Guidelines on Choosing the Perfect Recliner

Modern recliners were presented late in the 1920’s to replace the olden day monstrosity of a recliner that was the norm before.

Today recliners come in an enormous array of styles and designs, shapes and sizes, coupled with infinite functions and reclining positions, all for the purpose of providing you with the greatest level of comfort.

Guidelines for Recliners

Finally, you can complement your home with a stylish and fashionable recliner, in any fabric or color of your choice that will at the same time not just give you option of reclining, but swiveling, and many positions of comfort and relaxation similarly.

With the non-stop innovation of recliners, choosing the right one for your home or office area will not just depend on the aesthetics, but equally the function, shape, size for the space you have available, fit and fabric of the chair. Not to forget, of course, the quality and longevity of the recliner, as this will be a long-term commitment, at the same time.

For this reason, we have compiled this article, to help you make the best decision to suit your necessities and preferences!

Why are Recliners so Popular

Firstly let me explain to you exactly why recliners are so popular, and why purchasing a recliner, in general, can only be a favorable idea;

There is no equal to a recliner when it comes to comfort, and not to mention, how effortless they are to operate, with the mere touch of a lever or button.

Most importantly, a well deserving recliner will provide you with the best neck and lumbar support, to keep you comfortable and healthy.

Recliners have the ability to rock, swivel, recline, massage and lift, meanwhile looking stylish, while ensuring you the most comfortable seat you can imagine.
Unfortunately, with recliners, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” so you will need to shop around a bit, nevertheless, you are sure to find one that fits your singular requirements quite easily.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Recliner

A few things that can influence your choice in the recliner to look at are;

  • Are you looking for a recliner for your home or office.
  • Are you looking for something more functional, or more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Do you have any health issues such as back problems that may require an orthopedic type recliner.
  • Do you have children and/or pets, which may influence the choice of fabric and safety settings.
  • Will your choice in recliner match the décor of your home.
  • Are you looking for the best quality, or something more budget-friendly.

Types of Recliners to Consider

Before we go into the aspects to consider in choosing a recliner, let us first look into a few general types of recliners that are available;

Rocker Recliners

These have a rocking motion to soothe and relax you, great for those who struggle to fall asleep and for moms with babies.

Wall Hugging Recliners

Great for smaller spaces and those who suffer from bad knees, as they tend to sit up straight, allowing you to get up easily.

Massaging Recliners

These recliners massage your back and the back of your legs, and sometimes come with a heating function, as an added extra.

Lift Chairs

This is basically a recliner which chair can be pushed up from its base making it easier for you to get up from your seat. Excellent for people with knee or back problems.

Recliner with Ottoman

This is a reclining chair that comes with an additional footrest.

Swivel Recliner

Guidelines choosing a recliner - OfficeThis is, for all intents and purposes, a recliner that swivels around.
Mostly used as an office chair at work or home.

Key Aspects to Reflect on Before Purchasing Your Recliner

The Space and Area Available

You need to keep in mind here not only the physical space that you are going to place the recliner in but equally important the fit for your body type. You should be able to position yourself comfortably in the recliner and be in good reach to operate and fully enjoy all the features.
Critical to remember, most recliners, unless they are zero wall recliners, require at least two to three feet of space between them and the wall.

With this in mind, you similarly do not want the piece to overpower and overwhelm the room, but rather to blend in and create a sense of lightness and relaxation.

Comfort and Features

The comfort features and functions of the recliner are entirely up to your preference. Consider the amount of body support and comfort you will require in accordance with the purpose of the recliner, whether for sleeping or just lounging. You can follow the link to the Top 10 Most Comfortable Recliners, to find the comfiest recliners that are available today.

Finding the proper fit in a reclining chair will offer you the maximum amount of comfort, and finding the features that you are most likely to benefit from will ensure that you get your money’s worth.


Most recliners today will last you a good ten years if taken care of properly. Finding the best quality and most comfortable fit in a recliner may cost more, but for something that you are going to be regularly using and for the comfort and support it offers, this is an excellent long-term investment.

