Best Lumbar Support Pillows for Recliner

Do you work in an office setting, drive long distances, or spend many hours in a recliner, for whatever reason? If yes, you have probably already felt back pain. Without adequate back support, it can cause much strain on your lower back. We prepared this article specifically for you. You will learn how to select the best lumbar support pillows for recliners.

Best Rated Lumbar Support Pillows For Your Recliner To Buy in 2022:

Desk Jockey Lower Back Lumbar Support Pillow with Memory Foam
  • Allows for better spinal alignment and circulation
  • Adjustable straps
  • Good value for money
LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support recliner Pillow
  • A sturdy and supportive Ergonomic shape
  • 3D mesh ventilation to circulate air
  • Superior pain prevention and relief
Ziraki Cooling Gel and Memory Foam recliner Lumbar Pillow
  • Comfortable and supportive pillow
  • Durable and soft
  • Affordable

You may be bound to your recliner for recovery of an injury, or any other reason and your back is taking the toll, well a good Lumbar Support Pillow can change all of that in an instant.

Lumbar Support Pillow for Recliner

How Bad Posture Affects Your Back

One of the biggest issue today is that many careers, or even leisure times, end up in long hours of sitting.
Which in itself is not that bad, but when you are sitting in a position that is poor postural or slouching in a chair, the effects on your back can be terrible.

Bad posture can cause many back problems and pain, which later in your life can become much more serious.

Why Lumbar Support is Important

Good Lumbar Support in a chair or Recliner that you spend many hours in is critical and very much necessary.


Lumbar support allows you to maintain the correct posture, which in turn allows the muscles in your back and spine o relax, as well as supporting proper curvature for better spinal alignment.

When your spine is improperly aligned and you have poor posture the lumbar muscles and spinal muscles become weak and your body becomes tired quickly.

With Good Lumbar Support, the muscles around your spine are relieved of having to keep your spine naturally curved, constantly and can thus relax, enabling you to sit for longer, without getting tired.

How a Lumbar Support Cushion Helps

The video below will give you some insight on how much a lumbar support cushion actually helps, and how it should be used;

The design of a Lumbar Pillow or Cushion helps to increase Blood Flow, prevent Muscle Fatigue, and Back Tightness, as well as allowing you to sit comfortably for many hours without experiencing any pain or fatigue.

Back support, in turn, helps to align your neck, back, and hips, as well as, Improve Your posture, to relax your back muscles and prevent back pain in the long run.

Anyone who already suffers from Back Ache, or who spends many Hours on a chair, recliner or car seat will greatly benefit from a Lumbar Support Pillow.

The great advantage about a Lumbar Support pillow is that it can be used on almost any chair, such as your car seat, office chair, recliner and lounge seat. You can find more information on the advantages of lumbar support pillows in this research.

Lumbar Support Pillow Types and Features

There are quite a few shapes, sizes, styles and types of Lumbar support pillows available. There are some that come with an adjustable strap, and others without.

Lumbar Support Pillow features

Most of the models I have chosen have a memory foam fill, which is one of the best materials to provide comfort and firm back and lumbar support.

  • Memory Foam, Polyester, or Foam Filling.
  • Elastic attachment strips in some models.
  • A removable and washable pillowcase.
  • Durable and supportive.
  • Different size options are available.
  • A washable cover from soft and comfortable material,

Reviews: Lumbar Support Pillows For Your Recliner


The Desk Jockey is a clinical grade, orthopedic memory foam Lumbar support pillow that can be used on your desk chair, recliner and even in your car.

This Lumbar Pillow provides exceptional contoured and firm back support and comfort, and will aid in relieving back pain, and promoting a much better posture.

  • Most impressive, strong. VERSATILITY, you can take this lumbar pillow anywhere and with its adjustable straps it will fit almost any type of chair imaginable.
  • Offers contoured, memory foam back support, and comfort that helps to reduce pain and improves your posture while sitting.
  • Allows for better spinal alignment and circulation, and much more comfortable seating.
  • Guarantees a lifetime of resilient use. And will never lose its shape.
  • Designed with the input of a Board Certified Specialist to provide the highest quality, Orthopedic relief.


Yet another superb and versatile Memory Foam, lumbar support pillow that can be used on basically any type of seat, including your Recliner.

Offers balanced and soft comfort, yet firm support, with a breathable mesh cover to reduce sweating and keep you cool.

  • Helps to alleviate back pain effectively, and support your lumbar area for better alignment and more comfortable seating.
  • Ensures Chiropractic recommended orthopedic lumbar support, to achieve a healthy posture and superior pain prevention and relief.
  • A sturdy and supportive Ergonomic shape, that is streamline with high resiliency memory foam, for firm support.
  • The removable pillowcase features 3D mesh ventilation to circulate air, and prevent the build-up of sweat and moisture
  • The ideal gift for people who spend long hours seated at a desk or in their cars.
  • Comes in eight brights, and neutral color options to choose from.


This Lumbar Support Pillow offers the orthopedic support of memory foam, along with the Cool Gel technology to keep you cool and comfortable.

Ideal for your recliner, Car seat, Office chair, or any other seat or chair that you may want to use it on, with the added feature of portability.

  • Easily fit this comfortable and supportive pillow to your Recliner or any other chair with its highly practical Adjustable Fitting straps.
  • The Memory foam gently contours to the natural shape of your body while ensuring consistent and effective pain relief, so you can enjoy hours of comfort in your favorite chair.
  • This pillow likewise ensures excellent posture and spinal alignment which is healthy for you back and lumbar area.
  • You will never get hot or sweaty with the Cooling Gell Pad, while you can sit for hours in the same position with ease and comfort.
  • Portable and great for travel and use on a variety of chair and seat types.

Versatility is just one reason why this cushion receives top ratings! Ultra-comfortable whether you’re relaxing in your recliner, driving long distances, or taking care of business in your office chair, it’s fitted with adjustable straps that let you keep the correct position once you’ve achieved the comfort level you want.

  • Pure memory foam adjusts to your body’s unique contours so tired, sore muscles can relax while posture improves.
  • Breathable mesh cover allows for airflow, keeping you cool and comfy. The cover is machine washable, so your support pillow stays fresh and clean.
  • Available in five appealing colors to complement your décor.
  • Designed to provide comfort anywhere, in any seat.
  • Dual straps are easy to adjust, so the cushion fits you and your chair.

If you’re looking for a small lumbar support pillow that’s easy to tuck right into your lower back for targeted support, your search might be over. This pillow fits right into your recliner, so you can relax in complete comfort.

  • • Solid memory foam with a built-in lumbar curve that fits the small of your back.
  • • Perfect for recliners, but versatile enough to use on any seat – even in your car.
  • Medium-firm support offers just the right amount of “give” while contouring to your shape.
  • Eases back pain that originates in the lower back region
  • • Soft, zippered cover is easy to remove for cleaning
  • • Adjustable back strap makes it easier to find and keep the most comfortable position in office chairs, dining chairs, and other seats.

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