The Best Ergonomic Recliners

Does your neck or back give you unprecedented aches and pains every single day?

There is probably something wrong with the way you posture yourself, and it needn’t be because of how you like to stand.

This article is here to help you understand more about what you can do to help alleviate back pain and keep that posture happy and healthy with the right ergonomic reclining chair.

Best Ergonomic Recliners

Why is Correct Posture Critical to My Health?

When we sit at odd angles often or frequently stand with incorrect posture, we are informing our bodies of how we wish them to stand naturally.

Our bodies will then begin to develop muscles and adapt to these strange positions, much like it does when we teach ourselves how to play a new sport or instrument.

However, when our bodies compensate for these positions where our spinal column is no longer straight, our muscles begin to form strangely, often causing stiffness on one or both sides of the spine.

Prolonged incorrect posture like this can lead to back, neck and hip pain if we are not careful.

The spine can also easily dislocate itself or create a slipped disc (also known as a herniated disc).

When stiffness occurs in our necks from craning our necks at odd angles, it can also block off oxygen to the brain, which leads to symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, fatigue, stress and less clarity of mind.

Furthermore, this stiffness can lead to terrifying complications such as fibromyalgia or scoliosis!
To prevent these symptoms, it’s imperative to keep a good healthy posture.

How To Alleviate Immediate Back Pain

If the above depiction sounds like you and your back or neck is in pain, there are a few things you can do to help yourself immediately:

  1. Take Anti-Inflammatory Medication or Pain Killers – before resorting to this, however, make sure you are not already taking contradictory medication. For those with chronic conditions, consult with a medical practitioner first.
  2. Immerse Yourself In a Green Tea Bath – Green Tea is a potent anti-inflammatory that can be of use to those suffering from swelling or back pain. It will not cure your symptoms, but it can reduce the pain momentarily, perhaps enough to allow one to sleep unless one has a serious condition such as scoliosis.
  3. Apply Some Arnica Gel – Arnica Gel is a potent anti-inflammatory, and after some exciting tingling sensations, it can release you from your immediate pain! However, it will not cure you and should not be used all the time to mask the pain without having the actual problem tended to.
  4. Practise Good Posture – ultimately you need to have a good posture and re-educate your body as to how it should be standing. This is easier said than done, which is why orthotics such as ergonomic recliner chairs can help.
  5. Invest in Ergonomic Furnishings – Orthotics such as ergonomic recliner chairs, memory foam mattresses, orthopedic insoles and even down to the right car seat pillows will help you to keep a good posture and alleviate pressure off the back and neck.
  6. See A Masseuse Or Chiropractor – You may need a little bit of help to get your spine straight, depending on the severity of your back pains and condition. A masseuse is likely all someone with mild symptoms needs, but in some cases, a chiropractor is required to help re-align the back.

Features of a Good Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Ergonomic recliners are one of the nicest ways to relax at home, take the pressure off the back and help you maintain an excellent posture. Here are some of the best features of the best ergonomic recliners available on the market.

  • Padded Lumbar Support – If the back of the recliner is contoured and shaped, it will likely hold your back in perfect alignment. The more segment in the recliner, usually the better.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam conforms to your precise shape, alleviating pressure points on your back by helping you to keep a straight posture. In this case, no contoured pads are alright, as memory foam provides full body support when you sit back into it.
  • Zero Gravity – zero gravity position allows you to recline back 170 degrees, raising your knees slightly above your head and in line with your heart. This also takes a lot of pressure off your entire body and imparts a feeling of weightlessness. If you suffer from high blood pressure, tension, stress or bad posture, then this feature can greatly help improve upon your symptoms by enhancing blood flow and reducing stress.
  • Heated Massage – Doesn’t the idea of reclining back into a heated chair sound great? Add a little massage to that, and you won’t need to pay a professional to get the pain relief you need. Some recliners come with the option of rollers to knead into your back, and others just have a simple vibrate massage function. Both of them feel fantastic!
  • Independantly Adjustable Head Rest – this allows full flexibility for how you want to recline in the recliner chair. It also often means that the chair has a dual motor system or is powered by two independent motors. With this feature, you get to choose what the best position is for you, as opposed to choosing from a selection of pre-programmed positions.

