Cuddler Recliner

A cuddler recliner is one of the best recliner choices you could make. Having one of these in the home is worth every penny in comfort! Read further for info on why you should have a cuddler recliner, materials, designs, their best features, as well as a review of the best cuddler recliners available.

Cuddler Recliner

4 Good Reasons to Indulge in a Large Cuddler Recliner

A large plush cuddler recliner is exceptionally comfortable and offers more of a variety of positions to the user than a standard recliner. If any of the below points apply to you, then a cuddler recliner will make the best fit for your home!

  1. Kids & Family – A cuddler recliner is perfect if you are raising young kids or have a big family. These comfy additions to the living room will allow your kids to sit next to you or one another while watching a movie on family movie night!
  2. Partners – Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, a cuddler recliner is a great idea for being able to sit intimately with your lover. Make your next date night or movie marathon more memorable by being able to cuddle him or her in an extra large reclining armchair.
  3. Pet Owners – Many recliners are not wide enough to accommodate pet owners with their furry companions; although not a cuddler recliner! Allow your dogs or cats to have a seat next to you as you enjoy your favorite show or simply relax back after a long day.
  4. Big or Small Bodied Individuals – A cuddler recliner is the best choice for somebody who has a large profile, as they will easily accommodate any size. However, being small is no reason to skip out on the fun either and just allows you to lay back in more positions. Drape yourself over the armrests or recline to have a nap if you like!

Cosy Cuddler Recliner Designs & Materials

Cuddler recliner designs have evolved over the last few years to maximise on comfort. The padding in the armrests and the backrests are often overstuffed, making a plush environment to lean back into. The seat is naturally extra wide to allow for more than one person to sit. Some cuddler recliner manufacturers have extended the leg rest out to the corners of the recliner to give more leg room too, as well as making the foot rest longer. All of these modifications make for the best cuddling!

Here we have a brief breakdown of the best cuddler recliner materials:

  • Foam Padding – Foam has become the most popular stuffing for recliners and for good reason: foam is incredibly comfortable! Look for memory foam or soft foam backed with high-density foam.
  • Hardwood or Stainless Steel – The base of a cuddler recliner should be made from a sturdy material so that it can support the weight of two and last for years to come. Hardwoods like pine or oak and stainless steel are the best options you can opt for.
  • Leather or Microfiber – Leather has traditionally been used for upholstery and is still by far the best. The thicker the leather is, the better the quality and the longer it will last. Suede leather is softer, while bonded leather is easier to clean, being waterproofed with latex. Microfibers were developed later for softer textures, which increases comfort. These synthetic materials are often stain resistant and can be removed to be washed.

Best Cuddler Recliner Features

A few of the best features found in cuddler recliners are listed below.

  1. Cuddler Recliner Bed – For a full cuddling experience, some cuddler recliners have very long seats that extend to look like miniature beds with a reclining sofa back rest attached. You can bet these are far more comfortable and allow for the best cuddling!
  2. Full Recline – A cuddler recliner that can recline back fully will make a great guest bed or place for a nap.
  3. Heat – Imagine cuddling up on a chill evening and pushing a button for added heat. Take the chill out in an instant!
  4. Rocker Reclining – Rocking in your cuddler recliner is soothing and reduces stress, especially for kids.
  5. Innersprings – To make the padding in the recliner more comfortable, look for individually wrapped coils. These are able to hold your shape better, provide better support and improve relaxation all round.

Reviews: The Top Cuddler Recliners

The best cuddler recliners have been reviewed below to make your purchase easier for you!

  • True to old recliner design principles, this plush snuggler recliner will look fantastic in any living room interior!
  • The headrest and arm pads have been overly stuffed to ensure that the family makes the most out of this reclining armchair.
  • Crafted immaculately with a soft-to-the-touch microfiber fabric, foam padding and traditional pinned up arms.
  • Built on a sturdy frame that is made to last for decades of sublime comfort and relaxation.
  • Includes two free pillows that have been covered in a beautiful floral design, adding a modern sophistication to the overall look.

  • Ashley Furniture Design is one of the best companies dedicated to making the most comfortable oversized recliner chairs possible.
  • The padding of this recliner is made from a high-quality foam wrapped in a soft poly fiber, encouraging back support and optimal comfort.
  • The corner-blocked frame gives more leg room and space to lay back and enjoy the recliner in the way you desire the most.
  • Simply pull the tab on the side to smoothly glide back into your favorite position, letting go to lock the chair at the angle you’re most comfortable at.
  • Designed in a stylish neutral colored microfiber that is easy to clean on top of being stain resilient.

  • This cuddler recliner from the US-based company Simmons is equipped with a full recline that will feel as comfortable as your bed!
  • The padding has been reinforced with hybrid innerspring coils which have been pocketed individually for a silent, comfortable seating arrangement.
  • An extra-wide seat and plush lumbar support make this recliner ideal for cuddling or for fully relaxing on your own.
  • The stainless steel rocker base is guaranteed to last and can swivel 360 degrees, giving you full freedom for where to place this recliner in the room.
  • Covered in a soft bonded leather for comfort and easy maintenance.

  • This unique recliner was built purely for cuddling, resembling the shape of a half bed attached to a recliner chair back!
  • The backrest and arm pads have been made for supreme comfort, cushioning you as you recline back to your favorite angle.
  • The seat is at least four times the length of traditional recliner seating, as well as being extra wide, making sure you can cuddle up comfortably.
  • Upholstered in a divine neutral cream microfiber, the recliner will not only look fabulous in your home but is easy to clean as well!
  • The recliner chair arrives fully assembled, making it easier for you to install in your home.

  • This neutral Earthy cuddler recliner is built for superior comfort and style in a family setup.
  • Made to save space, this recliner is wall hugging and will recline away from the wall without needing any space between itself and the wall.
  • The thickly cushioned armrests compliment the supportive lumbar support in the backrest to give the impression of ultimate comfort.
  • Covered in a soft suede fabric that has been tested and certified for durability and wearability.
  • The seat of this cuddler is wider than usual and provides a corner blocked leg rest so that you can spaciously cuddle up.

Index Table: Best Cuddler Recliners

1Lane Snuggler Recliner - Oversized Reclining Armchair for Snuggling
  • 2x Free Pillows
  • Stylish Design
2Ashley Furniture Design Cuddler Recliner - Extra Wide Cuddler Recliner
  • Pull-Tab Recline Motion
  • Corner Blocked Frame
Ashley Furniture Design97
3Simmons Coiled Cuddler Recliner - Innerspring Hybrid Cuddler Recliner Chair
  • Reinforced Steel Frame
  • Full Recline
4Ashley Furniture Design Long Cuddler Chair - Extra Long & Wide Cuddler Recliner
  • Full Edge Leg Rest
  • Half Bed Recliner
Ashley Furniture Design98
5Ashley Furniture Design Power Cuddler - Double Wide Wall Hugger Cuddler Recliner
  • Wall Hugging
  • Power Recline
Ashley Furniture Design97

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