Best Small Recliners for Short & Petite People

For those of you who are on the hunt for a swivel or rocker recliner to replace your armchair, your sofa, or even your office chair, remember to take your height into consideration! Especially If you are ‘vertically challenged’, (in other words, a short person). There are many small recliner chair options for the perfect fit. These recliners can be just as comfortable (if not more) as oversized recliner chairs. Small reclining chairs come in so many different styles adding elegance or a classic look to any room.  A mini recliner can add luxury and comfort to any space.  In this buyer’s guide, we will cover the benefits of purchasing these recliners, what they should be made from for durability and quality, as well as some of their best features. We share the top small and petite recliner options making it easier for you to enjoy the full benefits of purchasing the perfect reclining chair without compromising on style, comfort, and relaxation.

Best Rated Small & Petite Adult Recliners To Buy in 2022:

Dorel Living Slim Recliner
  • no fuss soft and comfy recliner armchair
  • cozy recliner
  • Good value for money
ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair
  • Soft microfiber cover
  • Convenient ‘car door’ lever
  • Optimal comfort
Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner
  • Upholstery is good quality, breathable and removable
  • Sturdy plywood frame
  • Simply glide back with the smooth lever mechanism


Posture & Comfort While Sitting for Small Person

Short people sometimes have problems getting comfortable while sitting down. The seat is either too high, too far back or with padding in the wrong places.

When we sit down, it’s important that our feet sit firmly planted on the ground – otherwise, after prolonged periods of sitting, the circulation can be cut off from the feet.

Another problem with not having your feet on the ground is that one tends to slide forward on the seat and that causes a misalignment of posture, which can cause backaches and problems.
If the recliner is too high or the seat is too far backward, your feet may dangle off the edge.

If the seat is built for larger individuals, it does not necessarily mean that the seat will provide better comfort.

Often padded sofas or recliner chairs will be designed to support the lower back, arms, and neck of a person.
If the design does not align with your height and body shape, you will likely end up putting pressure on parts that should be supported, also resulting in back, neck and hip pains.

Small Petite Recliner

Common Recliner Mistakes to Avoid As A Small Person

If you are short, do not be sold on the idea that bigger is better. You will thank yourself for purchasing the recliner with the right size for your body shape. Mistakes that petite people often make them from making a decision before physically sitting in the seat to test it out. When shopping online for recliners, make sure you know the measurements you are looking for. If you have no perfected chair with which to base your measurements on, consider measuring your body – you will know what works for you that way, without a doubt!

Other mistakes short individuals make include purchasing a recliner without a headrest, thinking it’s a smaller recliner. Rather go for a recliner that has a headrest and avoids neck or back problems. You will also want to make sure you can reach the lever or the mechanism that allows the recliner to recline fully.

Properties of a Good Recliner for Short People

  • Height Adjustable – Naturally, the ability to adjust the height makes a recliner a winner for a small individual. This feature is particularly useful if you have to share it with your family inside a home
  • The Perfect Size – a recliner which is plush and not shaped will likely cause you fewer troubles if oversized than one that is contoured for larger individuals. However, making sure it fits your body shape and height is the best chance of walking away with the perfect purchase.
  • Remote Control – this can come in useful, especially if you aren’t able to reach the mechanism that allows the recliner to lean back. Simply push the button, and you are ready to relax!
  • Upholstery – while this property is not so related to height, it’s still important. Make sure that your recliner is covered in a breathable fabric to ensure that you don’t sweat while sitting in it.
  • Wall Hugging Recliners – recliners that are ‘wall huggers’ or space-saving recliners tend to be more compact with measurements that are ideal for shorter individuals.

Reviews: Small & Petite Adult Recliner

Below is our selection of some of the best petite recliners for short people – find the right height and save space in your home!

  • There is no fuss with this soft and comfy recliner armchair, simply lean back to recline without reaching forward for a lever or button.
  • The cover is easy to clean and made from a very pleasing microfiber, soft to the touch.
  • Lean back to enjoy your favorite movie, read your favorite book or even get up to scratch with your knitting.
  • This cozy recliner’s dimensions are 35.8 x 31 x 38 inches and should only be purchased by people with petite physiques.
  • The manufacturers of this armchair offer free replacement parts, as well as a one year warranty for the entire chair.

  • This recliner measures a full 68 inches in height, the back rest being 28 inches and the seat and legs making up the other 40 inches.
  • It’s covered in a soft microfiber cover and ideal for small individuals who struggle to find the right size of living room armchair.
  • This comfortable recliner is operated by a convenient ‘car door’ lever.
  • The arms, back and neck pads are stuffed with foam and also include a spring system underneath for extra support and optimal comfort.
  • This recliner for short people only needs 4 inches of wall space to recline fully, saving space and allowing you to indulge in watching television, read or relax even if you live in a confined space.
  • This product will arrive in parts and takes less than 15mins to assemble, according to the manufacturers.

  • If you enjoy pleasing modern aesthetics in your home interior and have short legs, then this is the recliner for you!
  • The off-white upholstery is good quality, breathable and removable.
  • Built over a very sturdy plywood frame for an extended lifespan.
  • The glider recliner measures at exactly 29 x 29 x 29 inches, making it perfect for short individuals.
  • One can simply glide back with the smooth lever mechanism, enjoying supreme style and comfort that fits your petite size.

  • This petite recliner chair holds the stylish contemporary design of a club chair with the added benefit of reclining comfort.
  • Upholstered in superior quality bonded leather, it’s easy to keep clean, and there is a large variety of colors to choose from.
  • The sturdy hardwood frame makes it an ideal choice for those who cannot afford to replace their furnishings every few years.
  • The recliner is waterproof, which also makes it child and pet-friendly!
  • The smooth recline mechanism does not involve the use of a lever – simply lean back into one of three positions at your leisure.