  • Reviews: The Best Ergonomic Recliners

    Down below lies our selection of the best ergonomic recliner chairs we could source online.

    • The cozzia power zero gravity power recliner chair is a favourite chair featured on our site for several good reasons!
    • The base is made of a solid, sturdy beechwood which will last for many years.
    • The chair is covered in stylish, easy-to-clean bonded leather which covers thick padded segments of premium high-density foam.
    • At the push of a single button, recline back into zero gravity position or select your favorite intensity for a heated massage.
    • Since this is a power recliner, you can adjust the headrest and leg rest independently, allowing you to rest in any position of preference.

    • This premium Norwegian leatherback recliner chair was crafted from a combination of the finest quality woods for long lasting effect.
    • Fully adjustable, the headrest can be lowered or lifted depending on where you like it.
    • The leg rest is an ottoman that can be moved any way you like or left to the side to make the most comfortable ergonomic office chair.
    • This chair is upholstered in the most excellent quality top grain leather for a smooth, luxurious feel.
    • Each section of the chair is ergonomically padded for Posturpedic perfection and ultimate back support.
    • This recliner chair uses a simple knob to adjust the backrest to recline at any angle you so desire and can swivel round in a full circle.

    • This chair is the best ergonomic office chair, designed to perfectly support your posture while at the office desk.
    • The back and lumbar pads are double stuffed with the best high-density foam for maximized comfort.
    • Take a nap during your work break by simply reclining in the chair, allowing all the pressure to fade away for a while.
    • The base of the chair is conveniently on wheels and swivels round full circle.
    • Pneumatically powered, this chair can recline back at a 45-degree angle or be lifted up and down.
    • The fully adjustable arm rests are stuffed to support you better while at work.
    • Ideal for office use, gaming or sitting at the computer in a comfortable manner.
    • Can only handle a weight of up to 250 pounds.

    • The Admiral Recliner Chair from the Fjords Collection has been designed to catch your weight, allowing your body to determine how far back it reclines.
    • Layered with cold cure molded foam, the seat is incredibly comfortable and will have you sinking into it in a matter of seconds.
    • The frame is made from cherry wood and constructed in a stylish C shape.
    • Reclining back in this recliner is healthy for your blood circulation and will alleviate pressure off your back in a way unique to your body type.
    • The padding retains its shape for longer than standard recliner chairs, as Fjords uses a secret method to retain quality for years to come.
    • Covered in high-quality genuine leather.

    • This trendy recliner chair is made from one long piece of body contouring foam, ergonomically designed to capture the weight of your entire body.
    • The footrest is retractable, allowing it to look like a snazzy office chair or become a full recliner in a matter of seconds.
    • Covered in the best full grain leather for an amazingly smooth texture sensation.
    • The base is slip-proof and allows you to swivel in a full circle.
    • The headrest is fully adjustable, and the arms dip lower when you recline in the chair.
    • Designed ergonomically for the best back support results.


    A Norwegian brand covered in durable and deluxe genuine Mustang leather, the Fjords Mustang offers durability, comfort and excellent ergonomic support.

    • Genuine leather upholstery on the recliner and ottoman.
    • Ergonomic design with guarantees continual support and comfort for your entire body.
    • Improves blood circulation, prevents back pain and leg fatigue.
    • Cold Cure molded foam is used in the seat, back, armrests and ottoman, which can retain its form for much longer even with heavy use.
    • Unique gliding mountings in the chair offer superior individual resting positions to choose from.
    • Available in many colors both neutral and bold colourful options.


