Full Recliner Chair

Do you become exhausted on a near daily basis?

Perhaps the reason you get frequently tired stems from standing on your feet all day, living a physically active lifestyle or sitting in an office chair.

Does it cause you to have constant back pain, hip discomforts or aching feet?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone!

What if you could acquire an all-in-one full body pain relief solution?

The good news is:

Full Recliner chairs make a huge difference to many and knowing exactly why and how will help you know if you should invest in one.

Read more to find out what to look for in the best full recliner chairs and have a look at our top selection of full recliner chairs if you want to buy one.

Full Recliner Chair

Common Causes of Back and Neck Pain

Many common causes of back pain are traced back to what we do to ourselves!

Fact: a curved spine can cause back, neck and hip pain. Poor posture is one of the leading common causes to most back problems and complaints.

A quick question we all secretly dread: why does poor posture hurt the back?

Strictly Speaking:
When the spine is out of alignment, the muscles around it try to accommodate for the abnormality. These muscles start to form in odd ways, pulling and developing painful knots.

Sometimes poor posture can also squish a nerve ending or block your blood supply along the length of your back. When one part of the spine is out, it also has a domino effect on all other parts of it as well as your hips.

Other causes of neck and back pain commonly go hand in hand with conditions, such as osteoporosis, herniated discs or inflammation.

Another Thing: Injury or infections cause swelling and inflammation too.

Recliner Chair Can Treat Swellings & Back Aches

Let’s be honest;

You read this far because you want to know how you can get rid of these pains!

Needless to say, full recliner chairs are a total body pain relief solution to many people, remedying back pain, neck pain – and more even:

Firstly, the best recliner chairs allow you to relax your entire body. The physical stress relief provided by the best recliners can lift your mood, improve digestion and help you conserve more energy.

Secondly, if indeed a full recliner chair, you should be able to lie right back and allow for the blood to drain from your feet. This improved circulation helps joints to remove excess fluids too and can ease pain caused by inflammation, swelling or arthritis.

Your hips, knees, and feet will feel good from this, although your neck and head will benefit greatly too!

Lastly, the most comfortable full recliner chairs offer lumbar or back support. Having perfect posture will help you to achieve the pain relief you desire.

IMPORTANT: If the size of your recliner is too big or too small, it will give you pain and not pain relief!! Buy a compact recliner if it will suit your needs better than an extra large recliner.

Features of a Good Full Recliner Chairs

Some of the best recliner chairs contain these top features.

Take a Look:

  • Zero Gravity – if your “full recliner” doesn’t have zero gravity, can it be considered a full recliner chair?
    Picture this: Reclining all the way back until your knees are elevated above your head, and you look like an astronaut at taking off! That is what a full recliner chair with zero gravity does.
    Zero Gravity Chairs are the best full recliner chairs on the market for a reason.
    Why does zero gravity benefit our bodies?
    Simple: by eliminating the force of gravity on our bodies down to 0, we take all pressure off our bones, nerves, and muscles. Zero gravity is worthwhile to invest in when you see a full recliner that works for you with this feature.
  • Stability – Your Attention: this is crucial.
    You do not need to fall over in your chair when trying to recline to full length.
    The best full recliner chairs have stable bases or frames that suspend the recliner or hold it up. Make sure the base is stable before purchasing a full recliner chair.
  • Good Density – Do you enjoy soft, firm or somewhere in between?
    The more stuffed or plush your recliner is, the better the back support will be.
    Materials like leather will make for a far firmer recliner chair than an upholstered velvet recliner.
    The best recliners lie somewhere in between soft and firm density to make the perfect balance between support and comfort.
  • Electric Heating & Massage – Believe it or not: you can recline back while receiving a warm, full body massage, working to alleviate the tension right out your muscles!
    Some full recliners just have one or the other function.
    Either of these features will make for the best ‘recliner time’!
  • Dual Motor Power – What’s this? Dual motor power means that the head-rest and foot rest work separately, driven by individual motors each. Dual power gives far more flexibility when reclining to the right position.

Reviews: Best Full Recliner Chairs

Below is our best selection of superior full recliner chairs and some of their features.
Check this out:

  • This zoot recliner chair is made from top quality bonded leather and is supported by a durable beech wood base.
  • The superior aesthetic design makes this recliner the perfect addition to any living space.
  • Available in three colors: black, beige and white.
  • You can indulge in the weightless feeling of zero gravity right at your fingertips with one-touch of a button.
  • Another touch of a button and you can also enjoy a gently heated massage.
  • Move the head-rest and foot-rest independently with dual power.
  • Alleviate pressure on your entire body with this top of the line full recliner chair.
  • Ideal for people with high blood pressure, migraines or muscle & joint pains.

