Top 10 Best Recliner Chairs

Looking for the best recliner chair possible will ultimately depend on what you are looking for.

Best Recliner Chairs To Buy in 2022:

Cozzia Power Massage Recliner Chair Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chair
  • This recliner chair is upholstered in top quality bonded leather
  • The beechwood base is bound to last for a few decades
  • An electronic button console operates the recliner chair
Kahuna Massage Chair Auto Massage Recliner Luxury Pneumatic Roller Massage Chair
  • This is one of the best recliner chairs available today
  • The massage recliner offers yoga positions, and full body stretches to ease body tension
  • Select from 3 different stages of zero gravity and decide which one suits you best for relaxing your entire body.
Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Recliner Chair Space Age Heated Massage Recliner Chair
  • The S-Shaped rollers and pneumatics inherent in this reclining massage chair come together to create some of the best recliner technology on the market.
  • Automatic 3D body sensors are expert at sensing where the pressure points are on
  • The timed massage option allows you to set the massage length for between 5 and 30 minutes

In this best recliner chair buyer’s guide, we aim to help make that decision easier for you by explaining different types of recliner chairs, what materials are the most durable and what features are at the forefront of modern day recliner relaxation.

Best Recliner Chair

Different Types of Recliner Chairs

Below we have discussed some of the primary types of recliner chairs and how they differ from each other. This will aid you in discerning the best recliner chair for you.

  • Power Recliner Chair – Power recliner chairs are automatic recliners that are electronically powered with two motors or a dual motor system. These recliners have the advantage of being able to adjust your head and backrest independently of the leg rest, allowing you to have more position options.
  • Zero Gravity Recliner Chair – Zero gravity recliner chairs were originally based off designs used by NASA for astronauts. These recliners allow you to recline back into zero gravity position, which is where your head is in alignment with your heart, and your knees are slightly elevated above it. Zero gravity position, as the name implies, place the body in a position where the force of gravity is reduced to zero. This results in full body pressure alleviation, stress relief and vastly improved blood circulation.
  • Massage Recliner Chair – Massage recliners will directly remove pressure or back pain by massaging you when you recline back. There are varying levels of massages that these recliners can offer. Some of them only pinpoint pressure points on the back with vibrations, while other kinds are more sophisticated with rollers or pneumatics. The best massage recliner chairs can emulate some of the world’s best masseuse practices and are fantastic for breaking down muscle tension.
  • Rocker & Glider Recliner Chairs – Rocker recliner chairs and gliders are very similar, which is why we have grouped them together. A rocker recliner chair rocks back and forth like a traditional rocking chair, in the motion of an arch. A glider, on the other hand, will rock in a back and forth motion, moving along a linear track. Glider recliners have become popular choices for nursery décor amongst breastfeeding moms, where it’s easier to soothe the baby with a rocking motion.
  • Lift Recliner Chairs – Lift recliner chairs (also referred to as ejection recliners from time to time) are recliners that help you from a sitting to a standing position. At the push of a button, the chair hoists you up usually with a scissor jack or similar mechanism. These recliners are very useful for the elderly or those in recovery from an operation. Some diabetics or those who suffer from edema, arthritis, and medical obesity may find a lift recliner chair highly beneficial too.

The Best Recliner Chair Materials

What materials allow you to know if a recliner chair will last long or support your weight? The materials reviewed in this section are the best materials a recliner can be made from.

