Top 10 Most Comfortable Recliners – New Models

Comfortable recliners have developed gastronomically in the last decade to bring you to heights of relaxation you’ve probably never felt before!

Read further for more information on different kinds of comfortable recliners, comfortable recliner buying considerations, and the features of the most comfortable recliners.

Comfortable Recliners

Different Types of Comfortable Recliner Chairs

Here are some of the most popular recliners that leave individuals feeling utterly relaxed:

  1. Massage Recliners – The most comfortable massage recliners are designed nowadays to emulate world class masseuses. These recliners have rollers and sometimes airbags to massage all the tension out of your muscles. Cheaper massage chair also exist that include a variety of vibrating massage options to choose from.
  2. Zero Gravity Recliners – Zero gravity recliners are entirely luxurious, keeping your blood pressure down and your body free from all stress. The recliner shifts your body backward approximately 170 degrees, where the knees are in line with the heart. This position negates the force of gravity to zero, alleviating pain and allowing your body to be 100% pressure free.
  3. Armchair Recliners – An armchair recliner is as simple as it sounds. Many armchairs these days come with a recliner capacity, making them even more comfortable than they used to be! Put your feet up in front of the TV without getting a footstool.
  4. Rocker Recliners – Rocking in your recliner can add a whole new dimension of comfort to your recliner experience. This type of recliner is especially suitable for nursing moms who need to feed and comfort a growing infant; however, many people find them incredibly relaxing.
  5. Full Recliner Chairs – A full recliner chair could also be called a nap time recliner because they are the most suited to sleeping on. A full recliner chair will extend as flat as possible, doubling as a makeshift bed arrangement if need be.

Comfortable Recliner Buying Precautions

Before you head out to buy one of the most comfortable recliners, you ought to take these three pointers into consideration first:

  • Check Your Height – You need to be the right size for the recliner you want to buy. If you are too big or too small for a recliner, you stand the chance of developing pain in your joints or even putting your back out.
  • Evaluate Your Wall Space – Recliners usually need 8 to 12 inches to recline fully. If you have limited wall space, you will want to find a wall hugging recliner which only needs as little as 4 to 6 inches to recline (also known as a space-saving recliner).
  • Buy Recliners Made From Quality Materials – The best recliner upholstery is usually bonded, genuine or top grain leather. The most durable materials that the base could be made from are stainless steel or a hardwood such as oak, pine, mahogany or birch wood.

Features of The Most Comfortable Recliner

This year recliners have become slightly more comfortable and more technologically advanced than in prior years.

  • Intelligent 3D Massage Mapping – Electronic massage recliner chairs can now accurately pinpoint the pressure points on your back using intelligent massage mapping sensors. Have a massage tailored to your specific back problem areas.
  • Zero Gravity – Zero Gravity is by far still one of the best recliner features of all time. The health benefits of zero gravity position speak for themselves with enhanced circulation, better oxygen availability and dramatically reduced stress levels.
  • Dual Motors – Recliners with two motors give the maximum adjustment leeway, allowing you to independently control the movement of the headrest and the leg rest. With this feature, you can create the exact position you find the most comfortable and never look back!
  • Memory Foam – The supportive properties of memory foam will keep your posture perfect as well as being entirely comfortable while you relax in your recliner. Memory foam makes an exact imprint of your body when in contact with body heat, making for one of the most uniquely comfortable, orthotic recliner features.
  • Heat – Heated recliner chairs are still very popular. The most advanced heated recliners allow you to control the temperature you want the chair to be. It’s now no longer necessary to freeze over on icy Winter days!

Reviews: The Most Comfortable Recliners

Here are some exceptionally comfortable recliners that are bound to have you relaxed at the end of a long day!

  • This electric recliner is one of the most comfortable inexpensive recliner armchairs on the market.
  • Padded with PU leather and high-density sponge, this chair will cushion your back, neck, and legs until you feel fully rejuvenated.
  • You need only lift a finger to recline back or choose from a selection of vibration massage settings!
  • This is an ideal lounger recliner for Winter or colder climates, as the armchair also has built in heating options.
  • There are multiple pockets as well as cup holders for easy access and storage for your goods.

  • This elegant recliner chair is based off of a classic mid century design, redone with modern materials.
  • The cover is removable for convenient washing purposes and is also made from a premium quality bonded leather.
  • Choose to recline at any angle you like, making full use of the lock on either side of the chair.
  • The base is made from highly durable mahogany and is sure to last for years to come.
  • Ideal for a comfortable office chair, a bedroom recliner or a reclining lounge chair.

  • This is an example of a perfect chair, incorporating the best materials combined with heated massage to bring you supreme comfort.
  • Bonded leather surrounds layers of memory foam, shaped ergonomically to hold your back in perfect alignment as you lay back.
  • The buttons for this electronic recliner chair are all on the side by the armrest and conveniently within your reach at any given time.
  • The base is made from a sturdy hardwood for optimal stability.
  • The leg rest is independently adjustable from the headrest, allowing you to choose the exact position that will benefit you the most.

