Large Recliners

When shopping online for large recliners for the big or tall man, it can be difficult to know what you are contending with.

To help ensure your purchase is a large success, we have compiled this buyer’s guide which aims to cover what materials a large recliner should be made from, factors to be wary of when shopping online and a brief discussion of the best large recliner features available.

Large Recliner

Premium Large Recliner Materials

To know if the large recliner you are considering purchasing is of a high quality and to ensure it can hold your weight, check to see if it has one or more of the following materials.

  • Innerspring Coil Foam Padding – The most comfortable and luxurious padding that a recliner can have would be a combination of both sinuous coiled inner springs and high-density foam. This hybridized approach to recliner design creates the most optimal weight distribution as well as supreme support.
  • Leather – Leather has been used for centuries in many products because of its toughness and durability. The best leather a recliner can be made of is full grain leather, followed by genuine leather. Bonded leather can be leather of any graded quality that has been infused with a waterproof top layer of either polyurethane or latex. This makes the recliner easy to clean and keeps it in an excellent condition!
  • Microfiber – Microfiber or suede leather fabrics are one way to ensure a trendy look without a harsh feel. These materials feel very soft and cozy, often also fixed with stain resistant treatments. The benefit of these covers, while not as durable as leather, is that one can often remove them to give them a proper wash.
  • Hardwood – hardwood refers to any very sturdy form of wood, like oak, pine, birch, cedar or mahogany. Hardwoods have been supporting people’s weights since ancient times and are still used in construction and other household furnishings today. Plywood and other similar kinds of woods count as soft wood and would not be suitable for large recliners.
  • Steel – Steel is the next most durable material that a recliner can be built from after wood. The benefit of steel is that it is lightweight but can carry a heavy load. Stainless steel is even better than ordinary steel as it will not rust or corrode away.

Large Recliner Buying Precautions

If you are going to purchase a large recliner online, these buying precautions are recommended to take note of:

  1. Seat Width – If you are a wide individual, a common problem you may encounter is that the seat of the recliner is not wide enough to accommodate you comfortably. Check the seat width before you decide to buy, adding an inch or two on your body’s width to be sure when comparing the two.
  2. Leg Rest Length – The other common problem larger individuals have with online recliner purchases is the length of the leg rest. Recliners for large people tend to focus on providing height for the back rest, yet the foot rest tends to be too short.
  3. Wall Space – If you live in a cramped compartment or if you don’t want to have your recliner a few inches away from the wall, keep your eyes peeled for a space-saving recliner. Some recliners still recline all the way but are designed not to take up any excessive wall space.

Features of a Good Large Recliner

Here are some of the best large man recliner features available:

  • Power Recline – A recliner with power recline as a feature means that the recliner is fully adjustable and that the leg and headrests can be operated independently from one another.
  • Lift Function – Many people struggle to stand from a seated position. This is where the ejection or lift function comes in handy, bolstering you gently onto your feet again without too much of a hassle.
  • Heat & Massage – Heat and vibration massage commonly go together in large homely recliners. At the push of a button, you can warm your backside or choose to vibrate all pressure off of it or both!
  • Storage Space – This feature is particularly important for those that want to enjoy the recliner in front of the television. Storage space is great for stashing snacks, remotes, the paper or anything else you need on hand. Some recliners come with drink holders on either arm rest for ease of convenience.
  • Full Recline – Not all recliners go back all the way. If you want a recliner that can double as a bed, look for a full recliner.

Reviews: The Best Large Recliners

Choose from our selection of great large man recliners below to revamp your living space!

  • This recliner armchair is oversized and suitable for tall people up to 6’8”, 350lbs in weight and up to 25 inches wide.
  • Covered in a pewter microfiber, the large recliner is soft to the touch and easy to spot clean.
  • The plush padding in the arms, legs, and back ensures that you are comfortable while watching your favorite show or simply relaxing back.
  • The quilted back panels provide fantastic lumbar support, holding your back in an optimal posture.
  • A convenient handle lever sits on the left-hand side, smoothly lifting your legs up and setting your back down.

