Recliner Accessories and Decor Tips

Not all of us are artistic interior designers, but with the help of the internet and this article, hopefully, you will be able to effectively choose the right recliner for your home’s style and décor, or maybe just spruce up your recliner, to keep your home looking impressively alluring.

Interior design is a method of styling and arranging your furniture and equipment in your home in such a manner that it is aesthetically appealing, and creates a certain type of mood or feel.

Recliner Decor and Accessories-Featured

So, here are a few tips and interesting ways in which you can decorate your home while incorporating a recliner into the mix;

Matching Your Recliner to Your Home Décor

It is vital that your recliner matches the unique style of your home, not only in color but in texture and design.
I have put together a few of the main types of design and style genres that are popular today, which you can consider when decorating your home, or place your original home style in a similar category.



Recliner Accessories and Décor - modern

Modern describes a design term that can be explained as sleek, simple, clean and uncluttered.
If you have a modern styled home with crisp lines textures in the latest color schemes, I would suggest a sleek and elegant recliner, preferably leather or fabric such as cotton or linen in a color that blends with the décor of your home. A simple piece such as a standard recliner, Wingback Chair or Club Chair will enhance your modernized style.


Whereas modern describes a more simplistic and strict design that started in the 20th century, likewise contemporary has similar aspects. Although, contemporary style refers to current fashions that are more in the now than the entire 20th century.

Tuft Back and Wingback recliners are making a comeback, and the classic leather recliner with the addition of studs and suave and elegant lines is a fashion winner this year.
Curvy furniture, velvets and textured fabrics, similarly have their seat reserved this year, along with bolder colors, particularly violets.


Recliner Decor and Accessories-Rustic

The Minimalist term is an impression, that takes the Modern term to the next level.
With this idea, everything is neutral, clean-cut and kept to a minimum, with no ostentatious accessories or décor. With regard to Recliners, neutral colors such as black, tan, brown and natural colors are a must and sheer simplistic fabrics or leathers.
Straightforward and standard designs in the recliner, with straight and fluid lines will create a minimalist style.


When you think Industrial, usually a warehouse comes to mind with an urban style, which is exactly correct. Regarding Recliners, you would look at fabrics that have a rough unfinished look, steel frames, and armrests, tainted leathers, and grey or brown shades of color.


Traditional style is a more old-fashioned classic style that involves more details and accessories. Here you can consider a more dimensional and layered, type of recliner with curved lines, added depth and different textures. Fabrics such as silk, velvet, and refined leather will work very well in this regard.


Earthy and warm colors, wood finishings along with soft and warm toned accessories in golds, yellows, reds, and oranges are perfect for a traditional country style recliner. Settle for fabric that has a natural feel and looks to it or more natural leather.


If you are one of those extravagant and carefree people who could not be bothered with color coding or matching fabrics, then Bohemian is your style. Here you can go wild and mix and match different style types to your heart’s content.


Recliner Decor and Accessories-Rustic

A Rustic Style is inspired by nature, the earthy colors and unpolished varieties of natural textures.
A perfect example of a Rustic style recliner would be a large overstuffed recliner with natural Jute upholstery in a tan color, with wood finishings. Scatter Pillows in orange, red and earthy colors, with a red throw, will finish the picture perfect Rustic recliner.


Think Hollywood fashion! A dramatic style that is excessive and luxurious, with bold colors such as purple, red and turquoise, and fabrics such as velvet and satin. You can incorporate modern and Victorian designs, such as tufted chairs and antique styled recliners.


When we contemplate the coast the first impression that comes to mind is clean and crisp beaches with blue water and white sands. This is exactly imitating the coastal style.

Colors are light clean and clear, such as White’s, and blues, with maybe a bit of green and red to emphasize the Nautical theme. Upholstery is smooth and neat fabrics, such as cotton or linen, similarly light colored leathers. Simple and elegant designs in recliners, such as the standard or oversized recliner will work best for this theme.

Color Scheme

We have looked at a few of the different types of home décor styles and genres that you can incorporate when deciding on a recliner or decorating your recliner. Now we move on to the different color schemes. These different colors can be applied to both leather and fabric upholstery concepts.

