Good Looking Recliners

Recliners, first introduced into the furniture market around a century ago, have come a very long way since then.

Recliners were traditionally more popular among men, known as a man’s favorite chair, in which he could watch sports and sit back with his feet back.

However today these incredibly comfortable seats, known for being bulky and holding little Aesthetic appeal, have become a huge trend in home décor, offering comfort and supreme quality to your home.

Lumbar Support Pillow for Recliner

Where the Recliner Tradition Started

Traditionally recliners came into practice around a century ago as a men’s only chair, for leisure after a hard day at work. Being Bulky and unsightly, the recliner at that time was only seen as a comfort feature and not much else.

Granting, later as recliners evolved and became more sophisticated, their popularity among women grew, as well as their visual appeal.

Besides men, more and more women are similarly investing in recliners, and even recliner sets for their homes, because of their wellness benefits, comfort, and because they do not clash with interior décor anymore, as they used to.

Today you can find a Recliner in a style genre that you can think of, in a variety of materials, shapes sizes, and with many functionalities and purposes.

In this article we are going to concentrate on the Recliner as a Style and Décor Element in your home, THE GOOD LOOKING RECLINER!

How to Incorporate a Recliner to Match your Home Decor

Good Looking recliner - MATERIAL COLOR

One of the most important factors when using a recliner as an element of Décor and Interest is HOW YOU INCORPORATE IT INTO YOUR HOME!


There are different Style genres, and I believe that you have already incorporated some sort of style in your home, or have something around.
You can look at Contemporary, Modern, Rustic, Traditional, Elizabethan, Vintage, Minimalist, Modern-Contemporary or even a Country style or theme.

Use your recliner to enhance the STYLE, and THEME of your home EFFECTIVELY!

Here is an example of anElizabethan Leather Style recliner for that Vintage yet still a TIMELESS modern style.
Good Looking Recliners ELIZABETHAN STYLE

Colors and Patterns

In my opinion with such an expensive and long-lasting investment such as a recliner, sticking to a Plain Neutralcolor is ALWAYS the best option.

Here is a lovely example of a Patterned upholstered recliner;
Pattern Upholstery Recliner something a bit more extravagant, yet superbly interesting and creative to attract attention, and create a centerpiece of interest.

Good Looking recliner PATTERNKeep in mind that you can always decorate your recliner with colorful and bright throws and pillows, and that you can on the contrary invest in a cover for your recliner in another color or pattern.

But if it suits your style and you are willing to go for the plunge, then by all means, buy that brightly colored, heavily patterned recliner that your heart desires. I myself enjoy many colors and patterns blended to a more Bohemian, and Rustic style.


The Placement of your recliner is the first and most important step.

Space and Area, is key, you need space enough for a fully stretched out and recliner Recliner, and you need an acceptable area where it will catch the eye and have a purpose
for use.

Your living room is mostly the acceptable area, although a smaller and more compact recliner can be used in a bedroom or office.


Good Looking recliner LAMPAccessorize your recliner with some throws and pillows, use a side table, lamps, lighting, maybe even a coffee table with a decorative ornament.When it comes to accessories there are plenty, and your imagination is the limit.

Fancy Recliner Features and Trimmings

Good Looking recliner Features1111111111111

  • Nailhead Trim always looks classic and traditional on a recliner.
  • Well rounded off and finely crafted, detailed wooden legs and armrests.
  • Sleek lines and contours that look elegant and clean.
  • Smooth and soft fabrics or leather in a neutral or bold color.
  • A sleek and clean design with not too much trimmings.
  • Slight details and trimmings can look stylish in some recliner types.
  • The tall back recliner gives the appeal of height.

Reviews: Most Appealing Recliners

So here we are going all out, and looking for recliners that are the most aesthetically pleasing, decorative and luxurious for you home for pure glamour and style;


This is the ideal piece for a Vintage or traditional Elizabethan style home, it features a Tufted Back with button detail, and exquisitely finished wooden legs.

Relax in comfort and luxurious style with this immaculate recliner from GDF Furniture.

  • Very comfortable with a smooth and easy recline system, and a, strong<Pop Out Footrest, for the highest caliber relaxation.
  • This piece will surely make a statement in any area of your home with its tufted diamond design and refreshing sophistication.
  • The seat is comfortably cushioned, and padded with firm foam with a higher back for style and additional back support.
  • The legs are sturdy and made of Durable Birch Wood, for a firm and durable foundation.
  • Slight assembly, and reasonable in size, so will not take up too much space in your home.
  • Available in both leather, and fabric options, as well as many different neutral color varieties.


