Small Recliners for Bedroom

If you live in a very cramped apartment or have a bedridden relative, it can be a very good idea to purchase a small recliner for the bedroom. In this recliner buyer’s guide, we will be focusing on small recliner buying considerations, different recliner functions, and the best bedroom recliner features.

Small Recliners for Bedroom

Small Recliner Buying Considerations

When on the hunt for the perfect recliner chair to fit into your bedroom, it’s useful to take a few things into consideration first.

  • Available Room Space – make sure to consider the dimensions of the bedroom and the recliner chair carefully, especially if you live in a tiny apartment or intend to put the recliner in a tight spot. On average, a recliner needs 8-12 inches to recline fully, yet space saving recliners are available that only need as little as 4-8 inches.
  • Recliner Height – if your height does not match the height of the recliner, you may develop back problems! It’s important to know your body proportions as well as the recliners proportions. Make sure your legs and your head will both be fully supported.
  • Materials – recliner materials tell a lot about the integrity and durability of a recliner chair. The best materials are usually either stainless steel or any hardwood for the base. Bonded leather is easy to keep clean, which can prevent wear and tear. The most durable upholstery is top grain leather, however.

Different Types of Small Recliners

Knowing what you need a recliner for can help you to decide on a type of recliner to buy.

  • Club Chair Recliners – club chairs are very small recliners which are a favorite interior decorating choice. These are usually very petite recliners, ideal for small people.
  • Recliners with Ottomans – a recliner with an ottoman is advantageous because the ottoman can act as a leg rest at any seat in the whole house. It also means that the recliner is fully adjustable.
  • Armchair Recliners – armchair recliners are exceptionally comfortable, perfect for watching television in or just relaxing after a long day.
  • Wall Hugger Recliners – wall hugging recliner chairs save space and need less space (4-8 inches) to recline in than ordinary recliners (8-12 inches).
  • Lift Recliners – senior citizens and those recovering from an operation may enjoy a helping hand to stand up on their feet. A lift recliner helps by gently ejecting the sitter to a standing position.
  • Gliders / Nursery Recliners – Modern day nursery recliners and gliders move along a track that is parallel to the ground, making a linear rocking motion. This motion is soothing to infants that need to feed, be burped or fall asleep.
  • Rocker Recliners – rocker recliners move in the traditional arch motion of a rocking chair.

The Best Small Recliner Features for the Bedroom

These best bedroom recliner features will add superior comfort and additional quality to your bedroom recliner.

  • Heat – if you live in a cold climate or have swelling in your abdominal area, a heated recliner is a very good option. Lay back and enjoy heating your backside.
  • Massage – some bedroom recliners come with a massage option. Entry level massage recliners use a basic pressure alleviation vibration massage, targeting pressure points on the back with a gentle buzz.
  • Full Leg Support – it’s important the recliner supports your full leg, or you may experience knee pain. A recliner is always more comfortable with adequate leg support.
  • Top Grain Leather – this is the most reliable, most durable form of leather, and it also happens to make the best recliner chair upholstery. Top grain leather does not break easily or give in to wear and tear. It’s easy to wipe clean too!
  • Fully Adjustable – To get as comfortable as possible, you should invest in a recliner that lets you adjust the head and leg rest to the position you enjoy the most.

Reviews: Small Bedroom Recliners

Here are some of the best small bedroom recliners available. Make sure to have a look before making your next purchase!

  • This quaint chic style recliner club chair will improve the quality of any living space it’s used in.
  • There is no lever or button to recline the chair – all you have to do is lean back into it to recline it.
  • Save a lot of space in your bedroom with this recliner chair, which needs very little space to recline.
  • The seat provides a medium firm back and lumbar support.
  • The frame is made from dark hardwood, and the recliner is upholstered in a suede leather for a soft, smooth feel.

  • Here is a swivel recliner chair that would do well in a medium sized bedroom, offering superior comfort and perfect lumbar support.
  • The base can rotate 360 degrees, making it a great office chair or a chair to sit back and enjoy the view out the window.
  • The ottoman can be used to lift your legs up or moved out the room to make space and be used on other chairs.
  • The entire chair has been designed in ergonomically padded segments, each stuffed to keep a great posture and alleviate back pressure.
  • The base is made from luxurious mahogany, and the recliner is upholstered in good quality leather.

  • This sophisticated small bedroom recliner doubles as a fantastic office chair, nap time friend or TV companion.
  • Adjust the headrest to any angle you need, whether you intend to recline the full 170 degrees or read a good book.
  • The leg rest retracts when not in use, folding snugly underneath the base of the seat.
  • The retractable leg rest makes this a fabulous desk chair if you are in need of a dual function recliner chair.
  • The base can rotate in a full circle, allowing you to view any direction of your choice in the room.
  • Covered in the best quality full grain leather and built on a steel base, this small bedroom recliner will last you for many years to come.

  • Catnapper is a popular family owned brand that has strived for recliner armchair excellence for over 50 years.
  • This recliner for the bedroom is ultra plush with ergonomic ribbing in the back and leg rests.
  • A simple lever mechanism allows you to recline back and watch television or nap with ease.
  • The recliner chair rocks, swivels, and reclines back fully!
  • This chair is made of both hardwood and stainless steel, allowing it to last a very long time.
  • Upholstered in a very soft, warm fabric, this recliner is ideal for those who live in cold places or who do not enjoy the feel of leather.
  • The weight capacity of this recliner chair is 300 lbs.

  • This is an optimal wall hugger recliner armchair, only requiring 4 inches of wall space to gently recline back.
  • The seating of this armchair conceals inner springs that have been individually wrapped in foam cushioning!
  • Sink into the comfort of the quilted overstuffed padding as you recline back and watch your favorite movie.
  • The upholstery consists of polyester microfiber, making it convenient to spot clean as well as soft to sit upon.
  • Ideal for a small bedroom or apartment.
  • Constructed from a stainless steel base, the manufacturers designed this bedroom recliner for comfort, durability, and stability.

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