Best Recliners with Armrest Storage

A recliner goes by many names, a chaise lounge, sofa, super chair, and similarly and armchair. The recliner is known for its soft and wide comfortable armrests that add to the luxury of this highly purposeful chair.

So why not add even more to the functionality of the recliner by finding a recliner which armrests can act as a storage space in turn.

armrest storage recliner

How a Comfortable and Versatile Recliner Benefits You

Stress and tension can cause muscle ache and pain. Physical stress and strain from sitting in an incorrect position on an unsupportive seat can just as well lead to back pain and numerous other ailments.

One of the top advantages of any proper recliner chair is the fact that it relaxes you, soothing the muscles in your body and giving much-required rest in a position that is both comfortable and supportive for your body.

Versatility on the other hand aids in the relaxation by offering you more convenience, for the most part the convenience of not having to get up from the chair to perform a task such as fetching or reaching for a beverage, charging your phone, cleaning up a spill or reaching for a remote control.

Versatility and convenience feature all aid in respect to creating an environment where you can perform necessary tasks and have beverages and snacks at hand without having to offer up your position of relaxation.
Features such as a cup holder, tray, USB charging ports, storage areas, and many others are all excellent beneficial amenities, likewise storage in an armrest is not only useful but similarly more practical and neat.

Storage Space in Recliners

Storage space in a recliner can come in many different forms and areas.
Side pockets are under normal circumstances the most practical and most commonly found storage space on a recliner. Side pockets are outstanding for storing magazines, remote controls and many other accessories in.
Armrest Storage recliner
Henceforth cup holders are the latest in innovate storage solutions, keep your beverage of choice close at hand and prevent spills, with this handy invention.

Swivel tables have the further utility of providing a working or eating platform that can be easily stored away after use. Whereas the USB port holder gives you an area to charge all electrical devices such as a cell phone, tablet, IPad or even a laptop.

Last but not least, let us not forget about the neat and organized, and extremely handy armrest storage. This is an excellent solution for not only keeping, but likewise hiding certain accessories away, particularly handy when you have small children. Then there is also the option of armrest storage with cup holders, another brilliant brainchild.

What to look for in a Recliner with Armrest Storage

Any good recliner should have large and fluffy, plushly padded armrests.
When it comes to an armrest with storage, make sure that the concept is practical and easy to use, and that the design is sturdy and durable. Look at the space offered, the storage space should be worthwhile and usable.

Other features to look at are the design of the recliner if it suits your needs, a sturdy frame, resilient padding, and durable upholstery.

You can likewise consider features such as a swivel tray, cup holder or even a USB port.
Then there is also the choice between a manual or an electrically charged power recliner, where with the power recliner features such as heating, vibration and massage can be an option.

Reviews: Best Recliners with Armrest Storage Compartments

Here are some admirable options in recliners that Feature armrests with storage capabilities.


The Handy Living Pro-Lounger is a Wall hugging recliner with a cup holder and storage arm.
This is the ideal recliner if you have limited space.

  • Available in a few upholstery color options for you to choose from.
  • Wall Hugging capabilities that only needs four inches of clearance to save you on much-needed space.
  • Uses less floor space when reclined.
  • Features an armrest storage compartment and cup holder for further accessibility.
  • Small in size with strong and durable construction.
  • Soft and easy to clean upholstery.


An excellent choice in children furniture. The Nova Natural offers your child the exceptional benefits of a sturdy cup holder, as well as nifty armrest storage space.

  • A sturdy wooden frame with fire retardant foam filling and durable leather upholstery that is comfortable and easy to clean.
  • The storage arms and cup holder creates the feel of a movie theatre for little ones relaxing in front of the television, with their favorite snacks.
  • Overstuffed padding designed for not just comfort, but to keep little ones safe and guarded.
  • The ideal spot for kids to watch television, play video games, color or even read a book.


The Soges Home is a luxury Reclining Sofa chair, with the addition of storage features in the armrest, to give you the benefits of a home theatre seat.

  • Upholstered in plush and durable suede PU leather suitable for sensitive and frequent use.
  • Padded with extra thick sponge padding to cushion your back, seat, and arms.
  • There are a 160-degree recline and multiple recline positions.
  • The metal and wood frame is solid and of excellent quality.
  • Added you will find a cup holder, a small tray and two storage bags to keep your beverages and accessories.


A manual armrest chair with additional storage, the Seatcraft home theatre seat is luxuriously comfortable and highly feature rich.

  • Upholstered in the top of the range leather gel that is both durable, and elegant looking.
  • You can take your recline experience to the next level, with the quick and easy pull of a lever, for smooth transitioning.
  • Hidden arm storage with steel cup holders are an excellent additional feature for indulgent comfort.
  • You can enhance the appeal of your home with this sophisticated and graceful contemporary styled reclining chair.


The FlyingBean Anti-Slip, sofa, and recliner Armrest cover comes with convenient storage and organizer features, as well a durable and non-slip design.

  • An armrest organizer where you can keep magazines and plenty of other handy items and accessories.
  • Manufactured with Pongee foam and non-woven non-slip netting with super soft polyester fabric covering.
  • The large dimensions of this armrest cover will not only keep small items safe but likewise protect and cover your armrests.
  • The anti-slip technology ensures that the armrest cover always stays well in place, without slipping.
  • Very easy to install and extremely versatile and expedient to use.

In Conclusion

Reclining is a strong and useful remedy for many stress-related discomforts, and so beneficial for your health.

Having the appropriate accessories to go with your recliner, can be a huge improvement to your relaxation experience.

Index Table: The Best Recliners with Armrest Storage

1Handy Living proLounger - Storage Arm Cup Holder Recliner
  • Cup Holder
  • Storage Armrest
  • Wall Hugger
Handy Living96
2Nova Natural Kids - Leather Recliner With Armrest Storage
  • Storage Arms
  • Cup Holder
  • Durable
  • Overstuffed
Nova Natural98
3Soges Home Luxurious - Reclining Sofa with Armrest Cupholder and Tray
  • Cup Holder
  • Tray
  • Durable
  • Extra Padded
Soges Home95
4Seatcraft Sausalito - Manual Armrest Storage Recliner
  • Leather Gel
  • Arm Storage
  • Cup Holder
5FlyingBean Caddy Pocket - Armrest Storage Organizer
  • Non-Slip
  • Durable
  • Super Soft

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