to completely distress.
  • At the push of a button, you can recline yourself or eject yourself safely to a standing position without a hassle.
  • There is a lever mechanism on the side for those who prefer to use it over the remote control.

  • The Dorel Living recliner armchair is a good choice for a bedroom because it will save space.
  • This recliner has thickly stuffed armrests, backrest and leg rest for the most comfortable relax time or nap.
  • By using the remote control, you can decide to heat yourself up or give your back a vibrating massage.
  • The back has been sewn in pads for proper lumbar and back support.
  • The recliner uses a very basic lever mechanism to recline, allowing you to choose when you want to stop reclining very easily.
  • This chair also doubles as a rocker and can be used by nursing mothers to feed their babies.

  • This ultra modern reclining rocker chair is lightweight and can be used anywhere in the house.
  • Working off IKEA design principles, this rocker is incredibly comfortable and soothing to recline in.
  • The chair legs have matting to protect your flooring from any damage or scratches it may incur.
  • The headrest and leg rest are both fully adjustable.
  • The base is made of sturdy Birchwood, which encapsulates an even sturdier metal frame.
  • The reclining rocker chair can hold up to 265 lbs.
  • Comes with a convenient side pocket to store books, snacks or secrets.
  • The modern nuances of the design will lighten any room you place this chair inside!

Comparison Table: The Top Bedroom Recliners

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