  • This medium petite recliner chair is ideal for those who demand comfort as well as proper back support.
  • Enjoy the comforts of a full leg rest as you recline back to watch television or take a nap.
  • The ribbed padding in the back of the recliner chair is firm and ergonomically shaped to keep your back straight and pressure-free.
  • Upholstered in a soft and cushy microfiber that has been treated with stain resistance to last longer.
  • The hardwood frame is backed with steel braces ensuring the recliner will last a long time.
  • The plush armrests are just waiting for you to sink in and make yourself at home!

  • This recliner is ideal for any petite person who battles to stand from a seated position.
  • The back cushions are zippered for easy removal and can be machine washed conveniently.
  • A quilted backrest ensures a decent degree of pressure alleviation on the back and neck as you recline back.
  • There are three automated positions you can choose from, and no effort to recline is necessary, simply push a button to relax!
  • Take full advantage of the lift function for easy standing from a seated position.
  • In case the power goes out unexpectedly, the recliner comes with an emergency battery backup.

  • If you are looking for a petite recliner for your child, why not order the best?
  • This stain-resistant recliner was designed for young children in mind and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • A cup holder rests on the right arm of the chair so that your child can enjoy a drink while leaning back.
  • The intuitive lean back recline mechanism was made to be user-friendly for kids.
  • Soft foam padding provides a cushion of comfort for your child while still being firm enough to encourage a healthy posture.

Why Buy A Petite Recliner?

Beside the fact that it’s better for short people, purchasing a petite recliner is for saving a few pennies, as well as space in a small apartment. Petite recliners are smaller, generally easier to assemble and are also a lot more cost-effective than oversized recliners. If you want to vamp up your lounge cost-effectively with some stylish petite armchairs, consider rather buying a set of petite recliners – it does not vary significantly in price and is far more luxurious when it comes to entertaining guests.

Best Petite Recliner Materials

As with many online purchases, one should be strict about the quality one receives. The best way of assuring this is by looking at the materials the recliner chair is made from and checking the warranty (if any). Below we have discussed some of the most durable recliner materials that make up the best petite recliners:

  • Steel or Hardwood Framework – both stainless steel or hardwoods make the best recliner framework. Stainless steel is rust-proof, which is a good idea if you live in a humid climate or near the sea. Hardwood is traditionally one of the oldest materials that recliners are made from and refers to any wood with sturdy characteristics, e.g. Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Birchwood, or Cedarwood. Beware the recliner made from plywood, plastic or any similarly softer material!
  • Leather – leather is the most durable upholstery that a recliner can be covered with, lasting for decades and longer (depending on the quality). There are many different kinds of leather. The best quality leather is full grain leather, followed by top grain and genuine leather. Bonded leathers and PU leathers are usually made with genuine leather that has been infused with latex or polyurethane to make it waterproof. This is great if you are prone to making a mess often.
  • Microfiber – a cheaper leather alternative is a microfiber cover for those who want something a bit more soft to the touch. Microfiber fabrics have a near velvety texture but do not last as long as leather. The prime advantage of microfiber is that one can remove the covering and wash them in the washing machine. It’s also a lot easier and cheaper to replace the upholstery of a microfiber covering.

Desirable Features of Petite Recliner Chairs

In this section, we have detailed some of the best characteristics of petite recliner chairs, so you know where you stand when making your purchase.

  1. Foam – recliners are padded with multitudes of different materials from coils to cotton. At the end of the day, high-density foam padding will provide you with the best lumbar and body support. Memory foam is even more luxurious, conforming to your body’s unique shape for ultimate relaxation.
  2. Full Leg Support – many petite recliners do not offer full leg support, which is not always a requirement for some people. However, full leg support allows you to relax more deeply and helps to improve circulation in your legs, knees and feet.
  3. Heat – at the push of a button, some recliners allow you to heat your backside while reclining back. This is ideal for those long, cold Winter months where all you want to do is hibernate!
  4. Massage – modern recliner chairs now offer massage to the user, and some of them even have a variety of massage options that one can choose from. These recliners will vibrate at select points on your body, alleviating pressure and tension.
  5. Ejection – this is a fantastic feature for those who battle to stand up from a sitting position. With the aid of remote control, an ejection or lift recliner chair will hoist you up to your feet with ease.


Recliners are the best furniture in our houses to have a comfortable time. They are the best place to read a book, watch something or have a little nap. And it’s great that there are small recliners for short people and people who have limited spaces. Choose the most suitable one for yourself and enjoy.


What is the best small recliner?

When choosing a small recliner chair it is important to find the best fit for you and your space. A recliner that is height- adjustable is a good option for a smaller individual and can be used by others in the home.  A plush recliner is more suited to fit a smaller body frame and contoured styles for larger framed individuals. A recliner with remote control is useful if you are not able to reach the reclining mechanism. Another option is a wall-hugging recliner. This recliner is compact with measurements that are best suited for shorter individuals and smaller spaces.

What size recliner do I need?

When shopping online, make sure that you know the measurements and the size of the space that you will be placing your recliner in. Use your favorite chair to base your measurements on or consider measuring your body for the perfect fit. A recliner that is height adjustable can be shared with other family members inside the home.  Petite recliners are more compact, comfortable and ideal for smaller places and individuals. 

Should your feet hang off a recliner?

 When purchasing a recliner make sure that your feet are touching the ground while seated and not hanging off the edge when leaning backward.  A recliner that is too high or seated too far back may cause your feet to dangle off the edge. The right size recliner will give you full leg support for relaxation and improve circulation in your legs, knees, and feet.


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