  • This recliner was made for larger individuals with a tall back and wider seat for optimal comfort.
  • The large recliner is made out of a traditional, solid hardwood frame.
  • Covered in microfiber and padded thickly with back-supportive foam for ultra comfort.
  • The padding combines both pocketed coil springs with foam for the best medium soft back support available.
  • The recliner is capable of fully reclining into king-sized bed, perfect for those who like to fall asleep in the lounge from time to time.
  • This large recliner saves on wall space, not needing to be placed in the center of a room.

  • This large recliner doubles as a rocker recliner, able to support a larger individual while rocking or reclining back.
  • On the side, there is a pullout lever that operates both the head and leg rests for effortless ease of use.
  • Upholstered in waterproof bonded leather for durability, as well as easy cleaning.
  • This oversized rocker recliner can be placed anywhere as it has the added feature of swiveling 360 degrees too!
  • The chairs backing comprises of overstuffed quilted segments for the best back and leg support.
  • This recliner is hassle-free to assemble with a back rest that locks into place within seconds.

  • This large recliner armchair is designed for those who are big, tall or extra wide, taking a max weight of 500lb.
  • The recliner is electronically operated with remote control, including an electric lift or ejection function to help you onto your feet again.
  • There are three recline positions you can choose from for ultimate relaxation.
  • This large man’s recliner has a silent and smooth recline mechanism, gently setting you down at the push of a button.
  • Comes included with an emergency backup battery system in the event of a power failure or emergency.

  • This extra large recliner made by Catnapper is actually set up as a custom made order, tailored to your unique height and specific needs.
  • The padding is made from a combo of sag-free foam and individually wrapped coils for the most luxurious support.
  • The back rest is quilted thickly for optimal lumbar support, allowing you to just sink right in without worry.
  • The stainless steel hardwood frame ensures lifelong satisfaction and durability.
  • The recliner’s mechanism is impeccably smooth and is also one of the quietest reclining mechanisms available on the market.

  • A solid and durable hardwood frame.
  • Extra wide seats and overstuffed design for more comfort.
  • Plush soft upholstery that is durable and easy to maintain.
  • Contemporary style, ideal for any home decor.


A powerful and large powerlifting recliner chair that is overstuffed for your comfort.

  • Very sturdy and durable frame.
  • Overstuffed padding for full comfort and support.
  • Power lifting function, to aid with mobility.
  • Higher back and thick cushioned seat.
  • Upholstered in durable fabric materail.


The Perfect Recliner to lay back in and stretch out, the Divano Roma is oversized and overstuffed for your luxury comfort and relaxation.

Plush rocker recliner with overstuffed padded seats back and arms. Upholstered in soft brush microfiber fabric with a woven texture.

  • Extra large size and overstuffed seat, back and armrests.
  • Upholstered in plush soft fabric availble in a few color options.
  • Very sturdy and durable frame.
  • Rocking and swivel function up to 360 degrees.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Large Recliners

1Flash Furniture Gazette Pewter Large Recliner - Big & Tall Plush Microfiber Recliner Armchair
  • 350lb Weight Capacity
  • Durable Design
Flash Furniture91
2Lane Furniture BenningtonFull Recliner - Large Man Wallsaver Recliner Armchair
  • Swivel
  • Recline Function
  • Made in USA
Lane Furniture96
3Divano Roma Furniture Oversized Recliner Chair - Overstuffed Large Leather Rocker Recliner Chair
  • Waterproof
  • Easy Assembly
Divano Roma Furniture95
4Mega Motion Superior Big Man Lift Recliner - Tall Big Man Comfort Recliner With Lift
  • 500lb Weight Limit
  • Remote Controlled
Mega Motion Superior94
5Catnapper Oversized Teddy Bear Recliner - Large Foam-Padded Recliner Armchair
  • Custom Made
  • Coil Foam Hybrid Padding
6NHI Express Addison - Large and Comfortable Recliner
  • Wider
  • Hardwood Frame
NHI Express97
7CANMOV PowerLift - Large Recliner
  • Lifting
  • Overstuffed
  • Anti-Skid
8Divano Roma Oversized - Extra Large Recliner
  • Overstuffed
  • Rocking
  • Swiveling
Divano Roma98

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