  1. Foam – Foam is one of the most versatile stuffing materials used nowadays to upholster recliner chairs. Foam can be ejected with air to make it soft, or it can be infused with other substances to give it enhanced properties such as odor elimination. High-density foam is the firmest foam and is often used in orthotic recliners for exceptional back support and rigidity. Foam lasts a very long time, and if high-density foam is used, it will take a while before it begins to sag, as opposed to old-school cotton batting.
  2. Coils – Just as in hybrid mattresses, pocketed coils used in combination with foam have produced some of the most comfortable seating imaginable. The coils give the padding an extra degree of bounce and help to accommodate your shape, while still providing the adequate support your body needs. Coils usually aid in foam ventilation too, keeping your seat’s temperature nicely regulated while you relax back and enjoy.
  3. Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is the most durable recliner frame material and has the added quality of being lightweight. Stainless steel will not rust and can resist corrosion in even the moistest or humid conditions.
  4. Hardwood – Hardwood has been used for centuries in furnishings and is also highly durable. A hardwood recliner may cost more than that of a stainless steel recliner, however, as trees are in high demand. Hardwoods consist of Birchwood, beechwood, cedarwood, oak, pine or mahogany. Do not confuse hardwoods with a soft wood such as plywood or you may have a recliner that falls under you!

5 Best Recliner Chairs Features of 2021

The below features reflect the pinnacle of current recliner chair technology!

  • Automatic Massage Sensors – This is a feature that proves that the future is already here! Inside some of the best massage recliner chairs, automatic sensors scan your body and assess where your pressure points are. This information feeds back to the recliner, and it acts to massage those areas accordingly. These massage recliner chairs don’t come cheap, but they are incredibly well worth every penny, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain and wish to save on medical bills.
  • Adaptive Body Contouring – Some of the best recliner chairs are padded with memory foam, which molds to your unique body shape and holds you in a posture that’s perfect for you. Not only are these recliners the most comfortable, but they also provide the best degree of orthotic support.
  • Electronic & Remote Controlled Recliners – Manual recliners are still the most common type of recliner used to-date, however, electronic recliners are far more convenient. At the push of a button, either on the recliner or a remote control, you can recline back into any position you desire. Many electronic recliners come with a backup battery system in case the power goes out, allowing you to remain in a relaxed position without being dropped suddenly or damaging the recliner.
  • Fully Adjustable Positioning – Not all recliners offer full adjustability. For those of us who like to choose the ultimate position of comfort, a fully adjustable recliner is the best. This feature allows one to adjust the headrest, backrest, leg rest and occasionally even the armrests. If the recliner is electronic, adjustability can be achieved by selecting buttons, and in some cases, you can save your favorite positions, allowing the recliner to take you back there every time you want to relax.
  • Heat – Heated recliners have been around for a while, and yet the ability to warm your backside while reclining is still one of the best features of all time! If you live in a cold climate or if you want to purchase a massage recliner, you will not want to pass up this feature in your recliner chair.

Reviews: The Best Recliner Chairs

Have a look below at our superior selection of some of the best recliner chairs that money can buy!

  • This recliner chair is upholstered in top quality bonded leather, upgrading any interior into a modern sophisticated look and feel.
  • The beechwood base is bound to last for a few decades at least and will keep you supported in comfort as well as style.
  • An electronic button console operates the recliner chair, allowing you to recline back into multiple positions at your leisure.
  • This chair has a zero gravity function, improving your energy levels, blood flow and reducing stress with the push of a button!
  • Vibration massage and heat add extra luxury to this recliner chair, completing the perfect array of features you need to relax and eliminate back pressure!

  • This is one of the best recliner chairs available today, incorporating the latest body scanner technology to give you the best massage possible for your body size!
  • Aside from multiple massage programs to choose from, the massage recliner offers yoga positions, and full body stretches to ease body tension.
  • Select from 3 different stages of zero gravity and decide which one suits you best for relaxing your entire body.
  • The recliner chair is space saving, only needing 3 inches of wall space to recline back fully.
  • The arms, shoulders, and feet rest operate using a pneumatic massage system, while the back uses L-shaped rollers to emulate professional massage techniques.
  • Includes a 3 year warranty to ensure complete satisfaction.

