How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

Most individuals find it quite hard to repair or deal with a broken, or defective Recliner footrest. This is mainly because the mechanism of the footrest can be quite tricky and you will need certain tools and parts. There is nothing more annoying than a recliner footrest that starts malfunctioning, or wort of all gets stuck in a certain position.

When you overlook the maintenance and replacement of certain parts, and your footrest in general over time, it will malfunction or break down, this is a normal part of wear and tear. Though, if this happens, do not start looking for a new Recliner, because there is something you can easily and affordably do at home to fix it.

Fixing a Recliner Footrest Feature

Before Attempting To Fix Your Recliner Footrest Yourself

Before I give you some tips and advice on fixing your broken Recliner Footrest, make sure that it is not still covered under warranty, because in this case you can reach out to the retailer or manufacturer, and save a bit of bucks.

Sometimes your Recliner Footrest stops working because of a screw or small part that has become loose or worn out, and this is not a major issue as you can easily tighten, replace or fix the issue quickly or easily. So, quite importantly, I would recommend that you find out exactly what is wrong, before proceeding with fixing or replacing the recliner Footrest and its mechanism.

Reasons Why your Recliner Footrest Breaks or Damages

There are a few reasons, which I believe we are all guilty of more times than once, which cause wear and tear, or malfunctioning of a recliner footrest.

  • Slamming your footrest down very hard quite often will harm it in the long run, and cause damage quite fast.
  • Children and pets are jumping and climbing all over your footrest while it is in an upright position, can also be harmful and damaging, not to mention dangerous for small children.
  • Liquids, dirt and dust build up in the Footrest Mechanism may cause rust and damage in the long run.
  • You are moving your recliner around quite a lot when redecorating can likewise cause damage.
  • Then also, when you move to a new home, the Recliner ca get dropped, or suffer damage on the route which can loosen small parts in the footrest.

Fixing Your Recliner Footrest

Tools Required

You will need a disposable cloth or two, the required spare parts, a screwdriver that is the correct size, some lubrication oil, and a few old newspapers.


  • Stretch out your footrest to its full capacity, and flip over your recliner on to its front.
  • You will see underneath the footrest is a bracket with screws to hold it together, make sure all the screws are properly tightened, and replace the screw that is stripped off.
  • You can replace all the old and worn out screws in the bracket with some new screws and make sure to tighten them thoroughly.
  • If this was the issue you can flip back your recliner, and lower the footrest.

Fixing a Recliner Footrest Locked up in an Upright Position

A Footrest that is locked up and ceased in the stretched out position, or any other position for that matter may most obviously be an oiling or lubrication issue. When your footrest no longer functions smoothly, it is dry and needs to be lubricated before further damage occurs.

  • Firstly, use your newspapers and a plastic covering or an old blanket to protect your upholstery against the oil.
  • Now you can use the same tools as with the first method open your recliner cover and loosen the screws.
  • Try to unscrew all the screw that holds the chassis and metallic bar together.
  • Spray your lubrication oil into all the joints, and use a rag or brush to remove all excess oil.
  • Screw all the unscrewed parts together tightly, and your footrest is ready for use again.
  • Test to see if it functions smoothly, without getting stuck.

Fixing the Adjusting Mechanism on Your Recliner Footrest

Fixing Footrest - recliner Mechanism Set

Most recliner footrests allow you to stretch them out in an upright position, as well as to be able to hang in between positions. If your recliner was able to do this and suddenly either does not do it anymore, or does not get stuck in the position that is should, the Adjusting Mechanism may be malfunctioning.

  • Flip over your recliner on to its front part so you can see the Adjusting Mechanism at the bottom of the recliner.
  • You will see a ratchet in this mechanism that allows the footrest to lock into specific positions.
  • Use your screwdriver to loosen all the screws, pins and even springs to reach the ratchet.
  • Remove the bar attached to the ratchet once you have it in reach.
  • With the ratchet removed your footrest will easily move up and down in different positions, but will not lock into a specific position or in-between.
  • If you want your footrest to lock into certain positions you will need to buy a new ratchet, specific to your recliner model.
  • Replace the ratchet and bar that was removed earlier, and you will be able to use and lock your footrest in different positions.
  • Make sure to fasting and tighten all the pins, screws and springs that you loosened to get to the ratchet, after replacing removing it.
  • You can now flip back your recliner into its original position, and test the footrest to see if it is working properly.

In Conclusion

These are usually the small and general issues that are common when it comes to a footrest malfunctioning. By following these steps you can replace small parts or fix and maintain them, in order for your recliner footrest to function properly again.

In the event that none of these steps helped or worked, I would recommend that you seek the help of repairmen or specialist.If there is a more serious underlying issue it would be in your best interest to get a professional to come around and take a look at your recliner.

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