Top Recliner Brands and Their Best Models

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a recliner is, of course, the brand.
A well-known brand that is favored by many satisfied customers can make a huge difference, not only in quality but durability and price as well.

When you know that other individuals have tried and tested a brand or specific model of a recliner with worthy results, then you can rest assured it will perform similarly for you.

La-Z-Boy has well established themselves as a leader in reclining furniture all over the world, with their innovative and comfortable designs that have stood the test of time.

Many individuals favor certain brands and models of recliners over others, therefore selecting a recliner has much to do with your particular requirements moreover, but it is always a good start to inspect more popular brand names initially.

One thing that I personally like do before making a purchase, particularly such a substantial one is to read through other customers reviews, this gives me a clear view of the performance of that product.

Here is a list of some of the Top Rated brands of recliners that I have come across, with some of their most sought-after models;

Reviews: The Most Popular Recliner Brands and Models

When it comes to recliners, there are a few names that stand out, with their favorite models, according to customers who have, sat down, reclined, curled up and thoroughly enjoyed them!


First, on the list, there is no comparison to the La-Z-Boy, when you think recliner, this is the name that always comes to mind first, and most righteously so.
La-Z-Boy has well established themselves as a leader in reclining furniture all over the world, with their innovative and comfortable designs that have stood the test of time. I have chosen the model, Niagara Reclina-Rocker, the Rocker-Recliners are a favorite in the La-Z-Boy brand and the Niagara is one of the best sellers in this model.

  • Independent Recline without having to release the footrest.
  • Convenient handle on the right side that smoothly and effortlessly releases the leg est.
  • The frame is a state of the art La-Z-Boy design that is extremely durable and strong.
  • Offers total body and lumbar support in a variety of reclining positions.
  • There is a three-position locking mechanism on both sides of the leg rests allowing you to lock in your position of comfort, as an added safety feature.
  • An adjustable tension feature for easy reclining.
  • The rocking features soothe you into ultimate relaxation.


A favorite for kids, the Flash Furniture Deluxe kids recliner stands out far beyond the rest!

A sturdy and comfortable recliner in a brand that is both trusted and affordable. What I love most about this recliner, is the fact that there are so many fun colors available for children.

  • Extra comfortable plush padding.
  • Perfect size for kids.
  • Additional headrest included for further support.
  • The upholstery is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • A flip-up storage arm and cup holder.
  • Very large variety of color available.

ACME is an excellent quality and affordable brand, that manufactures a variety of furniture, including some very popular recliners, their Rocker recliner models are a consumer darling.

The Riso Rocker Recliner is one of the most pursued after Rocker recliners from ACME and has outstanding ratings when it comes to comfort and durability for frequent use.

  • Covered in durable and luxurious black leather that is durable and easy to clean.
  • The back and seat cushion are tightly stuffed for added comfort and support.
  • An external latch handle easily releases the footrest.
  • Rocking function for the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Available in a large range of color options.


Ashley Furniture is another very popular name in furniture, and they manufacture some of the best recliners. Their Reclining Sofas, predominantly the Darcy model is a preference among families and couples, because of its generous size and plush comfort.

  • Textured Microfiber upholstery that is soft and easy to maintain, with plush cushioning and padding.
  • A durable and tough blocked frame.
  • The clean design with gorgeous finishing’s will suit any home style perfectly.
  • Extra wide seating for families and couples.
  • Stunning Contemporary Design.


Catnapper is a brand name that specializes in sofas and sections, they have been around for over 32 years. Catnapper prides themselves in luxury and robust recliners that are made with the aim to take the best care of you and your family.

The Catnapper Teddy Bear is an eminent choice amongst many for its lavish and plush comfort, which makes you feel like being hugged by a teddy bear.

  • Comes with a swiveling and Gliding motion function.
  • Can swivel up to 360 degrees.
  • Extra softly and lushly padded seat and back covered with luxurious suede fabric.
  • Manufactured from 100% polyester that is durable and easy to maintain.
  • Comfort Coil technology seating with heat tempered coils encased in foam fiber individually, to enhance durability and support.
  • A Steel tech reclining mechanism that is smooth and quiet.
  • The eight gauge spring system enhances seat strength and comfort.
  • Manufactured to ensure lasting comfort.
  • The color variety is available.


Human Touch creates some of the most deluxe, and superior designs in reclining chairs, with all the additional comfort and therapeutic features you can imagine.
An expensive but truly worthwhile brand that will surpass all expectation.

The Human Touch Whole Body is an all in one Reclining, Relaxation and Therapeutic chair, excellent for people who have medical needs or health issues, this chair provides all the support and relief you can wish for.

  • This chair includes four massage techniques, stretching, flexing, toning and gliding.
  • The Human Touch Wellness Council has prescribed and designed five massage techniques on auto-program for the recliner.
  • Also features circulation foot and calf massage technology to improve circulation and easy painful tired feet.
  • The warm air technology aids in loosening up your muscles and enhances the massaging function.
  • A BodyMap remote gives you simple and easy operation capabilities.
  • Independent back and leg rest adjustment with the dual motors.
  • The base can swivel up to 55 degrees.
  • For neck and shoulder support there is a plush comfort pillow.
  • Fully functional 3D FlexGlide technology.
  • Great for recovery after injury and for the elderly or those suffering from immobilizing conditions.
  • The only chairs endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic.


I could not go without adding a reclining gaming chair, not only for the games out there but for anyone spending a fair amount of time in the office or behind their computer. Devoto offers an affordable and very durable, ergonomically designed reclining Gaming Chair that is very popular amongst customers.

  • Able to swivel 360 degrees, smoothly on mute wheels.
  • Very sturdy base and construction.
  • A lock tilt function for safety.
  • Adjustable height with a Pneumatic Gas Spring.
  • Covered in premium, easy to maintain, and durable PU leather.
  • Ergonomic design headrest and lumbar cushion for supplementary comfort and support.

In Conclusion

Each and every one of us has our own tastes and personal requirements, therefore when acquiring a certain product such as a recliner there will always be a brand that stands out to us.

The recliners I have chosen are much-loved choices among many consumers, from brands that have stood out and stayed committed to producing quality products, and providing definitive customer satisfaction for many years.

Finding a brand and model for your specific preferences may take some research, but this article is an excellent basis to start on, with some of the finest recliners from the most highly regarded brands.

Index Table:Top Rated Recliner Brands and Models

1La-Z-Boy Mason - Rocker and Recliner
  • Rocks
  • Microfiber Upholstery
  • Durable
2Flash Furniture Deluxe - Kids Recliner
  • Headrest
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Storage
Flash Furniture98
3ACME Riso - Reclining Rocker Chair
  • Rocker
  • Overstuffed
4Ashley Furniture Signature Design Darcy - Contemporary Recliner
  • Overstuffed
  • Microfiber Upholstery
Ashley Furniture Signature Design97
5Catnapper Teddybear - Plush and Comfy Recliner
  • Swivels and Glides
  • Extra Plush
  • Overstuffed
6Human Touch 7.1 - Full Body Massage Recliner
  • Massage
  • Heating
  • Remote Controlled
  • Swivels and Glides
Human Touch99
7Devoko Gaming - Recliner for Office and Gaming Use
  • Tilts
  • Swivels
  • Ergonomic Design

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