Mission Style Recliner

The beautiful craftsmanship incorporated into a mission style recliner always adds a timeless ornate charm into any living interior.

Read further to find out more about what a mission recliner is, where it originated from, what types of mission recliners there are as well as a discussion of a few of their best features.

Mission Style Reclining Chair

What is a Mission Style Recliner Chair?

The term ‘Mission Chair’ originated back to the master craftsmen and designer, William Morris. Originally the term ‘Morris Chair’ was used to describe these ornate Victorian styled recliner chairs.

The classic Victorian design principles founded by William Morris are still present in the chairs today, comprising of high un-upholstered arms with vertical slats and a low seat.

The frame is constructed from a hardwood that was often lacquered to create darker shades of brown and complimented with ornately patterned pillows (Victorian pattern design was what William Morris was famous for).

The backrest of the chair is typically a hinged back, allowing the chair to recline. Earlier models of the Morris chair used a row of pegs, notches, holes or a metal bar latch system to adjust the reclining angle.

These chairs were revolutionary at the time of their invention and have been highly sought after ever since they hit the market in 1866. Since this time, both American and European designers have evolved the Morris chair into modern mission style recliners that are more suited to our era.

Different Types of Mission Style Recliners

Today’s market for mission style recliners has expanded to include the following varieties:

  • Traditional Morris Recliner Chair – The traditional Morris recliner chair has a dark lacquered hardwood frame, high armrests with vertical slats, plush pillows in a low seat and a hinged-back reclining seat. These recliner chairs do not have the leg rest that was only developed in later recliner models.
  • Modern Mission Recliner Chair – The modern mission style recliner has not changed that much from the original Morris chairs. The hardwood frame is often not lacquered and left with beautiful natural wood color, as well as the inclusion of a leg rest that extends out when one reclines. The cushions placed in the recliner can be removable or attached and are upholstered and padded with modern materials such as foam, microfiber and bonded leathers. All other features remain the same as the traditional Morris recliner chair.
  • Mission Style Rocker – Mission style rockers were a quick adaptation of mission style recliners, incorporating the same Victorian design principles into a rocking chair. Many prefer the feel of these ornate rockers and the sturdy construction ensures that they are solid, comfortable and durable.
  • Mission Style Recliner With Ottoman – Another modern adaptation of the Morris chair is a mission style recliner with an ottoman. These recliners do not have leg rests but give more flexibility, allowing you to recline the back of the seat and put your feet up on an ottoman or to use as a seat as you like.

Features of a Good Mission Chairs

Below is a brief discussion of some of the best features of mission style recliner chairs.

  • Removable Pillows – modern mission style recliner chairs often have built-in padding, however, removable pillows are more practical and easier to keep clean. One can also ‘fluff’ them up if they start to sag, unlike the padding in an ordinary recliner chair.
  • Bonded Leather – Bonded leather was not in use until the last few decades and the invention of latex and other synthetic fibers. Bonded leather is waterproof, durable and is convenient for keeping your recliner in tip-top condition.
  • Full Recline – Some mission style recliners allow for infinite positions with a simple lock mechanism. These make for fantastic make-shift beds for guests and can be used to take naps in if you don’t want to move!
  • Pillow Ties – If the pillows on your mission recliner chair are removable, getting a model that has pillow ties is recommended. This will hold the pillows in place and prevent them from sliding around while you recline back in your chair.
  • Timeless Appeal – Certainly the best feature of a mission style recliner chair is its timeless Victorian appeal. These recliners will create a warm homely atmosphere and look especially great in rooms that have wood-paneling.

Reviews: Best Mission Style Recliners

In this section we have reviewed some of the best mission style recliners and rockers available for order online!

  • This mission style recliner chair makes a perfect rustic statement in any wooden interior, adding a lovely modern Victorian twist to the room.
  • Decide at which angle you want to lock into and get into the most comfortable position for you!
  • This mission recliner can recline almost all the way back, making it ideal for an afternoon nap.
  • The back padding is ribbed in all the right places, giving your back the neck and lumbar support it requires.
  • Upholstered in a smooth faux leather that is waterproofed, the chair is easy to keep clean and will stay in great condition.

  • Here is a gorgeously mission styled recliner chair that takes after the Victorian Arts and Crafts Era and the Morris Chair.
  • Covered in the best quality top grain leather available, this mission recliner will last for several generations.
  • Lever-free, the recliner uses a simple lean back mechanism to get to the perfect position – just lean gently on the armrests until comfortable!
  • The light beige coloring will match bright interiors impeccably well, giving your living space a sophisticated Victorian appeal.
  • The backrest is overstuffed for the most comfortable back support one could ask for.