Warm Colors

Recliner Decor and Accessories-warm colors

As with your Country and Rustic styles, warm colors consist of warm browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. If your home has warm color tones I would suggest opting for a dark brown or tan colored recliner with accessories in red, orange or yellow.

Cool Colours

Recliner Decor and Accessories-cool colors

Such as with the nautical theme cool colors can be different shades of blue and green or can be greys and whites, moving towards a more modern or industrial style. Gray, Black or different hues of white, are your best choices in recliner colors for a cool color scheme as they blend well with most other colors. Although I would avoid white because of its tendency to show stains easily.

Earthy Colors

For a natural earthy appearance, you can go for a recliner in any shade of beige, cream, tan, browns or greens. I would stick to a natural brown or tan and accessorize with greens and other natural hues.

Bold Colors

Recliner Decor and Accessories-bold color

If you are bold and adventurous, or even just for teenagers, or kids, bold colorful décor can be quite appealing. Considering that you are up for the challenge, I would go for a purple, red or turquoise color recliner, or maybe settle for a black and decorate it with plenty of colorful trimmings.

Neon Colors

Neons are not everyone’s favorite, and with a home decorated in a funky neon style, if you dare, I would also suggest going for a black, or grey colored recliner that you can draw attention to with neon colored accessories.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are a challenge as lighter colors have a tendency to show stains easily, but on the contrary, it looks so graceful and elegant. A recliner in most colors would match pastel décor, I would say white or grey as a base color, or maybe a recliner in an actual pastel color such as peach, turquoise or yellow, depending on whether you have a cool or warm feeling in your home.

Recliner Accessories

Recliner Accessories and Decor - Accessories

There is an infinite variety of accessories and furniture pieces, which you can either use to place on your recliner or as a complimentary piece of furniture together with your recliner.


The Ottoman is a separate footrest that you can purchase along with your recliner that usually matches the recliner. This is for instance, where you have a recliner that does not have an already attached footrest.

Scatter Pillows

No recliner or sofa, for that matter, is complete without scattering cushions. Scatter cushions, or pillows if you will, are available in every color, pattern, shape or fabric type and texture that you can imagine. These accessories bring color, and life not only to your recliner but to an entire room. And did I mention, that they are furthermore, very useful and comfortable!


Throws are handy to use as a cover to protect your recliner, a blanket for naps on your recliner, or purely as a decoration. Throws are also available in a variety of colors, textures and different fabric types.


Not quite an aesthetically purposed accessory, but a Cover for your recliner can provide excellent protection and also serve as a change if you grow tired of the color or texture of your recliner.

Side Table

Every recliner needs a side table for the ultimate in relaxation. A side table can not only be decorative but is correspondingly functional, in the means that it serves as an area to place things like, snacks, drinks, the television remote, your phone or tablet.

Coffee Table

A coffee table in the center of a living room always looks appealing and gives your living room a complete look. It serves as an area to place cups, magazines and other useful items on, or simply just a pleasing decorative item, such as an ornament or flower pot.

Armrest Covers

Not only are armrest cover worthwhile in protecting the armrests of your recliner, but they also look decorative, and fabulous. You can purchase or make them yourselves, as they are very easy to stitch together. Choose a fabric similar to your recliners upholstery or just a colorful favorite in any other fabric you desire, both will work equally well.

Functional Attachements

A bit less visual, but still attractive are some of the more functional equipment and furniture pieces that you can purchase with your recliner. Just make sure, some of these attachments and pieces are only available to specific recliner brands as part of that model, and will not fit any recliner.
Here is a list of some of these attachments and fixtures that you can consider;

  • Neck Pillow.
  • Attachable Cup holder.
  • Attachable Laptop Table.
  • Tray table.
  • Reading Light.
  • Phone Charger.
  • USB Port.
  • Detachable Headrest.

In The End

A very important fact that I want to emphasize when it comes to choosing a color or design in Recliner to match your home décor, is the fact that your home décor may change along the way, or you may move to a different place with differently styled décor.

A recliner is a long-term investment, and any good recliner should last you around ten years or more, so keep this in mind and always opt for a recliner that can adapt to changes in style and color.

With this in mind, on the contrary, every person usually has some quality or flair that they always revert to, so keep true to your style and identity and you cannot go wrong with home décor that will uplift, and please you personally.

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