Kahuna® Massage Chair Reviews

Kahuna® designs some of the most luxurious and technically advanced massage and therapeutic chairs that you will find.

These chairs will take you to another level of relaxation. So let us take a look at some of their fantastic models and their features.

Kahuna Their Service and Motto

Kahuna designs massage chairs and massage equipment that are exclusively designed to meet the personal preferences and requirements of their client base.

Kauna is one of the few companies that ensure that they provide a breadth and depth of selections as well as the best after-sale service to their customers.

What Makes Kahuna® Massage Chairs so Special

Two things, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and EFFICIENCY this is what makes Kahuna so special, their products are reliable, of the best quality and ethics, and they’re after sales service is impeccable.

Kahuna does extensive studies on the human body and its requirements to design products that cater to specific needs that are effective and high quality. They make sure to add extras for convenience and further comfort and bring out new designs, models, and accessories to make your relaxation experience even more blissful.

Kahuna® Massage Chair Series and their Features

  • LM -6800 Series – Features handy Computer Body Scan Technology along with 5 different body portion massage programs and three zero Gravity Positions. You can enjoy an all in one full body massage with the 36 Ait Bag massagers and 6 automatic massage programs. There are three-speed levels and quick heating technology for your legs and back. The footrest is flexible and stretchable and there is a buttock roller for massage. The Yoga program stretches your body and there is a built-in castor for easy movement.

  • LM-7800 – The LM-7800 offers full body L-Track, 2 Dimensionalmassages, as well as back and shoulder, leg, and foot, and sleep massage functions. It has a zero wall design to save space and offer leg and lumbar heating. You can enjoy a Yoga Strech massage with the music of your choice as it has built-in speakers. This chair offers Zero gravity positions and massages using comfortable airbags.

  • HM-078 – The HM-078 is an exquisite massage chair with powerful 3dD performance and a KMS-o8M-225L massage system that uses high elasticity massage balls for massaging. Features an HSL track massage function with rhythmic Air Cel movements that improve blood circulation. You can likewise enjoy and anti-stress head massage and many other, sports massage, pain relief massage and stretching massage programs. The body scanning system provides you with fully automated movements. Additional feature includes heating therapy and Bluetooth premium speakers.

  • Kahuna HM-Kappa – The Kappa features 15 different massage programs and a smart user memory function to remember your favorites. There is also a heating function, zero gravity recline, a spine roller, foot roller, air intensity settings, and an ergonomic massage track. Enjoy the rhythmic air-cell movements and use your backlit remote to easily operate this chair.

  • SM-7300 and SM-7300s – Enjoy a full body wrapping massage with this chair, in Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Knocking settings. Also features a space-saving wall hugger design and a Yoga Stretching system. This model can recline into a variety of positions including Zero Gravity.

  • SM-9000 – The new Air Float 3D SL-Track 6 roller system offers your 8 signature massage programs and active Yoga program. There is a 6 roller heating infrared system and 3 intensity and speed settings for the massager. Features space saving technology and one-touch zero gravity, along with built-in blue tooth speakers.

  • SM-CLOUD – Features Shiatsu Point Locator system, a 3D wrap-around foot massage, Comprehensive body coverage, two Zero Gravity Recline settings, Music Sync, programming, a wall hugging design to save space in full recline, Power Air-Cel system on the new SL-Track. Massage features include Stretching, Spot, Cloud Pain relief and Music Sync Massage. Likewise features an LED light system, arm acupressure massage, and a leg rest extension system.

  • HANI Series Compact Massage Chair – The HANI series features a few models in small and extremely lightweight massage chairs that provide massage and heating functions, These models also offer L-Track full body shiatsu massage, and ideal seating position, and takes up very little space because of the small design.

Reviews: The Best Kahuna® Massage Chairs

here are a few of The Jahuna Models that we Have Discussed that are readily Available;


One of their SM series models with an upgraded design featuring triple hip airbags and five levels of air intensity massage.

  • Accommodates all body types shapes and sizes.
  • Features Zero Gravity recline.
  • Shiatsu, Stretch, kneading, tapping, Yoga and Knocking. Massage functions.
  • Remote controlled and Triple Hip Airbags.


The HM078 is a new model that offers HSL-Track massage as well as head massage.

  • Offers a full body, high-quality professional massage with powerful 3D massage performance and high elasticity massage balls.
  • Features the lasts HSL-Track function and a Head massage features.
  • There is Rythmic Kahuna technology, with special air-cell movements that aid in promoting blood circulation, with 5 intensity levels.


This Kahuna Model offers you a full body massage and has a custom memory program that will remember all your favorite massage programs.

  • The shoulder airbag is adjustable for different heights and you can easily change your recline positions after your massage with the touch of a button.
  • Accupressure Pints, on the arms are an addition and there is a new headrest design that can be used as a back padding.
  • There is a custom memory saving function so you can save your massage programs.
  • Enjoy 12 basic massage programs with elite and stretching or yoga programs available.
  • The new remote design also has a backlight for even more convenience.


This model in the Kahuna specializes particularly in Yoga Stretching and exercise positions as well as heating functions.

  • A footer area with dual foot rollers and a detachable and cotton cover for washing.
  • The L-Track massage system has 3 zero Gravity stages, smart body scan technology, and Air Massage technology.
  • This chair has a space-saving design and requires only three inches of wall space.
  • Furthermore, there is the Yoga stretching and exercising program along with the heating function, and comfortable arm airbags.


The SM7300s model is a bit more advanced than its predecessor and features a Bluetooth App controller as well as a deeper Zero Gravity angle.

  • A new design structural frame with a deeper Zero Gravity Angle, that is more space saving.
  • Bluetooth App Controller for wireless control along with a high-quality speaker.
  • There is a total of 13 massage programs varying from, Yoga stretch and active stretch, to Chiro, pain relief, athletes, senior mode, golfer and relaxation, among some others.
  • Offer full-body human touch massage as well as, tapping, kneading and knocking with heating Therapy.

Index Table: The Top Rated Kahuna Massage Chairs

1Kahuna SM-7300 - Air Intensity Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Heating
  • Massage
  • Airbags
2Kahuna HM-078 - Massage Recliner
  • 3D Performance
  • Head Massage
3Kahuna LM-7800 - Recliner and Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Accupressure
  • Memory
4Kahuna LM-6800 - Massage Recliner
  • Heating
  • Zero Gravity
5Kahuna SM-7300s - Massage Chair
  • Bluetooth App Controller
  • Heating
  • Yoga Program

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