  • This rocker chair has a solidly constructed frame and puts its classic mission style design towards optimal comfort.
  • The armrests are at the perfect height, and the seat is wide and deep enough to ensure that you relax every time you take a seat.
  • The brown cushions are removable and covered in a microfiber fabric that can be spot cleaned easily with a damp cloth.
  • Wide rocking arches at the base of the chair provide a very cathartic rocking motion that will make you never want to get up again!
  • The back pillows are tied to horizontal struts, providing stability and preventing them from slipping around.

  • This mission chair is incredibly trendy, adorning your living room with clear lines presented in a classic Victorian style.
  • The frame is made from solid oak and is highly durable, capable of lasting a lifetime.
  • Slightly bent arms in the design paired with a reclining backrest allow the user to relax entirely while seated.
  • The pillows are covered in stain-resistant microfiber and are padded with inner springs for ultimate comfort.
  • A matching ottoman completes the look off and gives you the option of whether you want to put your feet up or not.

  • This mission rocking chair is based on rockers that are older than William Morris’s time, incorporating beautiful lines and dark leather.
  • A wide seat and rocking arch ensures optimal comfort as you rock back and forth in this mission chair.
  • Can be used anywhere in the room and is able to rotate 360 degrees, doubling as a swivel rocker chair.
  • The dark wood finish and black leather will add a gorgeous Gothic Victorian enhancement to your living space.
  • The chair is cost-effective, and any part can be replaced by the manufacturers directly, allowing you to keep it in prime condition indefinitely.


This is an exquisite piece featuring a Recliner with an additional Ottoman in a Cherry wood frame finish, upholstered in soft and durable Microfiber.

  • A glider and recliner in one, with full recline potential as well as comfortable rocking motion.
  • The frame and armrests are made out of luxury Cherry wood in rich brown color.
  • Wide and roomy seating with thick cushioned pads and a supportive innerspring.
  • Upholstered in highly durable, soft and stain resistant Microfiber in a light beige color that looks clean and neutral.


The Epitome of the Mission Style recliner, in a Solid Oak frame with rich brown leather upholstery seating and backing, you cannot go wrong with the HomeCreek.

  • The frame is made from a solid oak wood ensuring durability and a classic and elegant appeal.
  • The slated wooden arms create a unique and classic looking finish that you can complete with coordinating pieces.
  • Thick padded seat and back, with a padded retractable footrest and soft and durable leather upholstery in stunning brown color.
  • Comfortable and smooth reclining mechanism.
  • Finished in the traditional Mission style.


An elegant and sleek designed Rocking recliner with a slight Mission style, available in many colors and design options to choose from.

  • Features a five-way adjustable footrest and recline positions.
  • The cover is made from very high-quality U leather and available in many color options.
  • There is a side storage pocket to keep small items in.
  • Mats on the bottom of the chair legs prevent damage to your floors.
  • A stable and sturdy frame with a stunning birch wood construction.

Index Table: Top Rated Mission Style Recliners

1Ashley Furniture Design ‘Santa Fe’ Recliner - Press Back Mission Style Recliner Chair
  • Bonded Leather
  • Full Recline
Ashley Furniture Design96
2BarcaLounger Mission Style Leather Recliner - Victorian Arts & Craft Era Recliner
  • Overstuffed Back Pads
  • 100% Top Grain Leather
3Alfred Zahn Ltd Mission Rocker - Belham Remington Mission Style Rocker Chair
  • Pillow Ties
  • Durable Frame
Alfred Zahn Ltd98
4HomeHills Mission Recliner & Ottoman - Microfiber Cover Mission Styled Chair
  • Inner Spring Cushions
  • Padded Ottoman
5Coaster Home Furnishings Mission Rocker - Elegant Mission Style Rocking Chair
  • Firm Support
  • Wide Seat
Coaster Home Furnishings95
6Artiva USA Home Deluxe - Rocking Recliner and Ottoman in Mission Style
  • Glider
  • Ottoman
  • Wide Seat
Artiva USA98
7HomeCreek Solid Oak - Comfortable Recline Chair in Mission Style
  • Solid Oak Frame
  • Leather Upholstery
8Haotian relax - Modern Mission Style Rocking Recliner
  • Rocking
  • Recline
  • Storage Pockets

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