Best Recliners for Sleeping

If you are one of those people, who falls asleep in front of the television or even while upright at your work desk, you should consider purchasing a recliner chair for sleeping in.

The best recliners for sleeping in will prevent you from waking up with neck stiffness, joint aches or back pains when you have a nap, and in fact, tend to come with many more perks!

Best Recliners for Sleeping

A Look at Causes of Body Stiffness and Pain

Many of us surrender to the idea that pain in the joints or morning stiffness is caused because we lay in a funny position all night or hurt ourselves somehow without registering it.

While this may be true, it is not entirely accurate. Pain and stiffness are products of when the body releases inflammatory compounds or comes into contact with them (in our diet or environment).

Stiffness is usually a result of fluids that have failed to drain properly, which can be caused by blocked blood flow, poor vascular health, and heart problems. However digestive health and stress both play a significant role in how we experience pain.

Stress as well as eating allergens or toxins continuously creates free radicals, which contribute to feeling pain in our body. Disrupted sleep or little to no sleep can cause the levels of pain in our bodies to increase as well as our sensitivity to pain.

How Can A Sleeper Recliner Provide Pain Relief?

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue or chronic morning stiffness all tend to fall asleep from exhaustion before they have a chance to move over to their beds. If this sounds like you then beware! Falling asleep in odd positions will cause blockages in blood flow and will add to your pain. One of the most common causes of pain involves sleeping with misaligned body posture.

You will want to invest in a recliner that you can comfortably fall asleep in which aids your posture the best so that if you do fall asleep, you can rest assured and wake up feeling better. The best recliners for sleeping also have features that add to your relaxation such as massage or zero gravity. Making the most of these features will aid you in reducing the levels of stress in your system, thereby helping to reduce overall pain and pain perception in the body.

Characteristics for a Good Recliner for Sleeping

Before purchasing the best recliner for sleeping in, you will naturally need to consider a few characteristics and ask a few questions. These pointers may prove useful:

  1. Function – depending on the reason you want to buy a sleeper recliner, you may want one that reclines all the way back into a full bedspread or just at a 45-degree angle back. Wall hugging or space-saving recliners will help you to get the maximum benefit out of a limited room space.
  2. Height – If you are too big or too small, the recliner will create problems for you further down the line! You need to match it in proportion to receive any benefits from reclining in it. Being out of proportion will likely damage your posture and increase the level of inflammation in the body.
  3. Materials – certain upholstery is of better quality than others, such as bonded leather or cotton. If the material can be removed to be machine washed, that’s even better! Memory foam, gel memory foam and other high-density foams are what is being used to pad recliner chairs these days. These padding options provide support while allowing you to sink in comfortably. The recliner base is traditionally always superior when made from hard sturdy wood. However, if you want to go metal, industrial designers have started to up-cycle metals, which are not only durable but help save the environment!
  4. Massage Technology – there are various forms of massage recliners out there, which are designed to alleviate pressure points on your back, as well as give you the best stress relief. The cheaper recliner chairs for massage will have vibration points which help to take the pressure off your joints. The best massage chairs have rollers that use pneumatics or hydraulics to operate! These recliners will mimic the best massage techniques known to top masseuses worldwide.
  5. Zero Gravity – when a recliner leans back to 180 degrees so that your knees are floating above your head, you are in zero gravity position. This means that the force of gravity has been nullified, resulting in pain relief and pressure relief on all pressure points of the body.

Reviews: The Best Recliner for Sleeping

Here below is our selection of the best sleeping recliners that we could find.

  • This is a superior recliner chair, padded with plush ergonomically designed head, back, neck and knee rests.
  • One can swivel 360 degrees full circle in this recliner chair.
  • The ultimate reading chair, this recliner can go back to an angle of 170 degrees, also making it the ultimate sleeper recliner chair.
  • The design of the entire recliner took 20 years to perfect regarding optimizing comfort in every position, such as reading, sleeping, watching television, talking on the phone and more.
  • Operates by turning knobs and has independently powered footrests, headrests, and backrests.
  • The chair is upholstered in top grain leather and is available in a variety of colors.
  • Product of Brazil.

  • This recliner lift chair is very helpful for those who battle to stand or who have a seniorly disposition.
  • At the push of a button, choose whether to eject yourself gently up or recline anywhere backward to sleeping position.
  • Select from many remote control heated chair and vibrate massage options!
  • Each pocket is overstuffed and very plush, and there are even coils in the seat for more comfort.
  • This recliner sleeper chair even has the option to recline all the way to zero gravity position – treat yourself to ultimate relaxation.

  • Recline all the way back into sleeping position and set the timer to fall asleep after a relaxing massage.
  • This massage chair incorporates the highest quality massage technology to help take the pressure off!
  • Choose from a selection of automated programs and massage features, imitating shiatsu and using masseuse techniques such as kneading.
  • Using the remote, one can operate the head and foot rests independently of one another, thanks to dual motorization.
  • This technology is sophisticated enough to sense the pressure points in your body and can create a unique massage program for your back!
  • Recline to zero gravity to effectively remove the stress and pressure from your body!