  • This recliner is ideal for those who suffer from heart burn or who battle to sleep at night due to respiratory problems.
  • Covered in a very soft, breathable Duralux Microfiber, which is easily spot cleaned and feels incredible to sleep on.
  • The chair has a lift function, helping those who need it to stand up from a sitting position.
  • At the touch of a button, you can turn the heat on and fall asleep without fearing the cold again!
  • Comes included with a backup battery in case the power cuts out.

  • This recliner is a highly sophisticated electric recliner chair, offering many massage programs, zero gravity and heat.
  • Choose from a broad selection of massage programs involving kneading, rollers, shiatsu massage and more.
  • Set the timer to relax for a limited period without disrupting your schedule.
  • The intelligent massage mapping feature allows the recliner to find all the pressure points on your back and create a massage program unique to you!
  • The recliner is padded ergonomically for optimal support.
  • Enter zero gravity mode at the push of a button and feel all your worries melt away.

  • This comfortable recliner chair doubles as a power recliner, allowing you more flexibility with the way you prefer to recline.
  • The zero gravity option will improve your circulation and reduce your stress levels, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Built from a solid beechwood frame, the chair’s base is designed to last for decades to come.
  • Upholstered in a high-grade faux leather for a smooth feel and modern style, this material is durable and will keep the chair in good condition.
  • At the push of a button, recline into your favorite position and enjoy a heated vibrational massage to ease all the tension out of your body!

  • This recliner chair offers excellent ribbed back support to hold your posture straight without you having to worry about it.
  • The recliner chair allows you to recline back fully, setting it locked at any place you deem comfortable at.
  • The ottoman leg rest can be used with or without the recliner, giving the full flexibility of a power recliner.
  • Covered in the best quality full grain leather for durability and superior comfort.
  • Take full advantage of the 360-degree swivel aspect of the recliner chair, providing you an interior solution for every type of living or office environment.

  • The intelligent roller system is designed to help alleviate pressure in the head, neck, back, lower legs and feet.
  • Choose from multiple massage programs for the most comfortable program to match your needs.
  • The massage programs on the recliner work using compression and percussion for enhanced circulation and heightened energy levels.
  • There are over 30 airbags in this massage recliner chair, all of which work to remove stress and tension from your muscles.
  • The chair reclines all the way back and allows you to adjust it to any position within its range that’s most comfortable.

  • The Catnapper lift recliner hair is one of the most comfortable lift recliners available, offering impressive lumbar support and dual motor action.
  • The padding is made using hybrid padding, which combines foam with comfort coils for the best support possible.
  • This comfortable recliner chair is capable of reclining all the way back, allowing you to independently operate the head and leg rest at the click of a button.
  • The foam is gel infused, ensuring the chair remains cooler, alleviates pressure points and more comfortable for longer.
  • This recliner is a lift recliner chair and can eject you from a sitting to a standing position with ease.

  • This armchair is a most comfortable recliner for big and tall people, ideal for somebody between 5’11” and 6’2”.
  • The electronic recliner has three automatic recliner positions and two memory spaces for unique ones of your choosing – save 2 of your favorite spots!
  • Upholstered in an incredibly luxurious faux leather blend that feels smooth to the touch as well as hypoallergenic.
  • The dual motorized system allows the recliner to be adjusted to any position you desire.
  • If you battle to stand up after reclining for a while, just press the eject button, and the chair will lift you up.


When it comes to luxurious comfort, there is no name that precedes Human Touch, particularly in massage chairs.

  • Simulates hand massage techniques of experts.
  • Choose and auto program for massage.
  • Space saving design.
  • recline, relax and enjoy a professional massage in the comfort of your own home.


The La_Z-Boy is another huge name in the comfort recliner industry. The Mason Model is a Rocker and Recliner all in one comfy chair.

  • Seperate recline and Legrest functionality.
  • Rocking function, to soothe you to sleep.
  • soft and comfortable fabric upholstery and plush stuffing and seat.
  • A three position locking mechanism for recline functions.
  • durable and sturdy frame.


There is absolutely no chair more beneficial and comfortable than the Perfect Chair from Human Touch, a Zero Gravity chair from the finest quality materials.

  • Manufactured from high-quality top grain genuine leather and a warm hand sanded wooden base from the rubber tree.
  • Zero Gravity seating for optimal health and comfort benefits.
  • Smooth recline motion with an easy to operate lever.
  • Available in a few color options.

What Makes a Recliner Chair Comfortable for the Body?

While comfort is highly subjective, some key factors tend to agree with the majority of people. The below points outline some of these key comfort factors, which you can use to assess the recliner chair beforehand.