    A stunning ergonomic recliner with a therapeutic design, to offer you the best available comfortable support for your entire body.

    The Oslo Mac Motion is a fully adjustable recliner that comes fully equipped with an ottoman to rest your feet and legs on.

    • Beautifully finished in a sand color genuine leather upholstery with a walnut finish, a neutral design to blend in perfectly with any background décor.
    • Has a Supportive backrest with an additional pillow top.
    • This chair can swivel up to 360 degrees for free movement.
    • Very good lumbar support.
    • A durable, ergonomically designed chair with recline function, that will stand the test of time.


    The Suncoo Massage recliner has an ergonomic design and provides you with a luxury and therapeutic massage while you relax, to ease all the tension of the day.

    • Eight massage nodes to choose from to ease and soothe your back, legs and lumbar area.
    • Adjustable headrest and back cushion for an impeccable fit.
    • Very useful cup holders.
    • Smooth and natural manual reclining operation.
    • A 360-degree swivel angle.
    • Lovely heating system for sore, aching muscles.
    • Upholstered in durable and flawless leather.


    The Vitesse is a comfortable gaming and office recliner with an ergonomic comfort and support design.

    • A gaming style recliner with a built-in headrest and Cool Lumbar Support.
    • Skin friendly PU leather upholstery.
    • A protective footpad.
    • Ergonomic soft headrest and lumbar support along with adjustable recline positions.


    There is no chair more ergonomic good for your health that the Human Touch perfect chair with its elegant design and Zero gravity recline positions.

    • PRO Zero recline mode for a range of motion of recline and elevated positions beyond zero gravity.
    • Excellent ergonomical design for full body support.
    • Memory foam comfort armrests.
    • A memory control panel for memory settings.


    The ComaHoma Leather recliner has an ergonomic design, along with massaging, heating and swivel functions for further comfort and relaxation.

    • Comfortably padded and upholstered in durable and smooth leather.
    • A high-quality push-back recline design.
    • Ergonomic shape and design with 360-degree swivel function, as well as heating and massaging functions.
    • Additional drink holders and a highly durable frame.

    Summary Table: The Top Ergonomic Recliners

    1Cozzia Zero Gravity Power Recliner - Ergonomic Black Leather Recliner Chair
    • One Touch Zero Gravity Button
    • Black Bonded Leather
    2Oslo Collection Ergonomic Recliner Chair - Premium Swivel Recliner With Ottoman
    • Fully Adjustable
    • 360 Degree Swivel
    Oslo Collection97
    3Viva Office Sporty Reclining Chair - Bonded Leather Sporty Ergonomic Office Chair
    • Recliner Chair on Wheels
    • Double Padded Seating
    Viva Office96
    4Fjords Admiral Recliner Chair - Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman
    • Cold Cure Molded Foam
    • Reclines By Body Weight
    5Lafer Kiri Recliner Chair - Ergonomic Modern Swivel Recliner Chair
    • Retractable Foot Rest
    • Full 180 degree Recline
    6Fjords Mustang - Norwegian Ergonomic Recliner
    • Genuine Leather
    • Foam Seat
    • Ottoman
    • Natural Recline
    7Oslo Mac Motion - Ergonomic Design Recliner Chair
    • Therapeutic Design
    • Adjustable Recline
    • Ottoman
    8Suncoo Massage - Therapeutic Ergonomic Recliner
    • Heating
    • Massage
    • Swivel
    • Cup Holder
    9Waleaf Vitesse - Ergonomic Gaming Recliner
    • Ergonomic
    • Theater Seat
    • Storage Pockets
    10Human Touch Perfect Chair - Full reclining Zero Gravity Chair
    • Zero Gravity
    • Full Recline
    • Memory Settings
    Human Touch97
    11ComHoma Leather - Ergonomic Comfort Recliner
    • Rocker
    • Heated
    • Ergonomic Shape
    • Back Support
    • 360 Degree Swivel
    • Massage

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