  • Described as ‘the perfect chair,’ the Human Touch PC-610 is made from hand-carved eco-friendly para wood.
  • Parawood will last longer than many materials, being made up of components of rubber.
  • The Ergonomic full design aids lumber support, topped off with the head pillow for a neck rest to complete full body support.
  • A side lever eases you into varying degrees of zero gravity, allowing for slow immersion to weightlessness.
  • Alleviate pain in all your joints after even just 15minutes of zero gravity therapy.
  • Dual motors give you an infinite amount of positions to lie in, making sure you can always provide yourself with pressure relief.
  • Available in 11 different colors and covered with top graded leather.

  • This is one of the most sophisticated recliner massage chairs on the market.
  • Four intelligent automated massage modes are available to choose from: shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling or spinal vibrating.
  • Set the timer and enjoy a 5-30minute massage from head to toe!
  • The massage mechanism is 100% silent.
  • Set the heat up and melt the lactic acid build-up away in your body.
  • Choose from 3 different zero gravity positions and feel all pressure vanish from your body.
  • Balls located inside the foot pads and rollers behind the spine ensure a luxurious massage experience.
  • Adjust how you sit and the way the recliner massages you exactly how you like.

  • This affordable massage chair has a steep incline and is ideal in aiding those who have body pains, stiff joints or stiff muscles.
  • Sturdy rollers create the same effect as a shiatsu massage, soothing your entire body from head to foot.
  • The massage mechanism has rollers that can either move with a rolling motion on your back, buttocks, leg and neck or knead.
  • Assume zero gravity position and indulge in the vast sensation of weightlessness.
  • Covered in a soft leather alternative for maximum comfort.

  • This full recliner makes for being the ultimate executives chair, allowing you to rest your day’s stress away.
  • Lay back and incline to any angle most comfortable to you.
  • Benefit from improved circulation, pain and pressure relief and especially stress and tension relief!
  • The arm-rests are plush and filled with a layer of soft foam covered with high-quality PU Black leather.
  • This recliner is a 360-degree swivel recliner.
  • The back padding (particularly in the lumbar area) is orthopedically designed to support your posture.

  • If you are looking for a comfortable recliner that you can sleep on, this full recliner arm chair is for you!
  • Heat up and receive a mild massage with the optional massage feature (note: you will need to request this feature upon purchasing, or it will not be included).
  • The plush quilted design and the velvety blue cover was put together in this recliner to optimize your comfort as you recline.
  • The cover is breathable and has stain resistant properties.
  • The perfect recliner for watching television or reading a book.


The Human Touch Perfect chair offers you full flat recline as well as infinite Zero gravity positions.

  • Full flat recline and zero gravity positions.
  • Upholstered in full grain quality leather with comfortable padding.
  • Ergonomic design for full body support and comfort.
  • Memory foam armrests.
  • Won the Adex award for design elegance.


The Oways massaging recliner is a comfortable full recline chair with heating and massaging features.

  • Handheld remote control to operate all functions.
  • Vibrating, heating and massaging Functions.
  • Lay flat full recline.
  • An arc shaped base and detachable massage pillow for better support and comfort.


With the Windmere you can enjoy full recline and infinite zero gravity positions of your choice.

  • A comfortable and highly durable recliner with a Power Lifting mechanism.
  • Full flat recline and infinite Zero gravity positions.
  • Independently operated recline and footrest mechanism.
  • Easily reached side storage pockets and a handy USB port.

Index Table: Top Rated Full Recliner Chairs

1Cozzia Heated Zero Gravity - Back Massage Pressure Relief Recliner Chair
  • One Touch Zero G
  • Gentle Heat Massage Therapy
2Human Touch Hand-Carved Zero Gravity - ’The Perfect’ Adjustable Zero Gravity Full Recliner Chair
  • Master Hand Crafted Design
  • Orthopedic Lumbar Support
Human Touch98
3Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Therapeutic - The Best Full Recliner Massage Chair
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapies
  • Built-in Heating
Ideal Massage97
4Best Massage Heated Shiatsu - Full Recline Electric Compression Massage Chair
  • Shiatsu Massage Techniques
  • Steep Zero G Inclination
Best Massage92
5Merax Deluxe Office - Five Star Leather Lumbar Support Recliner Chair
  • Adjustable Foot Rest
  • 360 degree Swivel
6Medlift Massage Sleeper - Luxurious Velvet Heated Massage Full Recliner Chair
  • Full Bed Recline
  • Stain Resistant Velvety Cover
7Human Touch Perfect Chair - Full Reclining Zero Gravity Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Full Recline
  • Memory Settings
Human Touch97
8OWAYS Massage - Full Recline Massage Chair
  • Rocking
  • Massaging
  • Headrest
  • Full Recline
  • Heating
9Windmere NM-101 - Infinite Position Full Recline Recliner
  • Full Recline
  • Zero Gravity
  • Power Lifting

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