Power Recliner Battery Back Up

Whether you have a Lift chair or just a power recliner, or if you are just shopping for one, it is always important to look for a suitable and proper fitting Battery Back-Up.

If your lazy boy recliner power supply has an outage or the electricity has been interrupted, a battery power pack can come in quite handy. These battery packs last for a long time once charged for three hours. Most power-operated lazy boys come with their own power supply. Purchasing a  good quality higher voltage battery pack will be beneficial for future use. With regular use and good maintenance, a power recliner should last between 10-15 years. Recliner battery packs come with different features and can last a few months. Power recliner conversion kits are compatible with most powered recliner adaptors. A battery pack is a perfect option to eliminate unnecessary cords around pets or young children. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of your recliner without running out of power. We review our top recliner battery power sets and discuss the many benefits and features.

Best Rated Power Recliner Battery Back Up To Buy in 2022:

Staigo Battery Recliner Battery Pack and Adapter
  • Sensitive on and off power recliner type
  • High temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection features
Ponkor Adapter Power Supply for Power Recliners
  • Rechargeable LI-Ion Battery
  • Input parameter of AC 100-240V
  • Compatible with a 24V
HM Leaf Okin Power Supply and Back Up Battery
  • Includes a Power Recliner SP2-B
  • The Motor connection features a two pin connection
  • Affordable

Many recliners come standard with a 9 Volt Back Up in case of a power outage or similar issues, although this will not last you very long, and you must make sure that it stays fully charged.

A good quality long lasting Battery Pack usually charges fully within two to three hours and can give you up to full months use.

What to Look for in Recliner Battery Pack

There are two main things to look for, good quality, and a suitable fit for your specific model of recliner or Lift chair. Check the requirements on the power cable and transformer and make sure they are adaptable with your Battery pack choice.

You have a choice of both a flat connection tip or around one, in most battery packs both.

Some Characteristics of The Power Recliner

On average, with fair and frequent use, as well as good maintenance and care practice, your power recliner or lift chair should last you anything between 10-15 years. Although the less frequent the use, the longer the lifetime is increased. Any piece of furniture exposed to children or pets may not live quite as long, and then there is also the higher quality of the chair which has a direct effect on how long it will last.

When it comes to Lifting Chairs and Power recliners, electricity is involved, and you will need a power source such as a power outlet to operate these furniture pieces. In some cases a power outlet may be difficult to reach, or you may have a power outage or, any other issue where the electricity to your Recliner is disrupted. In this case a Battery Power Pack comes in quite handy, and can last surprisingly long when fully charged.

Many Power operated Recliners initially, do come with their own inclusive Battery pack, though I would highly recommend that you buy a separate one, of better quality and higher voltage, as this is something you will most definitely use in the future.

Some Tips on Using and Maintaining Your Recliner Battery Back Up

  • Connect the plugs on your battery pack into the slots in the transformer which comes with your power recliner.
  • Plug your transformer and battery pack into a 120V wall socket.
  • The LED light on the battery pack will flash in RED when it is charging and in GREEN when it is fully charged.
  • Then first unplug the transformer from the wall socket, and disconnect the battery pack from the transformer, before you can disconnect the battery pack.
  • Now that the battery pack is fully charged you can use it by plugging it into the Power recline cable which is at the back of your Power Recliner.
  • Make sure not to drain the battery completely before charging it again.
  • Most batteries will give you a months use, although the period that each stays charged differs from brand to brand.
  • To maintain your Power Pack Battery, keep it clean and dust free, always check for visual damage, and make sure that the wires and cables are properly connected.
  • Protect your battery pack against high levels of humidity and all liquids.
  • Make sure to replace and fix damaged cables and equipment immediately.
  • And as we all know, children should not be allowed near any electrical wires, cabling or plugs.

Features of a Recliner Battery Back Up Pack

Most recliner Battery packs will come with a LED light indicator with Green meaning fully charged and Red meaning charging. The Battery should likewise give an audible warning such as a beep to let you know when the battery is low and needs charging.

Here is a clear image of what most Recliner Battery Back Up Packs will look like;
recliner Battery Pack Image

Your battery back up pack will come fully loaded with all the necessary cables and ports, as well as a manual that has clear instructions, which is necessary to follow.

Video on Using a Battery Pack on a Power Recliner, Sofa or Loveseat

Reviews: The Best Power Recliner Battery Back Up Sets


The Staigo battery pack and Adapter come as separate options both used in the function powering your electrical recliner. The Staigo Battery Pack ensures you one month’s power recliner use with a fully charged battery.

  • A rechargeable LI-Ion Battery, with a voltage input of 24V-35VDC/1.8 – Output of 25.9V 2.5A, and 64.75 Wh.
  • Takes around three hours to charge and lasts for up to a month.
  • This Battery will only power a recliner and none of the features in a recliner, nor a touch-sensitive on and off power recliner type.
  • The battery will make a buzzing sound when low, and needs to be connected to the power adapter immediately.
  • The battery has a low voltage alarm, High temperature protection, and overcharge protection features.


The Ponkor Power Supply is compatible with most Power recliner Adapters, as well as the Ashleigh and Tranquil Ease Lift chair, Cheers Electric Sofa, and Power Recline Delta Drive, and Beta Drive models, that have a two pin flat and round connection to their motors.

  • The input parameter of AC 100-240V, 1.5-2.0A and 50/60 Hz, and Output of DC 29V, 2.0A as well as being compatible with a 24V.
  • Included is a power cord and an updated Magnetic ring that will not cause any radiation, and has a longer lifespan.
  • Comes with full instructions on how to use.


The Okin Battery Pack includes a Power Supply, Transformer and Back Up Battery, as well as AC Power Cord and Motor Cable ideal for most Power recliners and Lift Chairs.

  • Includes a Power Recliner SP2-B or Lift Chair Transformer.
  • The Motor connection features a two pin connection, one flat and one round to fit all sockets.
  • The Battery Back Up is included but you will need to supply the batteries.
  • The Power Cord and Motor cable is included for your convenience.

In Conclusion

A Good Power Recliner Battery Back Up can come in quite handy when you need it, so make sure you choose one that is compatible with your recliner or Lift Chair, as soon as possible.

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