  • If you suffer from feeling back and neck pain at work and enjoy taking naps in your break times, then this is the chair for you!
  • This chair can recline back to any angle, which can save a lot of back pain and stiffness when working at the computer.
  • Choose to have a nap and just recline all the way backward!
  • The foot rest and back rest are operated via pneumatics and run separately.
  • In this recliner chair, one can also swivel a full 360 degrees.
  • Upholstered in bonded leather and stuffed comfortably, this durable chair will last you years.

  • This plush PU leather arm chair can be adjusted to recline in any position, including sleeping position.
  • Stuffed with polyester, this chair offers good back and leg support to those who recline on it.
  • This is a great sleeper chair for the elderly who struggle to stand up on their own.
  • At the push of a button, one can eject oneself in three different ways from the chair – choose the boost you need.
  • Not suitable for individuals who have pacemakers in their systems.
  • The recliner chair supports a weight of up to 330 pounds.


A lovely plush padded rocking recliner with no-sag springs.

The Flash Furniture Contemporary is ideal for sleeping in or just relaxing on while hanging out with family and friends.

  • Stunning contemporary design to suit a contemporary or modern styled home.
  • The upholstery is made from luxuriously soft and durable microfiber, with a suede feel in a Graphite color.
  • The arms and back pillows are an overstuffed fro luscious comfort
  • Comes with the additional rocking feature to soothe you to sleep.
  • Lever operated reclining.
  • The no-sag sinuous springs will ensure your recliners lasts very long.
  • Available in graphite, taupe and fudge color options.


La-Z-Boy is the first name that comes up when you think of a large overstuffed plush recliner, that is comfortable enough to sleep on. Well, deservingly so, the Niagara is plush padding, rocking recliner that will soothe you to dreamland.

  • The largest offers three easy to operate positions.
  • There is also the locking mechanism to control the positions of the leg rest.
  • Customary adjustable tension.
  • Superior rocking relaxation.
  • Much sought after body and lumbar support giving the body complete support in all positions.
  • Independent back recline.
  • The state of the art frame is built to last even with frequent heavy-duty use.


The Lifestyle Power recliner is a convenient and comfortable recliner, that you can sit and relax in, while charging your phone or electronic device, watching television, and then lay back to fall asleep.

  • Electrically powered for quick and easy relaxation.
  • A heavy-duty built with tough materials that will last with regular use.
  • Soft and lavish fabric that is easy to maintain and clean.
  • There is a USB port on the activation switch for charging electronic devices.
  • The wall-saver mechanism saves you space.
  • A lay-flat Premium mechanism is allowing you to lay down flat in a position for sleeping, similar to a bed.


A plush and cozy overstuffed recliner from one of the top brands, Catnapper, that is made for sleeping on.

  • There are three color options available in soft fabric upholstery.
  • Chaise power recline into full recline for comfortable sleeping.
  • Full layout function.
  • The steel seat box and steel frame ensure no warping, splitting and long-lasting durability.
  • Thickly padded with comfortable foam.


The Reliance offers you full recline so that you can lay flat in a sleeping position, with added heating function for those cold winters sleeping in front of the television.

  • A lift chair and recliner that can recline completely flat into a sleeping position.
  • Additional Heating function.
  • Soft and plush fabric upholstery.
  • Durable and hard-wearing frame.
  • Higher back for more comfort.

Index Table: The Top Rated Sleeping Recliners

1Lafer Recliner Chairs Kiri Sleeper Recliner - Plush Modern Sleeper Recliner Chair
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • 170 Degree Recline
Lafer Recliner Chairs98
2Perfect Sleep Chair Recliner Chair - Soft Medical Lift Recliner for Sleeping
  • Heated Seating
  • Zero Gravity
Perfect Sleep Chair96
3Human Touch Full Body Massage Sleeper - Kneading Massage Sleeper Recliner Chair
  • 2-5 Year Warranty
  • 3-D Massage Engine
Human Touch95
4VIVA OFFICE Office Nap Time Recliner - Bonded Leather Office Chair for Sleeping
  • Recliner Swivel Office Chair
  • Lumbar Support
5Merax Leather Lift Recliner - Sturdy Steel Sleeper Lift Recliner Chair
  • PU Leather
  • Electric Lift Mechanism
6Flash Furniture Contemporary - Heavy Padded Best Recliner for Sleeping
  • Plush
  • Rocking
  • No Sag Springs
Flash Furniture94
7La-Z-Boy Niagara - Rocker Recliner for Naps
  • Natural Recline
  • Durable Frame
  • Comfortable
  • Rocking Padding
8Lifestyle Power - Recliner for Sleeping
  • USB Port
  • Easy to Clean
  • Wall Saver
  • Heavy Duty
9Catnapper Cloud 12 - Sleeping Recliner
  • Overstuffed
  • Full recline
10Reliance Lift Chair - Full Sleeper Recliner
  • Full Flat Recline
  • Heating

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