Power Lift Recliners

Need a recliner that helps you get up?

Opt for a power lift recliner!

Below we explain the differences between a power lift recliner and a normal one, considerations to make before purchase as well as describing some of these recliner’s best features.

Merax Power Recliner and Lift Chair

What Makes a Power Lift Recliner Better?

If you are looking for the ultimate lift recliner, then you have likely heard of both lift recliners as well as power lift recliners.

– but what’s the difference?

A lift recliner is a reclining chair which can eject the occupant at the push of a button.
They are commonly purchased for senior citizens, those who are weak due to post-operative recovery and anyone who battles to stand from a seated position in general.

A power lift recliner is the same, but better!

Instead of having just one motor that controls both the head and foot rests, a power recliner has two motors.

This dual motor capacity allows the user to independently adjust the headrest or the leg rest and create infinitely different positions.

This is especially important for anyone who battles to get comfortable and who needs full control over the support they get from their recliner.

Power Lift Recliner Buying Precautions

Before going all out on a snazzy power lift recliner chair, please take a look at the below-buying precautions. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Batteries – Both lift and power lift recliners are powered by electricity. That means that if there is a power outage and someone is in the chair, they may have an unfortunate accident. Luckily many of these recliners have backup batteries or are battery powered in the first place. If this is a cause for concern for you, then try to find one that works using a rechargeable battery.
  2. Chair Dimensions – Many make the mistake of buying a recliner because it looks good, forgetting to look at the dimensions first! You will want to ensure that the recliner is big enough for you. Furthermore, the closer the recliner is to a perfect fit for your height and shape, the less trouble you will have with getting comfortable.
  3. Delivery & Installation – This is important to note if you are buying a lift recliner for your grandmother or somebody who can’t lift and install the recliner themselves. Many recliner manufacturers only do curbside delivery, and most of them will expect you to set it up yourselves. If the person you’re buying the recliner for can’t get help to set it up, you may want to make a special arrangement beforehand.

Features of a Good Power Lift Recliner Chair

Now a quick list of features that will make your power lift recliner chair exceptionally luxurious!

  • Heat – If you live in a place that snows, then get a recliner with heat as a function. At the push of a button, you can have the recliner warm you up right away!
  • Massage – A lot of recliners have built-in massages these days, giving you the option to truly ease back into the recliner and fully relax.
  • Storage – For those of you who often have 5 gadgets out, magazines, snacks or perhaps your grandma’s knitting, storage compartments are a great way to remove the clutter.
  • Lumbar Support – Without lumbar support, you will likely get back pain very quickly. When a recliner has back support, on the other hand, it makes a world of difference, spiking your comfort levels through the ceiling!
  • Full Leg Rest – Not all recliners support the whole leg, which can become uncomfortable, particularly if you wish to remain reclined for long periods. This is where a full leg rest truly counts, allowing you to comfortably put your feet up for longer!

Reviews: Top Power Lift Recliners

Here is a fabulous selection of power lift recliners, here to make living comfortably as easy as possible!

  • This recliner chair was designed to help elderly citizens of all ability levels, containing a very powerful lift mechanism.
  • Upholstered in premium quality bonded leather, this recliner is spill resistant and easy to keep clean.
  • The remote control has several functions, including heat, massage, and options which allow you to adjust the back and foot rest any way you want.
  • The remote also is attached to the recliner via a cable, making it very difficult to misplace.
  • Storage compartments down the side make it ideal for storing snacks, books, magazines or knitting needles.

  • Signature Furniture Design by Ashley has a wide range of some of the best home recliners, including this ultra plush dual motor lift recliner.
  • Choose any position you want, operating the head and leg rests separately from one another.
  • The recliner has a potent lift mechanism and comes included with a backup battery in case of power outages.
  • The spacious design and generous lumbar support all work together to bring you an exceedingly comfortable armchair.
  • Covered in a soft and breathable polyester fabric, the recliner covering is stain resistant and will last for a long time.

  • Relax back into this recliner chair and choose any position that makes you feel incredibly comfortable by adjusting either the head or leg rests.
  • The triple lumbar support system is made all the plusher by the combination of high density and soft foams used.
  • The recliner supports anyone up to 330lbs and has a powerful lift function, making it ideal for those who battle to stand.
  • The arm rests are stuffed with a soft polyester fiber filling and made to emulate pillows for your comfort.
  • The leg rest extends all the way, allowing you to remain reclined for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable.

  • This recliner is a budget friendly power lift recliner, operated by two silent motors which allow you to choose from any positions you desire.
  • Upholstered in smooth faux leather, padded with superior back support foam and held up by a steel frame, this chair will last you for many years to come.
  • Ideal for relaxing in your living room, the recliner has a large storage pocket and is controlled by remote control.
  • Adequate lumbar support keeps your spine in a good posture, no matter whether you are sitting up or leaning back.
  • Ideal for those who have difficulty standing up, the recliner will lift you to a standing position at the push of a button.

  • If you are looking for the best power lift recliner that still rests in an affordable price range, look no further!
  • This power lift recliner allows you to recline all the way back, adjusting the head and legs however you please.
  • Choose between 5 modes of massage which focus primarily on the legs, upper and lower back regions of the body.
  • Heat your backside in the heart of winter and stay reclined for hours, knowing that the chair will lift you back up if you need it to.
  • This recliner comes with multiple storage pockets, including two drink holders and a pocket just for the remote controls.


An Ultimate Power Lifting Reclining chair that likewise offers you infinite zero gravity recline positions.

  • Infinite Zero Gravity Positions.
  • A Power lifting function.
  • There are dual motors controlling the footrest independently.
  • A USB charging port and side storage pockets.


The Cozzia Lay Flat Mobility Recliner has a Power Lifting Function as well as zero gravity reclinie positions.

  • Enjoy comfort at any angle with tha adjustable headrest.
  • Independent Back and footrest with siz pre-set position options into lay flat and zero gravity as well as massaging and heating functions.
  • Power Lifting function to aid with immobility.


Enjoy the comfort of a Lifting Chair in a stylish high density sponge recliner with additional cup holders and storage compartments.

  • Upholstered in high quality recycled leather with dense sponge for comfort.
  • Wear resistant, breathable and odor fre.
  • Features a storage side pocket and handy cup holders.
  • Easy lifting with a button remote control.
  • Smootrh and qujiet recline and lifting mechanism.

Index Table: Best Power Lift Recliners

1Seven Oaks Power Lift Recliner - Power Lift Recliner for Seniors
  • Heated Massage
  • Spill Resistant
Seven Oaks96
2Ashley Furniture Design Dual Motor Recliner - Dual Motor Lift Recliner Chair
  • Very Spacious
  • Backup Battery
Ashley Furniture Design98
3Merax Power Lift Recliner - Reclining Power Lift Leather Armchair
  • Storage Pockets
  • Infinite Positions
4Madison Home Living Room Recliner - Smooth Power Lift Recliner Sofa
  • Full Recline
  • Silent Motors
Madison Home96
5U-MAX Ultimate Lift Recliner - Ultimate Power Lift Recliner Armchair
  • Multiple Storage Options
  • Heated Massage
6Windmere NM-101 - Infinite Position Power Lift Recliner
  • Full Recline
  • Zero Gravity
  • Power Lifting
7Cozzia MC-520 - Lay Flat Power Lifting Chair
  • Full Recline
  • Heat
  • Massage
  • Power Lift
  • Zero Gravity
8Space Wagon Electrical - Power Lift Chair
  • Cup Holders
  • Power Lift
Space Wagon97

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