Best Recliner for Back Pain

If you are in recovery mode from a back operation or just in chronic back pain, a recliner with lumbar support is just what you need to get through these tough times.

The best recliner chairs for back pain have some features that set them apart from ordinary recliners that will be discussed in this article, along with causes and buying precautions.

If you already know what you are looking for, don’t forget to check out our top selection of recliners for bad backs at the bottom of the page!

Best Recliner for Back Pain

Why is My Back in Pain? Common Causes of Back Problems

There are many causes of back pain, but all of them can be rooted in incorrect back posture.
When you hold your spine out of alignment, it results in changing the way your back forms.

Muscles develop in strange ways, often overcompensating on one side of the spine.
This creates fluids to pool, which eventually calcify and cause back pain.
This hardening of tissues also usually blocks blood flow to either the head or the legs, causing further symptoms of numbness, pins, and needles, migraines, headaches and unwarranted pain in other areas of the body.

A few common causes of spinal misalignment are:

  1. Injuries or Accidents
  2. Computer or Office Work
  3. Sleeping Posture
  4. Dehydration
  5. Not Enough Exercise
  6. Back Operations
  7. Slipped Discs or Hernias
  8. Glandular Conditions or Infections

Keeping your back straight is the most important way to prevent and remedy most of these conditions. A recliner with lumbar support will help to keep your back in perfect posture while simultaneously relaxing you.

Buying Precautions for Recliners with Lumbar Support

Even the best recliners for bad backs can be useless for you if you do not get the right one for your unique circumstance. To help you make the best choice, we have detailed some back support recliner buying considerations here below:

  • The Recliner’s Size – not only the length of the lumbar section matters here but the leg rest length of the recliner is paramount too. If your legs are too long or too short, your back will not sit straight when the recliner is in an upright position. Some recliners allow you to adjust the length of these parts, but for reclining armchairs, it’s not usual. Measure yourself and double check the dimensions before you spend any money.
  • Ribbed Panels – the more panels the recliner has in the back and the plusher these are stuffed, the better it is for your back. If the recliner manufacturers claim a recliner to be ergonomic, but it does not seem to meet the above requirements, try to see if the manufacturers used memory foam. This is one exception to this rule, as memory foam will form a unique impression of your back, holding it perfectly straight and alleviating pressure.
  • Recliner Function – a few pointers one needs to consider before purchasing a recliner revolve around what you need the recliner for. All recliners help aid relaxation, but you may need a back supportive office chair, an ejection armchair that reclines to watch television with, an outdoor recliner for lounging by the pool with, a nursing rocker recliner for breastfeeding a baby or a sophisticated massage recliner chair to take all pressure off. Knowing the function will also help you to understand if you need a space saving recliner or not – bear in mind that the majority of recliners need 8 inches or more space to be used at their fullest capacity.

Features of a Good Recliner for Bad Back

The best of the best back pain alleviation recliners come with these top features:

  • Zero Gravity – you may have come across this term before. Zero gravity refers to a position where the force of gravity is nullified, also meaning that any pressure from bearing your weight is removed from your back. When entering zero gravity, the recliner goes back as far as 170-180 degrees back, lifting your knees above your head and in alignment with your heart. This position improves blood flow, reduces stress and provides fantastic back pain relief!
  • Massage – many recliners offer vibration massages to address common pressure points on the back. However, massage recliner technology has advanced rapidly in the last decade. Nowadays, massage recliners come equipped with vibration, rollers, and hydraulics that can emulate top massage techniques from all around the world, including shiatsu.
  • Power Recline – a power recliner refers to a recliner that has a dual motor system, as opposed to a single motor. This feature allows one to independently operate the head and leg rests from one another, giving you full freedom to select the best position for you.
  • Intelligent Pressure Mapping – some of the best recliners for back pain come with smart sensors that can accurately ascertain where your back has the most pressure! These recliners then devise an automatic massage program for you or adjust themselves into the best position for your back to relieve the pain.
  • Electronic Recliners – if you suffer from chronic back pain, make sure you get a recliner that can be remote control operated to make it easier for yourself. Many electronic recliners allow you to plug in your tablet or smart devices while relaxing with them too!

Reviews: The Best Recliners for Back Pain

Here are a few of the best lumbar support recliners for back pain available online.

  • This power recliner is one of the best zero gravity chairs on the market, providing you with superior back pressure relief.
  • The panels of this recliner are overly stuffed with high-density foam padding to give your back the rigid support it requires.
  • Don’t fuss with levers or buttons, simply flick the thumb-controlled switch on the inside of the left arm until you are at the angle you desire!
  • The head rest pillow is fully adjustable, and the chair is upholstered in an easy-to-clean top quality (full grain) leather.
  • The base is handcrafted from para wood which will last you a good decade or two.
  • Available in 10 different colours!

  • This recliner chair is covered in the best quality of white full grain leather and will last much longer than average leather recliners.
  • The headrest is fully adjustable, and when one reclines back, the armrests drop lower to give you a deeper incline and more relaxation.
  • The base is made of stable stainless steel and can be swiveled on, making this one of the best office recliners for back support.
  • Also ideal for use in your home, for napping in, for reading your favorite book or watching television in.
  • The foot rest folds up neatly inside the recliner when not in use.

