The Health Benefits of a Recliner

There are many ways in which the right choice of recliner can enhance your health and well being, and similarly improve health issues.

At the end of the day, your recliner should be a piece of furniture of supreme comfort and support, for you to relax and unwind in, after a long day.

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What About a Recliner Makes it so Comfortable and Supportive

The height of the recliner will affect how easily you can get in and out of the chair, whereas the depth will provide you will full support along your thighs and for your back.

Good firm cushioning ensures that the pressure of your body is supported all across the contact points, and the shape of the recliner ensures proper body support by tracing the contours of the body.
When you are relaxing in a comfortable, and supportive space, it will not only improve your health but also relieve stress.

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Pregnant women suffer much discomfort, particularly during their last trimester, thus a comfortable recliner can provide relief from pregnancy ailments such as, swollen ankles, back pain, achy joints and the general feeling of heaviness.

A good recliner will aid in improving circulation when you have your feet up and by relieving aches and pains in the joints. Back and neck pain sufferers may also find relief, particularly in a heated and massaging recliner.
Apart from this, a comfortable recliner will also provide a feeling of warmth, and enhance relaxation in improving sleeping habits.

Health Advantages of Sleeping in Your Recliner

You may have thought the contrary, but sleeping in your recliner could essentially be good for you;

  • Improves Circulation – Putting your feet in an elevated position, above your heart level, reduces stress and inflammation by jumpstarting your body’s circulatory process. This, in turn, helps you to recover from daily fatigue, aches, and pains.

  • Back and Neck Pain relief – By reclining, and elevating your feet, pressure on your spine is removed allowing your muscles to relax and rest. The heating mechanism is some recliner models, also provide tremendous pain relief and stimulation.

  • Easier Breathing – When you are sleeping on your recliner, in a reclined and elevated position, this, henceforth, causes your diaphragm to open up, resulting in easier breathing patterns. This specific position has proven to relieve breathing-related symptoms such as; snoring, sleep apnoea, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux.

  • Better Digestion – In addition to better breathing, slower breathing will similarly put your body in a better resting and digesting mode, allowing food to be fully digested, and digestive disorders to be eradicated.

  • Stress Relief – With improved circulation, easier breathing and digestion, relief from back and neck pain, the effects on your nervous system can only be positive. In general, by allowing your body to rest, heal and function adequately you reduce stress on your nervous system, which results in the ultimate state of calmness and relaxation.

Two Remarkably Valuable Recliner Types To Consider

Two types of recliners stand out, particularly for people with disabilities and health issues;

The Zero Gravity Recliner

If you are looking for the perfect ergonomic recliner chair to sleep in, there is no comparison when it comes to the Zero Gravity Reclining Chair. This is most definitely the most comfortable chair you will ever win, though it may be expensive, it is an investment that will never disappoint.

The Zero Gravity recliner can be adjusted by the use of remote control, into practically any position that you can imagine. The zero gravity position has the added assistance of relieving pressure from the entire body, and promoting circulation, while the power lift function helps you to get in easily and out of the chair.

The Lift Chair Recliner

This is the perfect recliner type for individuals who have suffered an injury, or who have a medical condition that limits their mobility, and causes them to struggle to get in and out of their seat.

The Lift Chair is a recliner that has the ability to raise you into a standing position, while furthermore lowering you from it safely. This can be quite helpful when you constantly need assistance getting up from your seat.

Some Noteworthy Advantages of Recliners

Here are some of the health benefits that you can look forward to from a decent recliner;

  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Relief from aches and pains in the back, neck, hips, and joints.
  • Relief from gastrointestinal discomforts such as heartburn and reflux.
  • Improved breathing and lung function, with less pressure on the lungs.
  • Reduced pressure on the heart.
  • Relief from swelling and edema.
  • Stress release and complete relaxation.
  • Improved sleep patterns and reduced fatigue.
  • Cozy Warmth and comfort.

How to Choose a Well Designed Recliner

So you want to know which recliner will be the best for your well being and health. Here are a few aspects to reflect on when choosing a recliner just for comfort, or for health conditions;

Suitable Comfort

Take care to inspect the depth, height and, firmness of the recliner in sitting and reclining position. These are the three most important factors to consider when it comes to your own personal comfort and support requirements. The recliner should fit your body type and height perfectly and allow for easy use.


Although the main purpose of the recliner is for support and comfort, take into respect that this is a piece of furniture that will be seen by everyone, and should be visually appealing as well. Make sure that it complements the feel and style of the rest of your home, and that it does not stand out like a sore thumb.

Healthy Sitting Position
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Besides having a comfortable and supportive recline position, your recliner should also offer a sitting position that is supportive and not too rigid and upright. You should have freedom of movement while sitting in a position that is both comfortable and does not cause any strain.

Exclusive Back Support

In any position that you are sitting, or reclining in, your recliner must always deliver optimal, and complete back support. There should never be a gap between your lower back and the seat, predominantly in the reclined position.

Padding and Covering

It is no use having the perfect shape and functional recliner that is too hard or too soft to sit on. One of the most important features we sometimes disregard is the stuffing and upholstery of the recliner.
Always opt for something that has firm, and has ample cushioning, on both the chair and armrests, likewise, choose a fabric or leather that is comfortable and easy for you to maintain.

Additional Features

Two superb features that I would look at, particularly if you suffer from any sort of aches and pains, are the heating and massaging functions.
Another great feature is the pushback feature in Pushback Recliners, where you do not need to release the footrest to recline.

To Conclude

As you can see, the recliner is a must in every home, with only incomparable benefits for your health, comfort and relaxation needs.
It will all boil down to what you need specifically, whether you have a medical condition, prefer to sleep in your recliner or if you are just looking for a place to unwind and relax in.
A good recliner is an investment not only for your health and well being but also for your state of mind!

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