In terms of a Recliner traditionally and originally, this Plush leather reclining chair is the epitome of the word recliner, to me.

It swaggers the original thick and cushioned style that any comfortable and traditional recliner should have, with a large size, and smooth glossy leather, in either black or chocolate brown.

  • This recliner is upholstered in Brown or Black smooth, bonded leather,for luxury comfort and style.
  • An oversized, and overstuffed,plush cushioned design,for that old-style Recliner appeal, and superior comfort and relaxation.
  • A durable and sturdy hardwood frame and an extra-wide design that you can sink into.
  • reclines fully,into an easy sleeping position.
  • The seats, armrests and back are padded and cushioned to the brim, for soft and lavish comfort.


When it comes to Good Looking recliners, COLOR is part of the appeal. That is why I have chosen this gorgeous Rustic Sunrise red color, Mid Century Modern Style Push-back recliner from Domesis Hastings.

  • This elegant yet modest recliner is available in Red, Blue and Gray color options for you to choose the best fit for your home.
  • Easy Push back recline system,for comfort and convenience.
  • Well padded and upholstered in a soft textured and durable fabric.
  • The Mixed Hardwood frame offers excellent stability and long lasting durability.


There is just something about patterns on a sofa piece or recliner which adds that extra hint of interest and creativity. The Beaumont in the warm brown, Paisley patterned upholstery is subtle, yet thought-provoking enough to create a centerpiece of interest.

  • A Three Way Position recliner, for maximum comfort in three smooth reclining positions.
  • Warm brown polyester fabric with Paisley print, that is comfortable and appealing.
  • The Durable and sturdy wood frame, Offers a solid foundation and rich design.
  • There is an additional Flipper Ottoman Extended footrest Mechanism that is easy to operate.
  • The reclining system works with Push function for easy recline maneuver.


There is just something about Velvet that shouts sophistication, Luxury and Class!!

The Sofamania Velvet Chaise Lounge recliner and Futon bed are as versatile and comfortable as it is attractive and alluring to the eye.

  • A Mid Century modern style Chaise Lounge chair with the functionality of a Recliner and a Futon bed.
  • Upholstered in hand-picked Velvet, with tufted style and elegance.
  • A durable Hardwood frame, and magnificent dark wooden legs and armrests.
  • Filled with quality, High-Density Foam, it ensures the ultimate in luxury comfort.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Dark Grey and Red,velvet upholstery color options.
  • Comes complete with instructions, and only minor assembly is required.


Nothing says sophisticated, clean and Classy quite like the color white. The Brylane Home Queen Anne Style recliner is available in this Crisp White color option, among other color and pattern options, that will suit any neutral styles and home décor.

  • A Vintage Queen Anne style, with Tufted back, this piece is so graceful and refined it is almost too beautiful to sit on.
  • Available in both leather and fabric Upholstery Options, and in rich brown leathers, a neutral white fabric, and leather, as well as a neutral patterned fabric option for you to choose from.
  • A small yet comfortable and sturdy chair, with a retractable footrest and Recline functions.
  • Attractively carved, light wood finished feet with a curved design.
  • Well padded and cushioned, for comfort and exquisite flair.

Index Table: Good Looking Recliners

1GDF Studio Elizabethan - Fancy Style Recliner
  • Vintage
  • Easy Recline
  • Durable
GDF Studio98
2Divano Roma CAM008 - Oversized Gorgeous Leather Recliner
  • Extra Wide
  • Overstuffed
Divano Roma98
3Domesis Hastings Mid-Century Modern - Fancy and Colorful Recliner
  • Push Back Recline
  • Color Options
  • Wood Frame
Domesis Hastings98
4Beaumont Paisley - Pattern Recliner
  • Three Way Recline
  • Deep Seat
  • Slip Ottoman
5Sofamania Modern Velvet - Chaise Lounge Recliner and Futon
  • Nailhead Trim
  • Futon Bed
6Brylane Home Queen Anne - White Vintage Style Recliner
  • Footrest
  • Cushioned
  • Upholstery Options
Brylane Home97

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