  • The S-Shaped rollers and pneumatics inherent in this reclining massage chair come together to create some of the best recliner technology on the market.
  • Automatic 3D body sensors are expert at sensing where the pressure points are on your back and selecting a massage program that’s ideal for you!
  • The timed massage option allows you to set the massage length for between 5 and 30 minutes, as well as at different intensity levels for full relaxation.
  • This massage recliner chair is entirely silent, allowing you to nap during a massage without disturbances.
  • There are four automatic programs that you can select from, including shiatsu, rolling, kneading and vibration massage.
  • The recliner chair is fully adjustable, giving you the flexibility of what position you would like to recline back into.
  • At the push of a button, you can recline into zero gravity while receiving a heated massage or just be resting.

  • This power recliner is the best lift recliner chair for tall people, offering excellent back support combined with superior reclining comfort.
  • The “waterfall” back support is designed to create excellent lumbar support, being firmly padded with high-density foam.
  • This recliner provides the user with a fully adjustable feature, allowing one to choose to recline into any position they want.
  • The lift function of the recliner is useful for those who struggle to get on their feet from a sitting position.
  • The recliner has three recline positions to choose from, as well as two memory slots for the user to save their favorite positions at will.
  • The max weight is 375 lb, and the manufacturers recommend that people with a height of 5’11” to 6’2” are the best suited to use the recliner.

  • This glider recliner incorporates a smooth glide and recline mechanism to allow nursing moms a chance to relax while tending to the baby.
  • The stainless steel frame ensures a long-lasting affair and makes this chair a wonderful purchase particularly if you plan on having multiple children.
  • The cushions and padding are safe and non-toxic, not including any harmful chemicals such as flame retardants or heavy metals.
  • The padding is spot cleanable and removable; making it very easy for a mom to keep clean if the baby decides to make a mess.
  • Comes with an ottoman for full adjustability, allowing you to rock back and forth with your feet up or to set the leg rest aside.
  • Available in 10 unique colors to match your nursery perfectly, complimenting your infant’s unique personality!

  • This recliner is purely a recliner and will look fantastic in any modern setting.
  • Ideal for a small flat, this recliner was made to save space.
  • Recline back just that perfect length to get comfortable in front of the tv or when reading what happens next in that book.
  • Covered in a high-quality PU leather, this recliner is supported on a sturdy wooden frame.
  • Simply pull the lever and allow your head to glide backward.
  • Easy to wipe clean.

  • This black bonded leather office chair is designed to support your back perfectly while you work.
  • Recline nearly all the way backward and indulge in a rest during lunch breaks.
  • Footpad included, so your legs get the full support they need.
  • Fully adjustable pneumatics ensure you can adjust to any position you might desire.
  • All the neck, back, and arm pads are doubled padded to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Bonded leather is easy to wipe and keep clean.
  • 360-degree swivel office chair on wheels for ease of movement.

  • This is one of the best rated massage chairs made by the brand Human Touch.
  • Contains three massages programs, the first one being score muscle relief, the second being stress therapy and the third being back wellness.
  • The chair was designed with the understanding of known massage techniques, such as kneading, compression, percussion and rolling.
  • Covered in black bonded leather, which just needs to be wiped down to be kept clean.
  • This chair will save space in your apartment, depending on what angle you decline until!
  • Plushly stuffed and very comfortable.
  • This chair is nearly a full recliner chair and can almost reach the full 180 degrees.

  • This luxury massage armchair is ideal for relaxing at home with.
  • The backrest and the leg rest can operate independently of one another thanks to the dual motor system.
  • Decide if you want a foot or a back massage with the click of a button.
  • Each panel is made up of shaped foam, allowing you to just sink right in and enjoy.
  • Ideal for reading, watching television or just taking a nap in.
  • The recliner works best with a small pillow behind your neck for support.

  • This is one of our favourite chairs on this entire site for a good reason!
  • The Cozzia Zero Gravity Recliner is covered in very high grade bonded leather, allowing you to relax back in an easy to clean, pampered seat.
  • The modern design will fit into any interior and improve the setting tremendously.
  • The effect of zero gravity on your body is good for your overall health and wellbeing, as it completely de-stresses your entire body!
  • Made from a solid beechwood base, this chair will last you for many happy years.
  • Click a button to decide if you would like the heat to be turned on or to have a vibrating massage while laying back.
  • Adjust the seat any way you like using the independently powered head, and footrests.

