Best Recliner End Tables

A recliner end table can create a very useful space to place items such as a beverage, remote control, book or magazine on.

It is likewise a Decorative Piece, that can add interest and appeal to your home.

End table

What Exactly is a Recliner End Table

An end table in itself is a small table, around the height of an armchair, usually used beside a larger piece of furniture such as a Sofa, Bed, Recliner, Lounge Chair, or just on its own.

The end table comes in a large variety of Styles, Material Types, Shapes and Sizes, that you can choose from, to impeccably match the style of your home.

They also come with many other features such as; drawers, storage racks, or storage baskets.

End Table Styles Available

Here are a few Common and much sought after styles that you can find ,strong End Tables, available in.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Norcastle End Table - Traditional Vintage Style - Round - Dark Brown 6 of 6In the traditional style, you would look at an end table made from, rich woods with ornate detailing, and upscale hardware.
This style of End Table is often referred to as being, more Formal and Classy, adding elegance.

Though I want to add that a Traditional style should be used sparingly, to create an approachable look.


The term Contemporary refers to what is Currently popular and in fashion. With this in mind today, you will look at bold, and bright accents, usually manufactured from metal, glass, or Lucite, and in some cases wood.

Angular forms and a sleek and clean feel are what makes up the Contemporary style, when it comes to furniture today.


Transitional style end tables will fall between,Traditional and Contemporary, with a more casual feel, clean lines, and functional features which include; drawers, shelves, and other storage compartments.


Rustic furniture in itself has the appearance of being around for many years, looking Weathered and Distressed, with a casual feel.

Nailhead trimmings, Woods and metal beams and legs can all make up a Rustic appeal.


A country style End table has a more feminine, style, and details, commonly made of wood. The wood is often painted or distressed to give a softer and more romantic enticement.


The Modern Style in furniture emerged around the 20th Century, and is epitomized by the 1960 interior style.
A Modern End Table will highlight geometric forms, minimal details, and a simple yet elegant design. Most modern end tables are made from either, Metal, Glass or Plastic.

Popular Materials Used in an End Table for Recliners

A few popular materials used to manufacture most end Tables from are;

Metal; Sometimes combined with a glass top or stone top, available in the main alloy, aluminum, steel or iron.
End table METAl design

Glass; usually just the top is made from glass, with a metal or wooden frame.
End table GLASS TOPP

Wood; You have the choice between,Solid wood, Veneered Wood, or Engineered Wood, solid being the most expensive and best quality.
wood end table

Stone; in a variety of materials such as Marble, Granite, Slate and Limestone, this adds a more organic element to your home.
stone end table

Recliner End Table Features

With regards to the features, we have already discussed the different styles, and materials used, now let us look at the types of End Tables that are accessible;

Storage End tables

Wooden Style End Table

This is a very convenient and highly functional Type of End Table that can include Drawers, Baskets, Cubbies, a Magazine Holder, and even Storage Racks.

Nesting End Tables

For smaller spaces, the Nesting End table is a group of different sized tables that can be stacked underneath each other.

Tray Top End Tables

A Tray Top end Table has a tabletop with a neat lip, creating a tray shape to hold cups and plates, and can be used to transport food from one room to the other.

Original End Table

end table original

The general End table is just a small sized table in a round, square or triangular shape with no additional extras.

To end off, I have to add that an end table can come in almost any shape and form, and is mainly identified by its small stature

Reviews: Best Available Recliner End Tables


This piece features an elegant and highly functional design, which offers you ample storage space, and a small size taking up limited space.

Available in a few woods finish color options for you to choose from, for the perfect match for your home style.

  • This is a Contemporary styled piece,ideal to use as a side or end table with your recliner.
  • This piece includes a drawer with a removable black PVC laminate tray and a fixed lower storage rack where you can place magazines and books.
  • The small size and timeless design make it the perfect fit and size even for a small home or area.
  • manufactured from high-quality wood, with expert craftsmanship and attention to details.
  • Exquisitely crafted with Veneers, wood and color finishing’s to choose from.


I simply love the simplistic, minimalist, and highly modern style of this very, VERSATILE end table.

It has clean and elegant lines and a simple functional design, while coming in a set of two that can be used as recliner side tables, or even bedside tables, whatever you may require.

  • Sold in a set of two that fits any space, and is gentle on your budget.
  • Manufactured from Carb Compliant composite wood with a stunning finish available in plenty of colors for you to choose from, as well as sturdy PVC tubing.
  • Sturdy and very easy assembly, as well as completely Child and Pet-friendly!
  • Sleek style and design with clean and simplistic lines, versatile enough to use for any purpose with an easy to wipe clean surface.


For something a bit more decorative, yet still functional, I have chosen these gorgeous geometric detail round nesting tables. Ideal as a side or end table for your recliner or sofa set, or even as a small nightstand.

  • Comes in a convenient set of two, with the versatile use as an end table, for your recliner or sofa set, nightstand, or even a small coffee table.
  • Boasts a sleek and chic style, with a stunning nesting design, which will create interest in any room in your home.
  • Very lightweight, yet sturdy design, with a metallic gold finish that will accent any background décor or colors.
  • Because one table is slightly larger than the other, it can easily be nested.


This piece boasts the Traditional Vintage Style end table used next to a chair or sofa, and in this case a recliner.

The Norcastle end table features an intricately and meticulously crafted design from rich and solid wood.
What I like about this piece is that you can similarly purchase the Sofa table and Coffee table in the same design as a set for your living room.

  • A traditional vintage styled, round end table with an impressive sculptural form and grandeur appeal to it.
  • intricate and exquisite carvings in the rich dark solid wood, make it a true show stopper.
  • It is manufactured from fine quality wood with a deep brown color finish, which will suit your home décor perfectly.
  • Ideal for small spaces as it is compact and light.
  • Very easy to assemble and comes with full instructions.
  • Purchase the full set for a stunning and traditional styled living room appeal.


The Kings Brand Chrome finished end table features a modernly style glass top, and metal frame, ideal for a more simplistic and minimalist, contemporary home.

  • Features a stunning Modern design,with clean lines and a glass top.
  • This end table is very easy to clean by just wiping with a wet cloth and the glass creates a certain elegant appeal.
  • The frame is very sturdy and lightweight,finished off with shiny chrome, for durability and exquisite style.
  • Very easy and simple to assemble, and comes fully equipped with instructions.

As you can see from my list I have tried to chose the best quality and most sought after option from every style and material category, so that you can find the ideal piece for your home style and décor;

Index Table: Top Rated Recliner End Tables

1Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Wood End Table
  • Drawer
  • Storage Rack
  • Space Efficient
Ashley Furniture97
2Furinno BK - Simplistic Modern Style End Table
  • Two Set
  • Sturdy
  • CARB Compliant
3Best Choice Accent - Decorative End tables for Recliners
  • Durable
  • Decorative
Best Choice96
4Ashley Furniture Traditional - Norcastle Style End Table for Your Recliner
  • versatile
  • Well Crafted
  • Wood
Ashley Furniture98
5Kings Brand Chrome Finish - Modern End Table for Recliners
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
Kings Brand97

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