Matching Your Recliner to Your Style and Interior Décor

The old-fashioned bulky recliners had a way of adversely affecting the scale of a room, and appearing overpowering. However, with the variety of designs and materials recliners come in today you are sure to find that will complement your room.
Guidelines to choosing recliner - Leather

Always keep in mind that your living space and décor may change with time before your recliner becomes outdated, so consider something stylish and contemporary, to fit with variable styles.
Select a fabric that suits not only your lifestyle but also your décor style.
I would suggest keeping to a neutral color in a cold, or warm tone depending on the color scheme of your home. Dark brown or tan are good colors for warm tones, whereas grey, black or white are excellent for colder tones, keeping in mind that white tends to show stains easily.

Choosing the Right Fabric Type

Guidelines Pet friendly reclinersWhen choosing your fabric, you have two options;
If you have pets or children, opt for leather or durable and stain resistant fabrics, that clean effortlessly and do not damage easily. If you do not have children or pets you can opt for more plush and luxurious fabrics.

With that said, here are some fabric options to regard;

Made from natural a or synthetic fibers with extra weft threading. Excellent for comfortable oversized pieces and children’s furniture.
A natural fiber that is cool and breathable, sometimes blended with synthetic fibers such as polyester, linen or nylon to add texture. Great at resisting soiling and wrinkling, which is a good choice for a household with pets and children.
If you are looking for a more rustic looking piece then this is an excellent choice, a fiber produced mostly in India used traditionally for rope making. Jute has a rough texture and can be prone to wrinkling though.

Natural Leather
Guidelines to choosing recliner - LeatherThe price and quality of the leather will vary according to the grade of the leather. Leather to me is the best option, particularly for families with pets and small children. The leather is easy to clean and maintain, with the only downfall that it is cold in the winter, and sweats in the summer.

Linen is a very strong textile fiber made from flax, with a smooth and glossy feel to it. Linen is durable and naturally resistant to moths, piling, and abrasion. This luxurious fabric is best kept in a child and pet free sone.

If you are looking for something warm, extravagant and luxurious then velvet is the answer. Velvet can be made from natural or synthetic fibers and will vary in type and quality. Keep in mind this fabric is very tough to clean, I would consider it rather for an aesthetically pleasing piece, than a functional piece.

Wool is a natural animal-derived fabric that is sometimes mixed with synthetic fibers. It is durable, comfortable, and reasonably easy to clean.

Faux Leather
Usually made from polyurethane, faux leather is a cheaper alternative to natural leather with similar qualities, though it is not as durable.

A dense fabric which is basically a knit blend of polyester which is slightly softer than suede.
This fabric is easy to clean, moisture resistant, durable and a more affordable route.

Nylon, which is normally blended with other fabrics, is strong, durable, easy to clean and will also not wrinkle.

A very durable and easy to clean material, that is manufactured from plastic pellets, which are melted down and threaded. If you are looking for a fabric that will not fade with age, Olefin can hold its color even when cleaned with bleach.

Polyester is another more affordable fabric, that is sometimes blended with natural fabrics such as, wool and cotton. Abrasion, wrinkling and fade resistant, Polyester is tough and easy to clean fabric. Excellent for a home with kids and pets.

Rayon is a cellulose-based synthetic fiber similar to linen and cotton but much cheaper.
It is also sometimes blended with other thread types to improve its performance.
When looking at fabric types, ultimately these are your selections, consisting of either natural or synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers tend to be a bit cheaper than natural fibers, and are easier to come by.

Your Budget

The last aspect to consider, which we pretty much all hate, is the budget part.
Finding a recliner that fits your body and home is the easy part, but finding one that suits your budget, in turn, when prices range from $250 – $5000, can be quite daunting.
Guidelines to choosing recliner - Leather
Luckily there are always affordable possibilities, you will just need to find a recliner that is a good fit, and looks at cheaper selections, with comparable characteristics.

In Conclusion

All things considered, the best recliner will allow you to sit back comfortably and enjoy time lounging with your family, or even on your own.
There is nothing better than a recliner to help you relax and escape reality after a long and dreary day.

Recliners are comfortable, stylish and will add color and charm to your home.
Personally, I think they are a must have for every home!

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