Best Gaming Recliner

For all the most serious gamers out there, a gaming recliner is absolutely essential to sit for hours on end without damaging your back.

Scroll down to get all you need to know when buying a gaming recliner, which materials are the best as well as what features will enhance your gaming experience.

Best Gaming Recliner

Gaming Recliner Buying Precautions

Gaming recliners all look very enticing, but before making a final decision, take note of the following buying considerations.

  1. Type Of Gaming – Naturally, the type of gamer you are will affect your choice of gaming recliner. A PC gamer should opt for a comfortable office chair with decent back support, wheels, swivel function and height adjustment. A console gamer should opt for a recliner sofa with sufficient back support that they can use in a lounge or home theatre setting.
  2. Lumbar Support – Lumbar support is critical for any gamer. When in the game, one is not focusing on posture or how one hold’s oneself. This eventually leads to back pressure and pain that can ultimately reduce performance and concentration. Lumbar support helps to keep your spine in the correct alignment, which allows you to focus on the game for longer periods of time.
  3. Dimensions – Make sure you and the chair are compatible by taking note of the recliner’s dimensions.
  4. Weight Capacity – Most gaming recliners are designed to take between 250 and 300 lbs. However, you should still double check to make sure the recliner can take your weight. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  5. Arm Rests – The arm rests are usually one of the recliners weak points and should not be used to lift yourself out of the chair. This consideration applies more to office chair gaming recliners.

Materials Found in Top Gaming Recliners

What’s the point of spending anything on a recliner that just ends up breaking down? To get the best value for money, invest in a recliner made from the most durable materials mentioned below.

  • Frame – The frame of your recliner should consist of either stainless steel or hardwood such as pine, oak, birch or mahogany. Plywood and other metals are not nearly as durable as these.
  • Padding – The best padding is usually a hybrid blend of springs and foam, although it is more common to find only foam in recliner padding nowadays. When looking at foam padding, opt for a blend of soft and high-density foams for the best support. Memory foam is one of the best options too as it conforms comfortably to the shape of your body within minutes.
  • Upholstery – Leather is the best choice for upholstery, particularly bonded leather which is water resistant. Out of all the leathers, top grain is the best. If you don’t want to go for leather and would rather have a fabric recliner sofa for a gaming den, then opt for a microfiber upholstery.

Features of a Good Gaming Recliner

These features will not only optimize your performance, but they will drastically improve the quality of your life too!

  • Massage – Most gamers feel pressure on their back at some point. That’s when a massage really helps! Imagine leaning back and pushing a button, allowing the recliner to massage all the tension from your back. You’ll be ready to defeat your opponents in no time.
  • Zero Gravity – You have not lived until you have used a zero gravity recliner chair. Zero gravity places you in a reclining position where the force of gravity applied to your body is reduced to zero. This improves blood circulation and alleviates all the tension in your body, leaving you feeling stress-free after as little as 15 minutes!
  • Full Recline – If you like to nap in between gaming sessions, then you will want a recliner that can go all the way back.
  • USB Ports – Some gaming recliners offer additional USB ports that allow you to charge your phone or even play music through built-in speakers in the recliner!
  • Adjustability – The more adjustable the recliner is, the easier it is to get comfortable. Full adjustability will allow you to find your favorite position and play games in the way you want.

Reviews: The Best Gaming Recliners

Below are some reviews of the most popular gaming recliners for both PC and console.

  • This recliner chair is one of the most popular choices for gaming because it’s cost-effective, durable and can recline all the way back.
  • Comes fully equipped with an adjustable lumbar pillow that can be moved up the backrest to any point on your spine.
  • The entire recliner chair is fully adjustable, allowing you to raise or lower it, adjust the armrest or tilt back between 90 and 180 degrees.
  • Upholstered in a bonded leather over high-density padding for optimal support which rests on top of a stable steel frame.
  • Swivel or wheel the chair around the room as desired.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.

  • This racing-style gaming recliner is the ultimate office chair for when it comes to sitting for long hours at a desk.
  • Every part of the recliner is fully adjustable, allowing you to get comfortable in a number of favorable positions easily.
  • Built on a steel frame, the chair will last you a minimum of 2 years and comes included with a 1-year warranty.
  • The artificial leather upholstery is waterproof, making it very easy to keep clean and in good condition.
  • Place the lumbar support pillow exactly where it suits you the most and gets the best back support while in game.

  • This recliner armchair is all you could ever want as a console gamer, built to perfection to allow you to continue gaming for hours on end.
  • The seat is overly-sized, making it very comfortable and able to cater for most shapes and sizes of people.
  • Push a button to recline all the way back, take a nap or find the best angle to enjoy playing games.
  • The side of the recliner includes USB ports where you can charge any compatible electronic devices such as your cell phone.
  • The padding consists of top quality memory foam, which adapts to the shape of your body and alleviates tension from your back.

  • If you’re one of those people who enjoys getting back massages as a way to destress, then this is the gaming recliner for you!
  • This recliner chair is more suitable for console gamers, comes included with a matching ottoman so you can put your feet up.
  • The remote control allows you to choose between 9 unique massage modes and 5 different intensity levels.
  • Built on a durable hardwood base, this recliner will no doubt last you for a decade or longer if looked after well.
  • Both the recliner and the ottoman allow you to swivel while a convenient knob locks the back rest at any angle you desire.

  • If you are looking for the ultimate recliner chair that can be used for everything from gaming to relaxation, then look no further.
  • This recliner is one of the best that money can buy, designed to complete ergonomic perfection.
  • Push a button to recline back all the way, take a nap, enjoy a massage or heat your backside in cold weather.
  • The best feature of the chair includes zero gravity, which is incredibly relaxing, improves blood flow and is beneficial for your overall well-being.
  • Adjust the headrest independently of the footrest to find the most comfortable position for you.


The Dowinx is an ergonomically designed gaming chair with a retractable footrest and recline mechanism to offer you full support and comfort.

  • A Linkage Arm design with 360 degree swivel and full recline capabilities.
  • There is an additional USB charging port for convenience and a Lumbar Pillow to support your back.
  • A durable and tough frame that can hold up to 350 lbs in weight and alloy covering over the frame.
  • A comfortable winged back and bucket seat.


The Amooly Gaming Chair has an extended back for full neck and spine support along with a comfortable ergonomic shape.

  • The back and seat are covered with two layers of plush memory foam for comfort and support.
  • A heavy duty Nylon Base, and smooth rolling casters for easy gliding.
  • Upholstered in durable PU leather.
  • There is also a 360-degree swivel function.
  • Comfortable ergonomically designed seat for full back and neck support with a taller back.


A gaming chair with a full theatre design for the ultimate in gaming comfort and style.

  • Available in a few two-tone color options in the PU leather upholstery.
  • The footrest is adjustable for full support of your feet and legs.
  • Thick padded seat, back, and arms for more support and comfort.
  • Sturdy and space saving design.

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