  • Upholstered with some of the finest leather, this recliner chair and ottoman combo is ideal for all those who suffer from constant back pain.
  • The back segment of the seat has multiple overstuffed panels that are filled with high-density foam for firm back support.
  • The base swivels for your convenience, making this one of the best reading chairs.
  • The lever mechanism glides back smoothly and is accessible even to those with back problems.
  • Decide if you wish to sit with the ottoman or not, which is also stuffed with ribbed panels for maximum comfort!
  • Available in black or coffee color.

  • This recliner chair is unique in that is can be used as a massage recliner or as a modern home reclining armchair.
  • The footrest is reversible and can be used to massage your legs and feet, as well as left flat to act as an ordinary leg rest.
  • Choose from a selection of different roller massages, including shiatsu!
  • No tools or assembly required – this massage recliner arrives in one fully usable piece at your doorstep to help you get relaxing immediately.
  • Recharge your phone or iPad as you lay back in this comfortable PU leather recliner chair.

  • Here is a recliner chair that is completely adjustable from leg rest to head rest.
  • The back portion is ribbed with firm support in the lumbar region, designed to help you sit and work or play games for hours on end.
  • Constructed from dense foam and sturdy steel, this recliner should last you a minimum of a few years.
  • Recline as far back as 90 degrees and choose your favorite position to work in.
  • The base is a swivel base that comes on wheels for full office mobility.
  • Can handle a weight of up to 200lbs.


Homelegance is a proud company that offers a variety of quality and stylish furniture, designed to give you value as well as diversity.

The Glider reclining chair is quality and handsomely finished reclining chair that has the seamless design to offer relief from back pain.

  • Upholstered in a durable and comfortable Polyester, leather and cotton mix, for the perfect powerhouse in comfort, endurance, and style.
  • A traditional style with rolled arms, channel tufting, and nailhead accents, for classic and vintage elegance.
  • You can enjoy the gliding motion when not in recline, or the lever action recline.
  • Well padded and designed to contribute optimal back and lumbar support.
  • Available in the option of either a reclining chair, loveseat for a couple, or sofa for the family.


Nothing better for back pain than a relaxing and soothing massage, combined with the zero gravity position, to reduce stress and strain on all parts of the body.

The Real relax Massage chair will generously provide you with exactly that, and a few more pleasant surprises.

  • Operated with an advanced VFD display screen remote control, on which you can set manual programs.
  • You can have your feet and back massaged independently.
  • There are rollers to give you a neck massage.
  • Can accommodate a maximum height of 6.1 feet and weight of 440,9 pounds.
  • Four auto programs to choose from where you can adjust the speed and intensity of the massage.
  • Reclining positions up to zero gravity.
  • There is a heater inside the seat to improve blood circulation.
  • Two wheels for easy movement.
  • Lovely PU leather upholstery that is hard-wearing and easy to clean.


Get exactly what your heart desires and your back needs with the Svago Zero Gravity chair.

A wonderful design with comfort augmenting features and incomparable versatility to cater to your relief, pleasure and aesthetic needs.

  • The most relaxing massage and heat functions that will relieve pain and ease tension, while improving blood circulation.
  • You can independently adjust the footrest and similarly use the recline position.
  • An expressing headrest with a removable sentihemp head pillow.
  • A supportive sentihemp lumbar pillow that can be removed as you require.
  • Reclining up to a zero gravity position.


Enjoy a soothing back massage to ease painful muscles with the Human Touch i-Joy.

  • Simulates hand techniques when massaging.
  • Refreshes and soothes your entire back to reduce pain and tension.
  • FlexGlide massage technology.
  • A space-saving design and sturdy frame.


A sophisticated and elegant Zero recliner that offers full back support and powered reclining functions.

  • Massage and heating function to soothe tense muscles.
  • Zero Gravity smooth recline.
  • An adjustable headrest for full head support.
  • Extended armrests for support in all positions, and excellent lumbar support.

Index Table: Top-Rated Recliner for Back Pain

1Human Touch Premium Leather Lumbar Support Chair - Zero Gravity Recliner Chair for Back Pain
  • Hand Carved
  • Power Recline
Human Touch97
2Lafer Recliners Modern Ergonomic Recliner Chair - Stylish Recliner Chair for Back Pain Relief
  • Adjustable Head and Arm Rests
  • Swivel Base
Lafer Recliners95
3Flash Furniture Mahogany Recliner Chair With Ottoman - Two Part Back Protective Recliner Chair
  • Ribbed Lumbar Support
  • Smooth Recline Lever
Flash Furniture95
4Wellexo 2-in-1 Massage Recliner Armchair - Modern Slim Leather Recliner Chair for Sore Backs
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Built-In Wireless Speakers
5Merax Sporty Reclining Office Chair - High Density lumbar Supportive Office Chair
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Fully Adjustable
6Homelegance Glider - Reclining Chair for Back Pain
  • Gliding
  • Rolled Arms
  • Tufted Design
7Real Relax Massage Chair - Back Pain Relief Recliner
  • Massage
  • Remote Control
  • Zero Gravity
  • Full Body Shiatsu
Real Relax97
8Svago Zero Gravity - Back Pain Recliner
  • Massage
  • Heating
  • Zero Gravity
  • Extended Armrests
9Human Touch i-Joy - Active Massage Back Pain Recliner
  • Massage
  • Back Support
Human Touch98
10Svago ZGR Plus - Dual power Back Pian Recliner
  • Zero Gravity
  • Power Controlled
  • Lumbar Support

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