Best Outdoor Recliners

You can take your patio and garden furniture to the next level of comfort and luxury, by investing in an Outdoor recliner.

Best Outdoor Recliners To Buy in 2022:

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Outdoor Recliner
  • Coated with Steel frame
  • There is a dual fingertip locking mechanism for all recline positions
  • Easy and convenient Zero Gravity Recline
Harper & Bright Chaise Lounger Outdoor Recliner
  • Features a very durable, powder coated Steel frame
  • There are three adjustable positions
  • Filled with comfortable padded cushion
Hanover Ventura Outdoor Luxury Recliner
  • The frame and design are an All Weather, resin weave
  • The padding and cushion are upholstered in Premium Olefin fabric
  • Available in an OCEAN BLUE, CRIMSON RED and VINTAGE MEADOW GREEN color option

With all the comfort features of a regular recliner, the outdoor recliner in addition has the ability to withstand weather elements, and is much more durable and long lasting.

Outdoor recliner FEATURE

What are the Main Characteristics of Outdoor Furniture in General

With Outdoor furniture in general there are so many material and construction options that you can choose from, whether steel, plastic or wood, all are acceptable and strong materials.

Then there are the cushioning and comfort accessories, I would recommend using cushions or pillows on an outdoor recliner that you can remove or store indoors. Other than that some recliners come with a fabric seat and back that is tied with a Bungee system, which is weather resistant.

Some General Great Characteristics in Outdoor Recliners are;

  • They are extremely strong and Sturdy.
  • They are durable and weather resistant.
  • Steel frames are usually rust proof and wood is treated to prevent water damage.
  • Breathable and quick drying fabrics can be used, or removable pillows.
  • Most of the Recliner materials including the padding and frame is usually completely UV resistant.
  • These recliners come with many comfort features such as adjustable recline, Side storage pockets, cup holders, and even Trays.
  • Outdoor recliner can look exquisite and add interest to your garden and patio.
  • They are very easy to clean and maintain.

Uses of an Outdoor Recliner and Reclining Sofa

Outdoor ReclinerSET

Poolside Leisure

Place your long reclining Chaise Lounger next to the pool and enjoy some sunshine on a hot summer day.

Garden décor and Relaxation

An elegant looking, and well finished and decorated Outdoor recliner can look beautiful in a garden or on a patio, adding some additional décor and style to your home.

Outdoor Eating Area

Enjoy a barbeque or family meal outdoors, relaxing in your favorite reclining Seat.

Deck Furniture

Outdoor recliners make excellent furniture for a Deck, add a coffee table or Ottoman and a few more chairs, and you have a stunning set.

Camping and Traveling

Some outdoor recliner models are foldable and designed specifically to use on camping and other outdoor trips. They are lightweight, quick drying, and highly functional.

What Should You look for in a Good Outdoor Recliner

Outdoor recliner CHARACTARISTICS

  • A durable steel or plastic frame that is powder coated, or rust and waterproof.
  • Cushioning and materials used must be highly durable and UV resistant.
  • Comfort features such as a headrest, and adjustable recline positions.
  • Overall Durability and weather resistance are the key Characteristics in any outdoor furniture.

Reviews: The Best Outdoor Recliners


This is the perfect outdoor, poolside and even camping and traveling recliner. It is lightweight and fully foldable and portable, with comfortable and healthy Zero Gravity Recline functioning.

  • A high strength and durable powder coated Steel frame, and durable textaline fabric which is suspended by a Double Bungee System.
  • There is a dual fingertip locking mechanism for all recline positions.
  • Easy and convenient Zero Gravity Recline.
  • The fabric and frame are made for the outdoors to withstand weather elements as well as, last very long.
  • Available in quite a few color options for you to choose from.


A comfortable and durable, Chaise Lounger that is ideal for outdoor use on your patio, in your garden or even next to your swimming pool.

The Double Chaise Lounger from Harper & Bright Designs will make a lovely and highly practical addition to your home deck or lawn.

  • Features a very durable, powder coated Steel frame, and two additional pop up tables for convenience.
  • Four independent panels recline on their own into three adjustable positions.
  • You will also receive a comfortable padded cushion, filled with polyester that is durable and easy to clean, in a red stripe or beige color option.


Looking for something a bit more stylish and classy, to give some decorative appeal to your garden, deck or patio. The Hanover Outdoor Ventura is a luxury recliner, with a decoratively detailed frame and Ornate tapestry patterned cushioning and padding.

  • The frame and design are an All Weather, resin weave, with a rust-resistant aluminum steel frame.
  • The padding and cushion are upholstered in Premium Olefin fabric, which has luxury linen feel and long-lasting durability.
  • Available in an OCEAN BLUE, CRIMSON RED and VINTAGE MEADOW GREEN color option, all with an ornate pillow pattern in a vintage style.


A completely collapsible and highly comfortable, Zero Gravity Outdoor and a lawn chair, from LIAN, that comes complete with a plush and comfortable cushion.

  • Perfect for outdoor use in any environment or setting.
  • A Uniquely Ergonomically designed seat, for superior support and relaxation.
  • Full recline and Zero Gravity, position that has many health benefits.
  • Foldable and completely collapsible with a removable cushion, for easy transportation and portability.
  • Comes with a well-padded cushion available in a reversible side for both summer and winter use, in grey and navy blue.


Simple, elegant and very comfortable, the outdoor lounger from Giantex comes complete with sunshade to protect you from harmful UV rays.

  • Perfect for use on your patio, in the garden or by the pool, as it is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Foldable and space saving, for quick storage and transportation anywhere.
  • Weather resistant Oxford Fabric that dissipates heat, keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer.
  • A durable and sturdy frame that is weather resistant and lightweight.
  • Available in RED, BLUE, or NVY, fabric color options.
  • Comes with a handy sunroof to protect you against the suns harmful rays.


The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Outdoor recliner is the most comfortable and highly portable outdoor, camping and all-around use, recliner Chair that you will find.

  • A highly adjustable recliner that features a Zero Gravity, recline position with an easy locking mechanism for security and safety.
  • Fully padded seating, with a removable padded pillow that can be used as a Lumbar support or Headrest.
  • The bungee suspension system is highly flexible and extremely strong, as well as comfortable to sit on.
  • A tough and durable frame that can support up to 350lbs. in weight.
  • Available in a few colors and design print options for the cushion.
  • The Perfect Outdoor recliner for taking on trips outdoors, as well as for camping.

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