Different Types of Recliner Chairs

  • Rocker Recliners – These are recliner chairs that can lean back, while at the same time allowing you to rock in an arch-like motion. These are the modern-day equivalent of the rocking chair and excellent for the elderly or nursing moms.
  • Glider Recliners – Glider recliners are the evolutionary step after the rocker recliner chair was invented. A glider reclines and also allows you to rock out in a linear backward forwards motion. These chairs do not move in an arch-like rocker recliner and are preferred by some nursing mothers over rocker recliners.
  • Wall-Saver Recliners – in some cities, it is truly apparent how the need to save space has become a living priority. One can still find a recliner chair that saves space in the home, reclining back only 6-8 inches and still allowing you to relax! An ordinary recliner will need at much as 14 inches.
  • Full Recliners – Ever wanted to sleep on the couch? That’s what these are for. These recliner chairs extend out to form a flatbed for you to lie on. You can adjust the knees and head as you require.
  • Swivel Recliners – Not so much a mystery, swivel recliner chairs can turn around in a full 360-degree circle. These are great as office chairs, as you can then recline at work for a relaxing 15min break!

Top 5 Modern Recliner Features

Some of the best recliner chair features are listed below:

  1. Zero Gravity – this refers to some of the best recliners available to date. Zero gravity recliners are pricey because they are so relaxing that it improves your health! The recliner leans you back at a 180-degree angle and alleviates the force of gravity on your body. This sense of weightlessness eases pressure points and improves blood flow.
  2. Massage – who doesn’t like getting a massage? There are massage recliners that either vibrate pressure off your back or mechanically massage your back with built-in rollers!
  3. Heated Seating – A few recliners and now recliner chair inserts are available that include the ability to keep you warm as you sit there. You won’t be sorry in the Winter time with this functionality.
  4. Buttons – the best recliner chairs use buttons to be operated. You can also get recliners that are as simple as sitting and leaning back or pulling a lever.
  5. Memory Foam – these days recliners are occasionally lined with memory foam and padded ergonomically to support good posture. Memory foam creates a perfectly comfortable body contour and holds your spine straight.

Recliner Chair Buying Considerations

There are a few considerations you should make before buying a recliner – it’s best to make sure you have the best recliner chair option to suit your needs.

  • If the recliner chair has a Dual Motor, this is a good sign. It means that you can independently operate the head rest and foot rest, creating the best position for yourself.
  • Bonded leather is the most durable covering which is easy to wipe and keep clean. Other good upholstery qualities to look for include having removable covers, as these tend to be machine washable.
  • You need to select the recliner chair with the Right Measurements, or you will end up hurting your back in the long run. Pay attention to the dimensions.
  • Price usually does indicate quality in the case of recliner chairs. You may need to be prepared to assemble the recliner yourself if you pay on the less expensive side.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes a good recliner chair?

There are a lot of manufacturers who produce quality and good recliner chairs. Recliners by brands like La-Z-Boy, Ashley Furniture, Flexsteel, Southern Motion, and Catnapper are made with materials that withstand the daily wear and tear from continuous use. You can purchase the recliners with confidence, even at an exceptional price tag. 

What are the best recliner chairs?

What makes a recliner chair the best depends on what you are looking for. We have reviewed the best recliner chairs you should buy in 2020. You should look through the features and decide which has the qualities you are looking for. 

Where is the best place to purchase recliner lift chairs with heat and massage?

Amazon is the best place to buy heat and massage recliner chairs. You get the best price offers, and it is a very convenient option. 

Which ergonomic recliner chairs are recommended for lower back issues?

The recliner chairs we have reviewed above are ideal for people having lower back issues. They offer maximum back support as well as superior reclining comfort.

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