9 Best Swivel Rocker Recliners

There are numerous reasons why swivel rocker glider recliners are changing the faces of living rooms everywhere.

Best Rated Swivel Rocker Recliners To Buy in 2022:

Recliner Genius Swivel Recline Rocker
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Remote controlled 8 point pressure relief massage
  • Smooth manual reclining mechanism
Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner
  • Affordable
  • Covers are removable and machine washable
  • Will last a long time

Reclining and relaxing your entire body confers many health benefits and often provides muscle pain relief. For pregnant women, nursing recliners are almost essential!

Learn more about the different kinds of rocker recliners available to you and what to take into consideration before purchasing one.

Best Swivel Rocker Recliner

Who Benefits From Using a Swivel Rocker Recliner?

Those that benefit from using recliners tend to have back pain, back problems, aches in the hips and other joints as well. Common causes of these aches, pains, and predicaments tend to stem from either incorrect posture or fluids that are having difficulty in draining.

If you stand on your feet all day long, a recliner can be superb for any knee, ankle or even foot discomforts you may have. Individuals with conditions that include symptoms like high blood pressure, arthritis, muscular skeletal problems or who are recovering from surgery or injury, will benefit tremendously as well.

Swivel Rocker Recliner Chairs have the extra benefits of allowing you to position the recliner in nearly any direction you like. This freedom of movement is especially appealing to pregnant women for nursing their babies in full comfort. Being also just incredibly comfortable, it will suit anyone’s satisfaction requirements when one is reading or is watching television.

How Using a Swivel Rocker Glider Recliner Remedies Muscle Pain & More

Most of these chairs are ergonomically designed for optimal back and lumbar support. Usually also very plush, recliners also offer neck support, hip support, leg, and foot support. This full body support while reclining back at an angle relaxes you completely and takes all physical stress off your entire body. This stress relief in itself can provide pain relief, lower blood pressure and reduce migraine pain!

Recliner sofas or chairs promote drainage of fluids, easing conditions like varicose veins, edema, and swellings all along the body. They help to improve blood flow, which can also provide pain relief. Some swivel recliner chairs are on wheels to aid patients or elderly who battle to walk.

Zero Gravity is a feature found in the best recliners, where one reclines as far back as to elevate your knees above your head. Zero-G emulates the position of an astronaut that’s about to take off! Your weight is distributed evenly in this space, and all pressure is removed from the force of gravity.

Lastly, pregnant mothers can benefit from rocker recliner chairs, when they breastfeed the baby or need a bit of rest in between. The chair can rock and help to soothe both mother and child during feeding. The mother can feel less tired after feeding and have enough energy to tuck the baby in.

Characteristics of a Good Swivel Rocker Recliners

  • Size and Shape – Ideally one needs a rocker recliner that is long enough for full head support, neck support, and back support. However, one does not want a recliner that is so big their feet don’t firmly touch the ground.
  • Recliner Foot Rest – the foot-rest should support your whole leg and not let your feet dangle too far off the edge.
  • Electric Heating – the top ranges of swivel rocker recliners come equipped with decadent electric heating. Warm up your back and feel suspended completely at ease!
  • Full Recline Angle – depending on your unique needs, you may want a swivel recliner that goes back all the way to three-quarters of the way. The reclining angle is usually mentioned.
  • Sound – if the chair makes any sound when you recline back in it, it means that something is creating internal friction. This friction shows that the mechanism may not last as long and wear out faster.
  • Density – usually recliner stuffing consists of a microfiber blend. The best recliners allow you access to adjust the filling as you need to.
  • Upholstery – the material your recliner is covered in is imperative for your comfort. Leather, suede, and breathable fabrics are the best to reduce sweat and marks left on the chair. Leather, in particular, is convenient to wipe clean with a barely damp cloth.

Reviews: Best Swivel Rocker Recliners

Here are our top picks from the best swivel rocker recliners, the best swivel glider recliners, and swivel rocker recliner chairs. Take a look to see what we mean!

  • This incredibly comfortable armchair is made incorporating a durable, sturdy base and will last you for years to come.
  • Equipped with remote controlled 8 point pressure relief massage, you will never want to leave your armchair again!
  • The smooth manual reclining mechanism allows you to effortlessly lay back on this swivel glider while enjoying your favorite tv show or a good book.
  • At the touch of a button, heat up the entire chair with ease.
  • This recliner armchair has a 360-degree swivel function as well as being able to dual as a rocking chair.
  • Manually adjustable headrest for extra back and neck support.
  • Comes with cool-drink cups and side pockets for more convenience.

  • This luxurious designer recliner armchair will transform any interior into a comfortable space with a sophisticated modern look.
  • Upholstered in a soft suede material.
  • Classified as a space saving or wall hugging glider recliner – you need 6-8inches to recline fully.
  • The covers are removable, machine washable, stain resistant, and rim-stitched for extra durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • The movable armchair pillows are stuffed with extra padding for your back and underneath you.
  • The simple, yet sophisticated recline mechanism allows for you to recline back smoothly and fully relax.
  • Backed up by a very stable plywood base, this recliner will last a long time.


Sleek, contemporary styling is just the beginning.

  • This recliner features rocking, swiveling motions to ensure your comfort.
  • Available in your choice of charcoal or cream colors, the linen fabric upholstery is water repellent and stain resistant, so your chair always looks fantastic.
  • Perfect for nurseries, with a design that accommodates parents and their little ones.
  • The reclining mechanism is hidden, keeping the look of this chair simple and modern.
  • Wingback style adds even more comfort (and great looks!) to this versatile swivel rocker recliner.
  • Green guard certified for your family’s safety.

