Best Zero Gravity Recliners

Did you know that your weight is quite the load for your body to bear, regardless of what size you are?

A zero gravity chair is one thing that can take that pressure off.

Read more to find out why zero gravity chairs are so popular, how they work and what you should know before buying the best zero gravity chair.

Best Zero Gravity Recliner

How a Zero Gravity Chair Works

When you sink back into a zero gravity chair, it usually just takes one push of a button to recline into zero gravity position.

Your knees will start to elevate, and your back will recline until your knees and heart line up – this is zero gravity position.

In this position, the force of gravity has been minimized to 0. Additionally, when you are in this position, your body weight has the least impact on your spine or any of your bones for that matter!

Zero gravity chairs are also known as stress relief chairs for good reasons!

We do not realize how much strain the force of gravity takes on our bodies and by easily purchasing a zero gravity chair, we can alleviate stress, as well as aches, pains or migraines very effectively.

Even as little as 15minutes a day has shown to boost moods, give more energy and so much more.

Zero Gravity Chair Health Benefits

The health benefits of zero gravity recliners are mostly related to such potent stress relief, that pain is alleviated too! Laying back takes all pressure off your spine, the vertebrae, all joints, and even some organs.

For people who are obese, who suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer or auto-immune diseases, having a zero gravity can provide great energy-boosting benefits.

By relaxing your entire body, you are conserving energy and resources that your usual stresses would consume.

If you recline with your mouth open, it will also improve your breathing and allow proper airflow without hindrances.

Having proper breathing and posture will improve blood flow and can even aid in reducing swelling in sore joints.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, edema or osteoporosis may find having a zero gravity highly useful in helping to manage their illnesses.

Although these patients will benefit from having a zero gravity chair, these full recliners will help everyone and anyone!

Best Zero Gravity Chair Features

The best of the best zero gravity chairs come with some features that you will not want to miss out on!

  • Memory Foam – it’s kind of fitting that the foam invented originally for astronaut’s seats has now filtered down on the market and been placed inside of zero gravity chairs! Memory foam creates a 3D contour of your body, cradling you securely in the most comfortable position of your choice. This will make for a very comfortable, durable and supportive zero gravity recliner.
  • Electrically Powered – it is much easier to buy a zero gravity chair that has a battery or electrical power supply because you just need to select an option and push a button. Mechanical recliners with a lever recline system may say “zero gravity position, motorized” but you would have to find it on your own manually.
  • Dual Motors – another perk of some of the best zero-gravity chairs is that the head and foot-rest are individually powered with each their own motor. This means that you can choose to recline to other positions of your choice and angle the legs or headrests exactly how you want to.
  • Massage – massage recliner chairs have taken advantage of gravity too, now being manufactured with the option of zero gravity position. Relax without any pressure while getting a back massage!
  • Heated Seats – this is great, especially in cold climates or Winter time. At the push of a button, your recliner heats up and keeps you at a most comfortable temperature.

Best Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews

Here are our best choices for zero gravity chairs of 2018. Take a peak!

  • This chair is one of the best chairs on this entire website, providing you with the best comfort, support, stress relief, and style!
  • Ergonomically designed for your pleasure, each section of your body is held by plush foam upholstery which is covered in bonded leather.
  • The head and leg rest are independently motorized, making the recliner fully adjustable to suit your needs.
  • Comes inclusive with heated massage vibration therapy – select your favorite option and enjoy!
  • The base of this chair is made from beechwood and is extremely durable, capable of lasting you a decade or more.

  • This recliner chair from Human Touch makes an exception over other recliner chairs without needing a motor!
  • The lever mechanism of this recliner is so smooth; you can ease your way into zero gravity position without skipping a beat.
  • The chair is at full recline at zero gravity, locking itself into place at the perfect angle for the best stress relief you have yet to experience.
  • All the pads are stuffed for proper back and particularly lumbar support.
  • The chair is upholstered in handcrafted full-grain leather, which is also available in 11 different colors!
  • The base is the most durable of all wood bases, made from the toughest rubber trees and hand-carved by master woodworkers.

  • You will not be disappointed with this massage recliner chair when all the pressure leaves your tissues and bones!
  • This is a sophisticated massage chair that has rollers, vibrations, kneading techniques and Shiatsu available to the user.
  • Recline back into zero gravity while receiving a professional massage!
  • Choose from a wide variety of automatic programs or have the smart body detector create a unique massage program for you!
  • The headrest and the leg rest are independently motorized for maximum flexibility, allowing you to adjust it as you like.
  • The motors are completely silent when running, allowing you to rest in peace and fully immerse yourself in weightlessness.

  • Make the most of going away for the weekend camping with this amazing outdoors recliner chair.
  • This is a very affordable option for those who want to experience the joys of Zero Gravity Pain/Stress relief.
  • The upholstery of this chair is made to dry fast and endure the elements for a long time.
  • The seat is suspended off a steel frame that locks into place in the position of your choice.
  • Available in 12 different colors!
  • This chair is not recommended for those who have severe muscular-skeletal conditions.

  • This recliner chair is considered by many to be the perfect chair of chairs, offering everything a good chair should and more!
  • Covered in an easy-to-clean black vinyl and set on an indestructible steel frame base, this chair will last you for years.
  • Operated with a power recline system, this chair will provide the smoothest transitions between zero gravity and regular sitting positions.
  • The control panel is on the base instead of the seat, making sure you remain where you are without accidentally pushing a button.
  • Enjoy the weightless feel of zero gravity and improve your health on a daily basis.

Comparison Table: Best Zero Gravity Recliner

1Cozzia Zero Gravity Chair - Beautiful Beechwood Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Dual Motors
  • Bonded Leather
2Human Touch Full Recliner Chair - Superior Full Grain Leather Zero Gravity Chair
  • Hand crafted Wooden Frame
  • Lumbar Support
Human Touch98
3Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair - Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chair
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Automatic Program Selections
Ideal Massage97
4Caravan Sports Full Recline Camper Chair - Outdoor Zero Gravity Camping Recliner
  • Dual Finger Tip Locking System
  • Durable Steel Frame
Caravan Sports92
5Human Touch Ideal Recliner Chair - The Perfect Zero Gravity Reclining Chair
  • Power Recline
  • Black Vinyl Upholstery
Human Touch97

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