Best Heated Chair Pads for Recliners

There is nothing like a warm and cozy recliner or chair, in those cold winter months, or even just to soothe aching muscles.

Because we cannot all afford a luxury heating Chair, or already have our favorite reclining chair, why not invest in a heating pad for your favorite chair.

What Exactly is a Heated Chair Pad or Cover

A Heated Chair pad can come in the form of a seat cushion, a back and seat cushion in one, or a protective cover for your entire recliner with a heating element.
Most heating Chair pads uses infrared technology with a USB or remote control for operation.

Health Benefits of a Heated Chair Pad

Just as Cold therapy can be effective in treating certain ailments and health issue, similarly heat therapy has many potential benefits for your overall health.

  • Inflammation and Pain – One of the main adaptions that take place in your body with heat therapy is heat Shock Proteins (HSP) which has a dramatical effect on all the parts of your body. Heat Shock proteins increase with high heat and have a first-hand effect as an Anti Inflammatory agent that aids in reducing inflammation and pain drastically. HSP likewise has a positive effect on the longevity in humans, and can also relieve the symptoms of conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Brain Health – Along with Anti Inflammatory properties the Heat Shock Proteins created by heating pads similarly aid in protecting your brain, particularly during periods where a person has suffered from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury. Consistent heat therapy accompanied by exercise has the benefit of increasing the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the body, which improves memory and neuroplasticity.

  • Anti-Stress – the hormone Norepinephrine which is secreted during heat therapy has a positive influence on your mood. This hormone can aid in reducing stress and depression and regulating your mood.

  • Detoxification – With the consistent onslaught of harmful toxins in our environment toxins and toxicants can no longer be effectively removed from our bodies, which can lead to poor health and cerian health conditions that affects our quality of life. Toxins get stored in our organs and fat cells where they multiply to dangerous levels. Thankfully one of the most robust forms of getting rid of toxins is sweating, which in turn a bit of heating therapy can help with. Prolonged heat exposure has a direct effect ridding our bodies of harmful toxic substances.

Features of a Good Heated Chair Pad for Recliners

  • Cover – Look for a pad or protective cover which can be unzipped and removed from the heating element to be washed either by hand or machine washed. Soft and comfortable materials such as Polyester, Micro Fiber or Microsuede are excellent choices in a heating pad or heated cover.

  • Size – There are many size options in heated chair pads and covers available, make sure that the size you pick will be suitable for the chair or recliner that you want to use it on.

  • Versatility – many Chair pad and cover models are versatile enough to be used on your sofa or recliner, as well as on your car or office chair, and can come with an adaptor designed to use in the cigarette lighter of your car.

  • Power Supply – usually powered by a USB that can be plugged into an adapter or your computer or laptop.

  • Heating Elements – heating Eelement usually consists of either Carbon Fiber or Infrared which is more popular today.

Reviews: The Best Heated Chair Pad for Recliners


ValuaRays offers you a USB operated Infrared heating Chair Pad ideal for use on your recliner or office chair.

  • Uses a small carbon fiber heating element that provides infrared heating.
  • The heat increases with the longer time you spend on the seat.
  • The cover is easily handed washable and quick to air dry.
  • You can connect the USB to any device which includes your laptop, computer, and adapter or power bank.


This is one of my absolute favorites. The Serta offers you a lovely quilted protective cover and heating pad in one, which is available in a few color options and different sizes to fit a double, single or triple seat sofa or recliner.

  • Made from soft luxurious Microsuede with a gorgeous quilted design.
  • Very durable and will withstand many years of use while protecting your furniture.
  • Has a soft and cushioned fiberfill for comfort and Non-Skid back dotting design to help the cover stay in place.
  • Very easy to use LED warming system.
  • The controller allows you four settings for the desired amount of heat.
  • The Cover is easily machine washable and quick drying.


The Mighty Bliss is a dry and moist heating system for the ultimate in pain relief and health improvement.

  • Relieve pain and muscle tension with penetrating heat.
  • Extremely durable design and large size to cover many areas of the body.
  • Can be used on the seat or back of your chair.
  • Made with a soft Microplush fiber cover and moist or dry heating options.
  • There are three temperature settings, low, medium and high.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee and hassle-free replacement.


A plush and comfortable heating seat cushion from Wagan that is easy to use and very versatile.

  • The heating wire technology is improved to ensure greater durability and safety with faster heating options.
  • Maintainsits temperature at a level between 110 and 120 degrees.
  • The elastic backstraps ensure a secure fit and placement.
  • You can use the cushion on your recliner, sofa, office chair or even in your car with the handy plug for a car cigarette lighter use.
  • An optional AC adapter is included for home and office use.


This is the perfect lumbar support pillow with a massaging and heating function to quickly and effectively deal with back pain and tension.

  • Offers exceptional Lumbar Support, and quickly eases and soothes back pain and tension.
  • Included is an AC/DC adapter for home and office use.
  • Easy on and off switch and versatile design with plush and comfortable foam filling.


The PureRelief from PureEnrichment is an extra large sized durable heating pad that offers dry and moist heat therapy.

  • Enjoy easy remote operated dry or moist heat therapy with six different temperature settings.
  • Manufactured with soft and luxurious micro plush fabric for maximum comfort, that is machine washable.
  • Slightly padded for comfort and large size to fit almost all chairs and recliner types comfortable.
  • Durable and heats up in a few seconds for quick and easy relief and comfort.

Index Table: The Top Rated Heated Chair Pad for Your Recliner

1ValueRays Chair Warmer - Heated Chair Pad for Office Recliner
  • USB
  • Infrared Heat
  • Washable Cover
2Serta Quilted - Heated Chair Cover and Protector for Recliners
  • Microsuede
  • Full Cover
  • Protects Recliner
3Mighty Bliss Large - Heated Chair Pad for Back Pain and Cramps
  • Versatile
  • Moist and Dry Heat
  • Extra Large
Mighty Bliss98
4Wagan IN9738 12V - Heated Seat Cushion
  • Versatile
  • Maintains Temperature
5Comfort Products Massage - Heated Lumbar Cushion for Your Recliner
  • Heating
  • Massage
  • Lumbar Support
Comfort Products97
6Pure Enrichment PureRelief - Heated Chair Pad for Your Recliner
  • Extra Large
  • Temperatire Settings
  • Auto-Off Timer
Pure Enrichment98

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