  • Added comfort features including massage and heat make this chair the perfect place to relax.
  • Thick padding lends additional comfort to this rocking recliner, supporting your entire body while you lounge.
  • Ultra-versatile design lets you choose the perfect position. This chair swivels 360 degrees, and reclines 140 degrees.
  • Remote control and power cord lets you indulge in a relaxing massage. Choose from two intensity levels and five different control modes.
  • Side storage compartments hold books and magazines. Cup holders support your beverage and give you a place to stash your phone. Perfect for right- and left-handed users!


A stunning and vibrant patterned Upholstery Recliner with full Recline, Swivel and Rocking Functions.

  • Quiet and gentle Rocking and Gliding mechanism that eases you to sleep.
  • A two recline position mechanism for comfortable relaxation.
  • The steel base ensures easy 360 degree rotation and is very sturdy.
  • Upholstered in a soft Rayon and Polyester blend with a decorative print.
  • Cushioned seat, back and armrests with drop-in pocket coils in the seat.


A stunning Mid-Century Modern Styled, Tufted Back Rocking recliner with Swivel functions, that is ideal for use in the Nursery and other areas.

  • Stylish and easy to clean! This recliner has it all.
  • Sleek, modern looks make this comfy recliner the perfect complement to your contemporary home.
  • Glides, rocks back and forth, swivels, and reclines. Put your feet up and get comfortable!
  • Polyurethane material feels fantastic and is easy to clean.
  • Comes in three neutral colors. Enjoy as-is or add a colorful throw or pillow to amp up your style.


The Naomi Home Odelia ensures a full 360-degree range of swivel motion, in a comfortable recliner with rocking function.

  • Offers a full 360-degree range of swivel motion.
  • There is a 135 degree recline function and an extendable footrest.
  • Enjoy the full rocker experience for further relaxation.
  • Sturdy build with a supportive spring core foam filled seat.
  • Soft to the touch upholstery and fully padded back and armrests.
  • A few Color options are available in the upholstery.


The CANMOV is a manual recliner with swivel and rocking functions to soothe you to sleep, offering full relaxation comfort.

  • Perfect for the den, home theater, or nursery!
  • Ultra-comfortable recliner features plush upholstery with classic roll arms and an appealing wing back design.
  • Beautiful neutral buff fabric upholstery.
  • Super-soft with added lumbar support and a well-cushioned footrest.
  • Swivels and reclines! Adjust the recliner back from 90 to 150 degrees. Three different positions let you find your perfect comfort level.
  • Sturdy metal frame, supports weights of up to 300 pounds.


A swivel rocking chair from Esright with the addition of soothing heating functions and ergonomic design.

  • Enjoy full relaxation and the soothing relief of Heating and massaging functions.
  • Swivel and rocking capabilities.
  • There are two cup holders and four storage bags for your convenience.
  • Soft and sturdy design with PU leather upholstery.

Babyletto Kiwi is a power recliner designed to offer full relaxation, support, and comfort in a modern-day style. The chair has a compact size that works great for small apartments, yet it has room enough to sit comfortably. Its swivel and gliding functions make it perfect in nurseries where parents use it to soothe babies to sleep.

  • Built-in USB port for charging your phone
  • Babyletto Kiwi swivels at a 270-degree angle and is capable of gliding to and fro when not reclined.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a stylish wingback design and can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds
  • Electronic power recline with no battery backup
  • Upholstered and constructed by hand rather than machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes the best swivel rocker recliner?

There are several awesome swivel rocker recliners you can get depending on your budget and the functions you expect or require. All the models listed in the product reviews above are part of the best swivel rocker recliners found in the market. The chairs are sturdy, comfortable, supportive, and some have other extra features like cup-holders, USB port, and massage functions.

Do recliners rock?

Most recliners are meant to recline only; others can recline, rock, swivel, massage, heat certain body parts, and look elegant while doing these. Rocker recliners are great for sleeping as the rocking motion relaxes you and sends you off to sleep. However, note that recliners that rock, swivel, and perform other functions are costlier than the ones that only recline.

Do any lift chairs swivel?

Yes, some lift chair models can swivel to any direction you need them to go. Lift chairs help the user, who could be an older person or one recovering from surgery, to easily get up from a recliner chair. When they swivel, this chair allows you to move to whatever direction you intend to go and then get up with the aid of the lift mechanism.

Can you make a recliner into a rocker?

Few adjustments are all you need to modify a recliner to rock, and there are YouTube video tutorials that can guide you in doing so. However, these adjustments may affect the Chair’s smooth recline functionality, and the modification may cancel out your warranty in case of future problems. If the comfort of a rocker outweighs a warranty, you can go ahead and convert your recliner, and if not, you may decide that it is high time you bought a rocker recliner.

Who has the best deal on recliners?

The best recliner should be comfortable, durable, and designed to suit the user. The best deals on recliners and many other furniture are gotten during holiday or Black Friday sales, or any other time companies feature furniture discounts to boost their numbers. Since the companies compete by reducing their prices or having major discounts, you can get good deals from most of them during such times.

Does La-Z-Boy make a swivel rocker recliner?

La-Z-Boy has swivel rocker recliner models that let you rock and relax at the same time. The recliner supports the body perfectly at all times and can be a great place to read or nurse a baby to sleep.

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