Fixing a Recliner Pull Handle

Could you imagine sitting comfortably in your recliner chair, your favorite movie about to start, and when you reach out to pull the handle for your footrest, you just hear a loud pop sound. Now you are sitting with a broken handle on your favorite Reclining chair, and you are unable to enjoy all the comfort features, because of such a small glitch.

Well, I am here to tell you that a broken handle on a Recliner is a minor, and very common issue, that happens to all of us from time to time. The Good News is that it is super easy, quick and cheap to fix!

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Fixing and Replacing a Recliner Pull Handle

Unfortunately a recliner with a broken or missing handle will no longer function at all, this is the main piece when it comes to the puzzle that is reclining comfort. This small piece of hardware makes a huge difference, and without it your footrest may get stuck, or not open at all.

You have the option of completely replacing your recliner, which is just ridiculous, or calling a repairman, which is a great idea, but will cost you.
On the other hand you can fix or replace this piece of hardware yourself, on condition of course, that you have the right parts and tools, which all in all is not hard to attain.

In the end, a broken Recliner Pull handle is a routine problem, and something that unavoidably happens with time, and is boosted with careless and rough use of your recliner. Taking proper care of your recliner overall and using it in a gentle and correct manner will prevent damage, and basically slow down wear and tear in the end. Although at some stage you will need to replace either the Pull handle or other parts on your recliner as time passes.

First Method On Fixing a Recliner Pull Handle

This is a short and easy method that you can follow to replace and fix your pull handle or parts of it that needs replacement;

  • You will need a screwdriver, and maybe a pair of pliers just in case.
  • You will see two or more small screws holding the Pull handle on to Your recliner, use your screwdriver to loosen them.
  • No you can either turn the chair over, or tip it on its side to access the area underneath your recliner.
  • Locate the end of the cable running from the handle which has as a small cable holder clip.
  • Squeeze and pull the cable holder out of the metal actuator, and pull the end of the cable out of the small hole on the actuator.
  • The whole cable assembly can no be removed.
  • You can obtain a new cable or any parts online or from your nearest retailer to replace any damaged parts, or you can fix and put together parts that have loosened.
  • When it comes to the installation of a new cable or cable holder, you follow the exact opposite of the removal process.
  • Slide the cable into the hole where the handle was, pop the end of the cable in the hole on the actuator, clip back the plastic clip into the actuator.
  • Now you can screw the handle back on to your recliner, and place your recliner in its upright position again.

Second Method To Replace a Recliner Pull Handle

Making sure that you have purchased the correct Recliner Handle Replacement kit online or from a retailer, for your specific brand or model of Recliner, you can now follow these steps;

  • a Phillips or similar screwdriver, Torx Bit, Allen Wrench, and of course your replacement kit at hand.
  • Make sure the footrest is in a closed position and flip your recliner face down on to the ground so that you can reach the bottom of the recliner.
  • When you have located the retaining screw or the hardware keeping the handle in place, remove it using the appropriate available tool.
  • Pull out the old handle and remove the escutcheon which is the protective cover underneath the handle.
  • Replace the old escutcheon with the new one, and place the new recliner handle over the escutcheon.
  • Insert the retaining screws or hardware back into place and tighten them.
  • You can now set the recliner back into an upright position.

Step By Step Video on Replacing a Recliner Pull Handle

Maintaining and Proper Care of the Pull Handle on Your Recliner

Taking proper care of your recliner, and performing regular cleaning and maintenance will increase its lifespan and ensure you many more years of relaxation on your favorite chair.

When it comes to your recliner pull handle, with many years of use it is inevitable that it may need replacement or fixing, which is a general issue among these types of Recliners. Although fixing or replacing the pull handle on your recliner, as I have explained is a very easy and inexpensive process.

Like anything else, when handled gently and with care it will generally last longer, and not break. For that reason, when using the recliner pull handle make sure that you do so gently, and smoothly, without pulling too hard, tugging or grabbing it. Clean the Pull handle from dust and debris on a regular basis and make sure that no water or liquids get spilled on it.

Following these few easy tips, should give you longer use of the Pull handle on Your Recliner, and prevent it from breaking.


As you can see, a broken Pull handle on your recliner is not something to fret about too much, there are plenty of videos and instructions online that can help you to easily, and affordably fix this issue. You can likewise contact the manufacturer or even try the retailer, to make sure how to fix and what exactly to use as a replacement handle for your specific Recliner brand and model.

I have given a few general steps that should work on most Pull Handle Recliner models, which are quick and easy to follow, and will have you enjoying your favorite seat again in no time.

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