  • Lumbar Support – Lumbar support is essential to holding a good posture while sitting in an upright position. Not having lumbar support will result in the recliner feeling less comfortable as time goes on, due to lack of a good posture.
  • Recliner Density – The recliner’s padding firmness plays a role in recliner comfort, as the firmer the padding is, the more support your body will receive. If the recliner lacks density, it will just sag in and be entirely uncomfortable.
  • Height – Many tall individuals who are looking for comfortable recliners should make sure the recliner matches their height profile. The length of the leg rest, the seat and the backrest are the most important measurements to take note of when assessing if the recliner is right for you. If the recliner is too large or too small, it can cause discomfort and does not provide the right support to you.
  • Adjustability – If a recliner chair is adjustable, it is likely going to be more comfortable for you as you can tailor it to the exact position that’s best for you.

Best Materials That Recliner Chairs Consist Of

Recliner chairs are made from a basic frame that contains the mechanism. The frame is covered in padding which is then held in place with upholstery. Here is a brief discussion of what materials work best here.

  1. Padding – The most comfortable padding that can be used is foam blended with coil technology. As with hybrid mattresses, the padding in the seats of comfortable recliners uses sinuous springs coupled with high-density foam support, giving you the benefits of great support and suspension comfort. High-density foam backing soft shredded foam or high-density foam wrapped in soft, viscous foam are both second best when it comes to comfort for the majority of people.
  2. Recliner Frame – The framework is usually built out of stainless steel or hardwoods like pine, oak, birch, and mahogany. Hardwood frames are different to softwood frames, which will break under pressure in a short space of time (e.g. plywood).
  3. Upholstery – The upholstery is usually made out of leather, fake leathers or synthetic microfiber materials. Leather lasts a very long time and is very comfortable. Fake leathers are usually bound to a thin layer of polyurethane or latex to make it waterproof and stain proof. Synthetic microfibers are stain resistant and can often be removed and machine washed.

Best Features of Comfortable Recliner Chairs

Here are five of the most comfortable recliner chair features briefly explained:

  • Power Recline – A power recliner can electrically operate the headrest independently from the leg rest, offering more flexibility and convenience to the user. Each part is run by an independent motor in a power recliner.
  • Massage – The most comfortable recliner chairs usually offer a form of massage from vibration massages to Shiatsu massage techniques. Very sophisticated massage recliner chairs have rollers or airbags in them that can emulate a masseuse.
  • Lift – For those who find discomfort in moving from a sitting to a standing position, a lift recliner chair will change your life. At the push button, the chair will lift you up to your feet using a scissor jack mechanism under the recliner chair.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam will create a precision contour of your body as you sink into it slightly. Backed with high-density foam, memory foam will give you the best comfort and promote the best sitting or reclined posture.
  • Zero Gravity – Zero gravity position was originally inspired by NASA and refers to a reclining position in which the force of gravity aligns to zero. This lifts all strain and pressure off your body, relaxing you and improving blood flow.

Index Table: Top Rated Comfortable Recliners

1Esright Heated Massage Swivel Recliner - Heated Swivel Reclining Armchair with Massage
  • Remote Control
  • Cup Holders
2Divano Roma Furniture Swivel Recliner Chair - Mahogany Swivel Recliner with Ottoman
  • Mid Century Style
  • Removable Cover
Divano Roma Furniture95
3Svago Zero Gravity Recliner Chair - Zero Gravity Leather Power Recliner Chair
  • Massage
  • Dual Motors
4The Perfect Sleep Chair Nap Recliner - Full Recliner Armchair with Lift
  • Heat
  • Medical Grade
The Perfect Sleep Chair95
5Ideal Massage Shiatsu Massage Chair - Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Recliner
  • Intelligent Massage Mapping
  • Deep Tissue Massage
Ideal Massage97
6Cozzia Zero Gravity Recliner Chair - Ergonomic Comfort Power Recliner Chair
  • Vibrate Massage
  • Zero Gravity
7Mac Motion Chairs Leather Recliner - Superior Leather Comfort Recliner Chair
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Excellent Lumbar Support
Mac Motion Chairs95
8Best Massage Full Body Massage Chair - Comfortable Full Body Massage Recliner Chair
  • Shiatsu Roller Massage
  • Compression
Best Massage96
9Catnapper Plush Lift Recliner Chair - Comfortable Power Recliner Chair with Lift
  • Hybrid Padding
  • Dual Motors
10Golden Technologies Comfortable Leather Recliner - Comfortable Faux Leather Recliner Lift Chair
  • Big and Tall
  • Position Memory
Golden Technologies97
11Human Touch i-Joy - Massage Chair;Space Saving
  • Comfortable Massage Chair
Human Touch98
12La-Z-Boy Mason - Comfortable Reclining Rocker
  • Rocker Function
  • Independent Recline
13Human Touch Perfect Chair - Comfortable Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Zero Gravity
  • Leather
  • Wood Frame
Human Touch99

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