Five Exercise Routines to Do on Your Recliner

A recliner is one of the most comfortable and non-judgemental pieces of furniture that you will come across. Unfortunately, the recliner is introducing a lifestyle of laziness that can also decrease your chances of obligating to a healthy living style.

But what if you could have both, the comfort and relaxation as well as a full body work out.
Well in this article I am going to show you how you can use your recliner to do a proper full body work out.

Is Exercising on Your Recliner Effective

Exercise keeps us all healthy and happy, and likewise reduces stress, these health benefits are similar to the benefits that a recliner offers, less stress, more relaxation.

Combining relaxation with exercise can have many health benefits. Individuals who find it difficult to move, and the elderly alike can greatly profit from performing exercise routines within the comfort and protection of their recliner.

Getting some exercise is always much better than getting none, therefore a few exercise routines in your recliner will most definitely make some difference, compared to none at all.

Building your strength after an operation or injury, that has left you immobile, is yet another good reason where recliner exercising can come in handy. You can perform exercise routines on your recliner that will help to aid in recovery and likewise strengthen and exercise the rest of the muscles in your body, to improve circulation and increase healing time.

Chair exercise is also very effective for individuals who have a risk of falling or who cannot stand and walk. Even for the average person, recliner exercises is a way to start of slow and easy!

Similarly, keep in mind that no exercise or relaxation routine can keep you healthy on its own, you need to follow a healthy and balanced eating plan for the maximum results. So if you want to be a health and fit couch potato, lose the crisps and sweets, and all the fatty snack foods!

Excercising on Your Recliner

Here are some exercises that can be performed on your recliner;
  • Quad training for your legs and glutes.
  • Building your core and core strengthening exercises.
  • Push-ups for core strengthening, your arms, and abdominal muscles.
  • Arm exercises for your biceps and triceps.
  • Back strengthening exercises, to ease back pain.
  • Leg and arm curls.
  • Leg Lifts for your thighs and calves.
  • Abdominal exercises, to get rid of that bel!.
  • Neck and shoulder exercises, for pain and discomfort.
  • Stretching and flexing, before and after exercise, or to ease cramps and improve circulation.

Exercise Routines To Do using Your Recliner

Following are some exercise routines with video and step by step instructions;

Quad and Leg exercises on a Recliner

Prolonged sitting can affect blood circulation and eventually result in blood clots. In order to keep your lower limbs fit you can exercise your quadriceps and thighs. This, in turn, will aid in mobility and prevent cramping
  • Sit or lie down on your recliner.
  • Place your legs together and tilt your toes upwards.
  • Now flex your legs, while your toes are tilted up, and stretch them applying generous pressure to your quads.
  • Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat this routine for about five times.

Core Building Exercises on a Recliner

Want to burn off that bulge in your belly, well then follow these very easy, but effective steps;
  • Put your footrest up and tilt back into your recliner.
  • Lift your upper body until you feel some pressure in your abdomen, keeping in mind to always keep your back straight.
  • Hold your body in this position for three seconds and then gently ease back into your seat.
  • Lift yourself about 30 times into this position, repeat for five sets.

Reclining Leg Curls

  • Sit up straight and forward on your recliner chair.
  • Keep your back away from the end of the chair, sitting close to the edge of the chair.
  • Lean back as far as you can and hold just before your head makes contact with the headrest.
  • Hold this position a few seconds, then breathe and release to start position slowly.
  • Repeat these steps five times for the best results.

Recliner Arm Excercises

Do not forget about your biceps and forceps.

  • Sit with your feet on the ground and you’re back straight up, keeping your back straight and aligned.
  • Place your arms on the armrests and mimic the motion of standing up, placing slight pressure on the muscles in your arms.
  • You can also lift your body slightly off the recliner, while still keeping your rear in contact with the seat, pushing up with your arms.
  • Hold for a few seconds, around 10 seconds and then relax your arms and body in a natural position.
  • Repeat this set five times to obtain the best results.

Recliner Back Exercise Video

You can follow the instructions on this video for recliner Back Exercises;

These exercise routes offer excellent results in almost all the muscle groups in your body. Doing a few shoulder lifts and rolling your neck from side to side are similarly good forms of exercise to calm these muscles and keep them strong.

You should feel some pain and tightness in the muscle areas that you have trained, this helps to show that the routine and exercise sets were followed correctly and done properly.

Not to Forget

If you are an older or fragile person, or even someone recovering from an operation or injury, performing these exercise, make sure that there is someone to aid you, and that you are able to perform them without causing further injury and pain.

The aim of these routines is to help the healing process, keep you fit and aid in muscle strengthening without causing any harm to your body. Along with the relaxation that your recliner offers, in combination with these exercise routines, you can enjoy a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Last and most important for any healthy lifestyle, is to EAT Healthily!

Take it slow until you can perform these exercises with ease, and remember to do a bit of stretching and flexing beforehand!

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